A shivering passion

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Not home for tonight: Part 2

His house was closer to the business centre and all the office buildings than mine. It was a pretty new construction, with big windows to let the sun in and solar panels on the roof. Everything looked slicker than the old 80s apartment I lived in, more technological and more efficient. The one flaw was the size of the flat itself, or the lack thereof: It was one square divided into living room, the smallest bathroom I had ever seen, and a slightly comfortable bedroom.
As soon as I entered the house, I left my shoes in a corner, enjoying the freedom. I went to get a glass of water: the kitchen was partially hidden by drywall and it took a very small portion of the living room, as Max didn’t bother cooking more than what he needed to survive and not die of a heart attack in thirty years. Leaning on the sink, I stared at the rest of the room: a nice couch from ikea, in front of a coffee table -also from ikea- and his big screen. He didn’t own an actual tv, but had bought the biggest monitor he could afford to play with his consoles or watch films from an old laptop.
When he was finished with the bathroom, I went in and used a wipe to freshen myself up. I found him sitting on the sofa, phone in hand and with his glasses. His shirt wasn’t tucked in and the bottom looked creased, especially in contrast with the perfectly ironed top. I hugged him and nuzzled against his shoulder.
“Are you cheating on me?” I joked when he put his phone face down.
“Rob asked if I was on for some Dead by Daylight. I said no.” he put a hand on my waist and his cheek on my head. “I also said no to the big gay orgy at work since they’re starting to enforce the use of condoms.”
“I didn’t see any orgy last time I was there. I think you might be lying.”
“It’s only in the IT department. And we cover any sounds with loud techno music. It’s not like they come check on the nerds, so they don’t know what we’re doing.”
We sat quietly for a little while, enjoying the sounds of the night. Max kept his head on mine and his arm around me. I couldn’t wait to wake up tomorrow, nude, surrounded by his good morning hug and the faint smell of cologne. That was, if he wasn’t going to fall asleep here: he was resting a bit too heavily on me.
I placed a hand under his shirt and he jumped up slightly.
“Why are your hands always so cold?” He sounded vaguely annoyed.
“Just checking if you’re still alive.” I moved the hand away. “Hopefully you’re not too tired.” And over his buckle. He hummed and kissed my neck.
I undid the belt awkwardly because I was using my left, all the while having my thigh squeezed by him, who kept his hand there even when I sat on his lap. The glasses really suited him, I thought, closing my eyes for a kiss. His tongue, tangled with mine, tasted like minty toothpaste. I didn’t know what mine tasted like, probably pineapple and whatever else was in that drink. His stubble scratched me, but I didn’t mind it: right now, I wanted to feel as much as possible of him.
When, after some fiddling, I threw his suit jacket behind the sofa, he pulled away. “Maybe it’s more comfortable on the bed, mh?” Without giving me time to respond, he got up and flung me over his shoulder. I yelped and hoped I would land on the pillows, but my fall stopped and I was facing his lower back.
“Let me go, you’re going to break your spine.” I tried wiggling away.
“Not if you stop moving.” He slapped my ass cheek and whistled his way to the bedroom. He made me fall on the bed sheets, and, unexpectedly, didn’t jump on me as soon as I hit the mattress. He turned on a small RGB lamp, illuminating the room of a dim cyan; the curtains were tied up and the night light broke the edges of the more saturated tones.
I stared as he haphazardly tossed his clothes behind him, hoping they would fall on his office chair or desk, but miss monitors and other expensive equipment he had in that corner. Well, apart for his boxers, Max was nude now and there wasn’t much else to do but climb on top of me, settling himself between my legs. I could sense myself getting horny and hoped he wouldn’t tease me too much.
I ran my nails on his back as our lips met again. Since my legs were open, the skirt lifted itself up around my waist. Only our underwear stood between us and, by the way I could feel his bulge, it was not much of a barrier. He was already too turned on, ready to fuck and please me.
