A shivering passion

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A fulfilling night: Part 2

As Mistress finished speaking, the sound of cut air filled my ears, making me ready for the worse. Something thin hit my bare asscheecks, then I felt an immeasurable pain. I yelped and tightened my fists. My pussy started to pulsate, excited by the pain. “I’m sorry, Mistress. I didn’t think about it, Mistress.” I cried, relaxing my contracted muscles. I dared not open my eyes until her hand grabbed a fistfull of my hair and she made me kneel. She was still wearing a light long coat and holding a handbag, but I could see her legs covered by fishnets. I didn’t look up, but I could imagine a disappointed expression painted in her face.
“Braid your hair.” Her thin cane brushed my cheek, giving light pats. ”Keep your chin up and open your mouth.” I nodded and brought my hands to the back of my head. I divided the hair in two halves and styled them towards the front. Meanwhile, she took her coat off.
She was wearing a corset, making her waist thin and accentuating her wasp figure; the corset pushed her boobs up, but could just about cover the nipples, and suspenders held her thigh highs. her arms were covered by latex gloves and she wasn’t wearing pants.
“Mistress, may I go get two hair ties?” I crossed my hands behind my back, waiting for an answer.
She walked behind me and crouched down. The ballgag around my neck loosened and then I found it on my tongue. I could feel her warm breath on my neck, falling all over my body. With that plastic thing between my teeth, swallowing became very hard.
“Of course. I’ll wait in your bedroom. Bring your box of toys.” I thanked her and got up. She followed behind me, her heels clicking on the parquet. I didn’t own stilettos or any other kind of heeled shoes, only converse and low boots, so I was barefoot. I went to the bathroom and got two hair ties from a small vase full of hair stuff and recovered the box from the ground. I glanced at the corridor and, not seeing her there, I had a look at myself in the mirror: God, my nipples were so hard and my eyes sparkled with excitement for the night. I adjusted my clothes and returned to her.

