A shivering passion

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Not home for tonight: Part 1

My alarm rang a few times, before I begrudgingly turned about on my bed and stood up. My phone was on my desk, forcing me to wake up instead of returning to sleep after shutting it. From my closed door I could hear my roommate, Aribelle, cursing at something in her videogame, then addressing her chat. I never understood how she could be so shy when talking with a person here, yet at ease when there were hundreds of anonymous internet strangers all listening to her.
I picked up a clean pyjama and went to the bathroom for a shower. Today I was going to have a date with Maxwell: we were going to dinner, then a walk by the river. It wasn’t quite original, but we loved spending time with each other, even for something simple. He was supposed to be here by half past eight and it was still six.
I had learnt to have a nap before a date, since I usually ended up at his house and… not get much sleep. Aribelle cursed again. I really didn’t want to hear her now, so I put on loud music while showering. I took my sweet time in the bathroom, shaving, putting creams and other beauty products. I loved taking care of myself and my image. It was part of me and I wasn’t going to desist because of some stupid practice or belief from one thousand year ago. When I was done I returned to my room. Aribelle had just left hers and was tormenting her lips; she always looked like she was wearing lipstick for much she bit them. She didn’t speak to me at all, quickly closing the bathroom door behind her. Living with her was like that: she was always in her room and wouldn’t speak much when we were together, but it was fine. At least she left everything clean and didn’t complain about her chores.
I curled my hair and put on makeup, then rummaged through my wardrobe for a good outfit. I found a pretty white cocktail dress and a pair of high heels, but none of my jackets went well with it, so I decided not to bring one. It was early summer, I probably wouldn’t have needed one. By half past eight, I was in the hall for some final adjustments. Aribelle was coming out of the bathroom again: I had heard her go in and out of there a few times. She stared at me a little, but I didn’t look back as I was fixing my curls.
“Are you going out?” I simply nodded and grabbed my evening handbag. “With Max?” She added. Her voice was a bit shaky and higher than her normal tone, probably tired of talking non-stop for hours everyday
“Who else?” I glanced at her. She looked a little uneasy about something.
“Will you return home for the night?” And then a sly smile appeared on her face. Now she was definitely blushing. She leaned on the wall and crossed her legs, making her knees touch one-another.
I grabbed my keys. “Probably not. You can bring your boyfriend here if you have one.” I smirked back and opened the door.
“Well, enjoy your cock, slut.” She barked. I knew she meant it as a joke, but it still hurt a little to be called a slut for being with my boyfriend. Nevertheless, I had to growl back.
“I’ll be sure to, whore.” I chuckled. “Have a good night. If you want anything from the café for breakfast, text me tomorrow morning.” I knew she loved croissants for breakfast and it made me happy to give something back for what she was doing for me. I left the flat and rode the lift down to the ground floor.
The sun wasn’t completely down yet and I breathed some of that twilight air walking to the gate.
Maxwell was not here yet, but his last message was from twenty minutes ago and it said he had just left his house. He lived a little far from me, but he was always on time. I sat on a bench and checked my instagram. Everything was still going smoothly and people were really interested in my art, some even commissioned me stuff and I couldn’t have been more grateful: finally I had a little more money to spare for nice things, like new clothes, better art equipment and little stuff for Max. We had been together for less than three months and I loved to surprise him with small gifts or pastries. And nice lingerie.
A few cars passed before one slowed down in front of me and I looked up from my phone. The driver’s door opened and Max circled around the front to show me the passenger seat.
“Your carriage has arrived, my lady.” He bowed and held the door open. He was wearing a suit without a tie and I noticed some blonde stubble on his cheeks and jaw.
“Did the neckbeard go to your head?” I kissed him before slipping in the car. He was by my side just a little after.“All you females do is complain that men are nice to you.” He mimicked and then snorted. “Sorry, I was making an impression.”
“I know, I know.” I shook my head. “Just start this car, I’m famished.”
“Well, where do you want to go?” He looked behind us before inserting himself in the lane. The streets were mostly free today, probably because it wasn’t the weekend yet.
“I don’t know. I feel like pizza or hamburgers, but we’re both dressed well. I don’t want to smell like a deep fried potato.” Now that we were safely on the road, he rested his hand on my thigh.
“I could go for some sushi, but not all-you-can-eat stuff.”
“I hate raw fish. I’m fine with asian, but not that.” I put my hand on his.
“They make ramen and other cooked stuff at the restaurant I’m thinking of. So?” I scrolled my shoulders and agreed.