He poked around my back, looking for the zip. I sat up a little and, with a smile, guided his hand toward it. We kept eye contact as the slider went down, separating each individual tooth. His intense gaze made me blush. Though when the dress slid off, it was his turn to look flustered: I had purposely chosen this one because it didn’t need a bra underneath. My breasts were already nude and ready for him and Max couldn’t help but glance down, losing our little, unspoken game of gaze. I smirked when he looked back, cementing my victory.
I finished taking my dress off and threw it at the end of the bed. A moment later his thumbs brushed against my nipples, drawing circles with them. I let out a moan when he left a love bite on my neck and then moved down, marking everywhere he kissed, down to my breasts. I looked at him closing his lips on my nipples and crossed my legs over his back when he started suckcling.
As my core got warmer, I got more and more impatient. I didn’t want to lay there doing nothing. I slipped a finger under the elastic of his boxers. His cock was already so hard; I didn’t understand how he could bear that cotton cage. Helping myself with my toe, I pulled his pants down. I caughts his gaze and he bit me, but that didn’t stop me from closing my fingers on him and giving one slow tug. He exhaled and stopped his attack on my tits, shifting the weight on his elbows. With another stroke, he let out a moan and closed his eyes. I grabbed a fistful of his hair with my free hand and made him lean down.
Max thought I was going to kiss him, but I moved my head under his jaw and bit the side of his neck. He squeezed one my tit, kneading it in time with my strokes. He moaned again and the sound went straight to my pussy, answering to the deep vibration of his voice. I bit my lips and carefully guided his cock down, towards my dripping hole. In a moment of clarity, he stopped me.
“Not so fast, mh?” He murmured and pushed my hand away.
I wanted to plead, but he covered my mouth and put a finger on his lips. I bit mine as he moved the hand away. He traced the sides of my body with his nails, following along every curve. He hooked my panties and continued going down, bringing the lace with him. I lifted my legs and beant my knees to make it easier for him.
He pushed my feet away from one another, looking directly into my eyes, nearly asking for a piece of my soul. I held on the bed sheet when he slid his hand on my thighs, parting them even farther. He went back up, feeling the goose bumps on my belly, breasts and, at last, shoulders. He brushed against my cheek with his lips and kissed me.
Two of his fingers caressed my clitoris; I moaned when they circled around it. He was going so slow, just enough to make me feel the motion.
I pressed my lips more against him and jerked my hips up. He didn’t cave in to my demands and I became more frustrated, wetter than ever. But maybe. I put my hands on his chest and, like he did, slowly traced my way down his muscles, to his boner. He held his breath when I restarted stroking it, up and down, doing exactly what he had taught me.
Our kiss broke off for a second, just to resume with more passion. His fingers darted faster around my clit, in tempo with my hand. My pussy began to pulsate, demanding to be filled.
I bit his bottom lip and smiled when we found each other’s eyes again. He kissed my neck and, a few seconds after, he kneeled up and stopped. I tried closing my legs to calm my spoiled slit down, but he was still between them.
“Why?” I whispered and clutched a pillow.
“Let’s say I’ve had a better idea.” He laid down by my side and put the glasses on the nightstand.
“What? blind sex?” I joked when he squeezed his eyes to look at me. I went on my knees and crawled towards him to kiss. He grabbed my chin to keep me away.
“Go suck my dick first.” He ordered and turned my head to the other side. He kept his hand on my thigh as I crawled there, making my ass face him. I understood what he wanted and, with a little chuckle, put a leg on the other side of his torso. He immediately spread my asscheeks and labia to better enjoy the view of my dripping pussy.
I held one of his thighs and slowly brought my tongue across the tip. He opened his legs a little wider to give my head more room, then pushed me on his face. I felt the stubble brushing against the sensitive skin and then his tongue, which ran back and forth. He didn’t give me time to think. He didn’t start that little teasing game. He was just shy of literally chewing on my slit.