She was freeing my bed from all the clothing I had thrown on, cursing about something in spanish; probably the state of my room. It was a bit of a mess, especially where the webcam could not see. I felt ashamed and took a mental note: I had to be tidier. I put the box on my desk and went to help her, but she was already done. I grabbed the piece of cardbox I had near my mouse and kneeled down at the end of my bed. When she sat near me, I meeklingly offered the paper. She gave me a piece of black cloth. I knew what I had to do: I put it on my eyes, then my vision went away. I could feel and hear everything now, from her soft breath to the warmth of her body.
“You’re much better at games than I thought; you didn’t even go through all the nine slots.” She stopped for a second, reading what she had written. “Or did you also not think about uncovering the rest of these?” My heart skipped a beat from the fear of being accused and punished. I tried speaking, but only a mess of sounds left my mouth. She chuckled and got up.
“I think you know what those numbers were, right?” She whispered. “Punishment position.”
I climbed up my bed and dropped my face down, holding my legs well far apart. It was the same position I had assumed earlier to greet her, but now I could put my arms near my face to grip on the bed sheets.
Out of the blue, her fingers caressed the skin around my clitoris and I couldn’t help but moan. With her other hand, she was pressing the dildo inside me. My toes curled up and I had to use all of my willpower not to move my hips and hump her fingers like the bitch I was. I whimpered when she stopped. “You forgot to tie your hair up again. I’ve told you countless times.” Her cane returned to caress my skin, making me shiver in anticipation. “I know you prefer being paddled, but I won’t give you the opportunity to choose. Count now.” I heard a snap, then the cane bit my skin. A rantle that resembled the number one escaped my throat. I sniffed and heard another hiss. I screamed and my eyes teared up, but I managed to say two. I really wanted to rub my thighs together as the pain was making me even more lusty. I did not have the time to scream a three, that the fourth hit arrived. I gripped my bedsheets hard. The cane slapped my ass for the fifth time. I could feel the flesh pulsate to my accelerated heartbeat.
“Oh my, you’re so wet! How can you be this aroused by pain? You really are nothing more than a slut.” A hand touched my oversensitive clit again. “You did a great job with the first set. Just four more to go. Remember to count.”
She delivered the first blow, this time just on my right thigh. For the third set, she concentrated on my left thigh, then my ass again. She made me stand up and lean my back on the wall for the fifth set, so that she could cane my breasts.
When I returned to the bed, my legs were shaking from the pain and the arousal. I just wanted my pussy played with. Those toys filling me were making everything harder. Just one set, then she was probably going to let me cum. I hoped.
Her hands reached behind my head and untied my ballgag. I took a deep breath and waited for my blindfold to fall off, but it stayed in place.
“This will be a set of ten” She whispered to my ears, caressing my head. My heart sank remembering that. “But I have a proposition.” Her hand got hold of my dildo and made it move inside me. Some juices escaped and dripped down my inner thigh.
“Yes, Mistress?” My voice was raspy from all the screaming and my jaw hurt for having been open that long.
“I will use the paddle, but I will punish a part of your body I haven’t touched yet tonight. If you refuse, I will just cane your ass again, for the third time. So?” She continued to tease me with the dildo, making me confused.
I knew what she was going to hit. I had been given a similar choice once: half of the set, but on my cunt.
But I really wanted her to touch me, though that hurt so much more. And yet, another caning on my ass? It was already burning and red, I wasn’t going to sit normally for a while. More warm liquids slid down to my knee.
“I accept, Mistress.” I murmured, almost hoping she wouldn’t hear me.
“You’re such a good girl, Aribelle. And the perfect slut.” She gagged me again and stepped away for a few minutes. Breathing got more difficult and I reached for a pillow to squeeze; I couldn’t bear it anymore, even pain disappeared into the abyss of my horniness.
“Lay on your back and spread your legs and arms.” She commanded. One by one, she handcuffed my wrists and ankles to the bed, making sure I was well tied up. I was so open now, so defenseless to anything she wanted to do. I could only submit.
The mattress shifted and sank as she climbed up. I could sense her crawling forwards then legs went at either side of my face. Her pussy was so warm and wet, almost as much as mine. I opened my mouth to welcome her clit on my tongue, but that damned piece of plastic was in the way. Just to spite me, she humped the ball and I heard the softest moan.
She pinched my nipples and bent down to caress my legs, then gingerly laid two fingers on my fold to spread them. I only wished to eat her out, to infuse her with my impatience and make her cum with my skillful tongue.
Something hard and cold nuzzled against my needy crotch, reminding me of my own problems.
“You don’t need- to count.” She breathed out, humping my face. I nodded against her.
The first smack went for my inner thigh, just close to my labia. I wanted to bend my knees, but was stopped by the cuffs. The second struck the other thigh.
“And now… let’s commence.” The third blow hit my cunt. My clit and I cried in pain and in pleasure, as the dildo rammed me. “Feel free to cum.” She added as she moved her arm down again.
I tightened my fists and sobbed. Those blows, while hurting like a stab, were so stimulating.
“We’re- mmhh, almost- there.” She moaned when she hurt me for the ninth time. She was riding me so fast now, closer and closer to her own release.
I was in an even worse state. My muscles were sore from all the tension and I felt a puddle of fluids near my plugged ass.
Mistress’ body shifted around and then she hit me again. The dildo was forcefully plunged deep inside me, touching a most sensitive part of my vagina. My aching, swollen clit, rejoiced at the rough caress of the paddle.
I exploded and arched my back. This pushed against Mistess’ slit and her legs tightened against my cheeks. I moaned something confused as my orgasm made me lose all sense of rationality. It was so pleasurable. I didn’t want anything but to be freezed in this blissful instant I was sharing with Miss Juliana.
Alas, all had to end.
Mistress stood up after a few seconds and untied my ball gag and blindfold. I began to catch my breath and adjust my eyes to the light. She then uncuffed me, smiling sweetly. I massaged my wrists and stretched a little. Mistress looked content and youthful as always. We weren’t done yet.
“Open your legs again.” She crouched in front of me. “Let’s see how we’re doing here.” I was puzzled for a second, then remembered that I still was filled with toys.
I spread my legs and put my weight on my elbows to see. She moved the strip of fabric away from my folds. Her thumb stroked my clit and slid down to hold the dildo. She moved it inside me and I let my head fall back, biting my lips, until she stopped. I started in her eyes again and she held my gaze, pulling the toy away.
As the tip got out of me for the first time in the last hour, juices that were first contained by that dildo, escaped me.
I blushed, as a small white pool formed under me.
“Oh my, oh my.” She shook her head and chucked. “You’re the perfect little slut. It would be a tragedy to let all of this waste away. Get up and face the bed.”
I stood at the end of the bed, my head lowered, while she rummaged around her handbag. From here, I could see that white puddle slowly getting absorbed by the bedsheets. I was so ashamed, it looked like I had peed, but it was just my horniness’ fault.
Her soft, latex covered hand cupped one of my breasts and tugged at the nipple. She must have removed her shoes, because I did not hear her walk. With force, she stuck two fingers in my empty cunt and made me put my hips backwards. Her other hand reached in front of me. She was holding a wand, set on the lowest setting, which she pushed against my clit and moved it around, so it would fit right above all those nerves.
She added another finger inside me, to touch every centimetre of my begging pussy, and started to finger me. At the same moment, she switched the wand to max. My knees went weak and I felt like leaning on the bed, but she kept me still.
My moans got higher and higher, almost in an attempt to cover all the sloshy sounds coming from my wet vagina. It was too much. Too much pleasure.
“S-stop.” I whispered, hugging her forearms. It was getting hard to breathe, as my mind went blank, only able to process that vibration.
“You have to safeword.” She whispered in my ear, biting it gently. I clutched her arm stronger and tried to close my legs, but she stopped me with her foot.
“Please.” I cried again, almost imperceptibly. I closed my eyes as my mind got heavy and my muscles weak. It was so much, but I didn’t want to safeword. I didn’t want it to stop.
She added another finger inside my pussy and pushed them all deep. Then out. And deep again, as far as they could go.
“I’ll cum.” I announced, hoping, but not really, she would stop. In response, she pressed the wand even harder against me.
I screamed, but Mistress still held me up and continued her torture.
Finally, my knees surrendered and I let myself go. My muscles pushed my butt plug out of and, with that, I couldn’t help but squirt my orgasm out of me.
I panted and sank down, sitting on the floor, my legs still twitching thanks to the orgasm.
Mistress offered me a hand to stand up.
“I believe it’s best we do some cleaning, before continuing. But first…” Without saying another word, she made me turn around and bend down. I was weak and couldn’t stop her as a new dildo touched my labia. And then went in. This one was thicker and longer than mine, stretching me even more.
This round of housework was going to be… Fulfilling.

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