We chatted about our day in the car, until we arrived at the restaurant. We were given a table as soon as we arrived as there weren’t many guests expected. We started the meal with some vegetable tempura, then he got his salmon sashimi and tuna rolls. I had my bowl of extra spicy ramen, which made me cry at the first bite. After a slice of ice cream cake, he paid for the meal. I wanted to at least split the bill, but he refused and sent me to retrieve the car from where he parked. I drove in front of the restaurant and stalled in a now empty spot.
“So, am I driving?” I rolled the window down when he walked to the car.
“Nope. Your arse stays on the passenger seat.” I checked to see if anyone needed that spot, but the road was clear.
“How are you going to make me move, mhm?” He came close to my ear. I could feel the warmth of his breath.
“If you’re going to drive my car,” He whispered, letting his voice go lower. “I’ll make some new rules. I want you to throw your panties in the backseat and lift your skirt whenever you sit there. My hand is going to stay right between those thighs of yours and who knows when I’ll want to play a little with your pussy. Not that you should care, since your eyes can only look at the road ahead.” He stopped and stared at a group of teenagers passing behind him. I looked at them as well, but only found his green eyes. “And if you dare have an orgasm, you will have to sit nude in the backseat, because you clearly want a dick fucking you more than you want to drive. But don’t worry, you will have those panties to stuff yourself while you wait for me to safely bring us home.” He kissed my forehead. His words went right to my pussy, waking her up.
“I can’t do it like that!” I stuttered.
“Well then.” And he opened the door. “Shoo. The restaurant gave me two fortune cookies. You can have mine.”
“You’re a right bastard.” I scooted to the other seat and crossed my legs.
“Come on, it’s just that it’s my car. You can drive yours when you’ll buy one. I promise you won’t let me touch it either.” He started going towards the city centre.
“Do you think the bars are open? I feel like having a drink.”
“I could go for a beer, sure.”
“I meant more like cocktails.”
“Don’t you get drunk after half of one?”
“Yeah. I don’t want to get drunk, but I want something sweet and alcoholic to drink.”
“Mocktail? And I’ll add a bit of my beer?” I nodded in agreement and we went to a bar near the river esplanade. The atmosphere was chill, but a bit depressing because of the lonely people sulking over a dark bitter drink. There was only one man behind the counter, who took our order. I had my credit card already in hand when he told us the price. When he went preparing my drink, I smirked at Max. The man laid an open beer bottle and a plastic cup full of ice and little else in front of us. We went out of the place and, when I was sure no one was looking, I took a few ice cubes out with the straw. Max poured about a quarter of his beer, before taking a gulp of it.
“Look at you shattering social norms and expectations, Sami.” He chuckled and held my hand.
“You know me, always fighting for women’s rights.” And sipped what was mostly sparkly fruit juice. “I just like to give things to people.”
The river was dark now and the air smelled musky, of rotten water. People walking, cars passing by, water running and the quiet whispers of our conversation was what I heard. We stopped at a bench for a little while, to rest and admire the night. It was hard to see the stars because of all the artificial light. I had rarely left the city; it was so saddening knowing that I had never seen the sky in its full glory of colours and fires. Maxwell missed it. He was born in a small hamlet in the countryside and, growing up, he had learnt how to recognise galaxies, planets and constellations. There wasn’t much else to do in his spare time, but that and ploughing goats and sheep, if you were into it.
As time passed, the night got windier. It was by no means cold, but my bare shoulders didn’t like the breeze. Not to mention my shoes which, almost bringing me to Maxwell’s height, were now killing my feet. They weren’t that tall, I just hated stilettos. I rubbed my arms to warm myself and looked at the time: it was almost eleven. As if some sort of spell had been just casted, everything quieted down and I yawned. A sudden cosy tiredness fell on me. I found Max’s arm around my shoulders.
“Cold or sleepy?” He brought me closer.
“Bit of both. Not much. It’s just so silent and windy.”
“Do you want to go home?”
“Well,” and I looked at his eyes. “I told Aribelle I was out, so she probably programmed a night of streaming or recording for her youtube.” He turned to face me.
“So what you’re telling me is that you have to stay at my place?” He slid his hands down to my hips.
“It is closer...” Almost giggling like naughty children, we walked to the car.

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