I arched my back and moaned: it was so difficult to think or act whilst I was drowning in that pleasure. With only half an eye opened, I went back on his dick, opening my mouth to fit as much as I could. I cupped his balls and massaged them slowly, earning a groan from him, which in turn sent vibration through my clit.
He slapped my ass and I moaned as the heat got warmer and warmer, almost uncomfortable. I sucked my cheeks in and bobbed my head up and down, making his cock touch my throat. Max started to jerk his hips to meet my movements and push me to take in more of his shaft. He placed his thumb on my asshole and caressed it slowly; it began to contract on its own.
My vagina was on fire, dripping all down my thighs. I wanted to close my legs or grind my hips over his tongue, but I was being held tight, subjecting to his wills. He was both sucking my folds and licking my clit, never giving a moment to stop and think. My mind was blank with pleasure and lust. I wanted more and more and to be fucked until I came my brain out.
He spanked me again. I got even closer to my climax. I steadied myself and opened my mouth more; his cock hit the back of my mouth, but I continued going down. He groaned again and jerked his hips up, making me gag. I wanted to take my head back up, but continued to push on, drooling and gagging. The thought of being filled with him sent excited shivers down my spine.
He must have been enjoying it too, because his movements got faster and wilder, forcing me to drown in bliss. Another slap hit my buttocks then two of his fingers filled me. My eyes rolled back and I started to whimper and gasp for air as the orgasm rushed over me. I managed to clench my legs, yet Max wouldn’t stop licking or fingering me and I almost felt like fainting.
I kept my mouth well open, letting him use it even as I was cumming. His thrusting got erratic and then it stopped and slowed down. He filled my throat with cum, harshly squeezing my thighs. I closed my lips around his shaft and swallowed at the best I could.
With another small gag, I lifted myself up. My knees were still a little weak, so I laid by his side. Max put his arm around me and we both took a moment to relax.“I fucking love
when you deep throat me.” He grinned, making me roll on top of him.
“That’s the special good boy reward for not not teasing me.” I kissed him. “So, when will this beard not be pointy?”
“Do you not like it?” He scratched his chin.
“Not saying that. It’s just hard.”
“I never complain about eating you out two days or so after you shave, so I guess you’ll have to live with the pointiness.” He hugged me tighter. “I’ll probably let it grow for a while and see if I like it. Do you like beards?”
“It doesn’t really make any difference as long as it’s well kept and un-pointy.” I laid my head on his chest, hearing his heartbeat. He brushed and curled my hair for a little while.
“Do you want to call it a night?” I looked down at his still full erection.
“Seems like you wouldn’t like a yes.” I sat up and he squinted to focus on my face. “Also, for some reason you’re not into edging me tonight and I want to take advantage of this situation.” I nibbled his bottom lip.
“Get up, I need to find some condoms.” He smacked my butt a few times, much like a pair of bongos.
I sat in the middle of the mattress while he looked in one of the nightstand drawers, tossing underwear left and right.
“Are we out of them?” I peered from behind his shoulders.
“I swear I still had some, somewhere.” He turned around quickly and hit his glasses behind the bed. “Fucking hell. Can you look in the desk drawer? The bottom one on the left.” I got up while he stretched his arm under the bed.
I crouched in front of the table and indeed found a few where he had told me. With a big grin on my face, I walked back to him. Max was already standing with his arms crossed and a little malicious smile painted on his fair face. He was probably just excited. I handed him the condom, but he didn’t take it.
“You can kneel down and put it on me yourself, if you want to get fucked.” He declared, looking down at me. I gulped. I loved when he was so affirmative, making me do things only to get fucked by him.
“Yes, daddy.” My slit began to drool again. I sank down on my knees and looked up at him. I tore the packet open and, still staring at his eyes, traced the vein on his cock with the tip of my tongue. He grabbed my hair and pushed me away.
“I didn’t want my knob sucked by you. Put that condom on, unless you want me to raw fuck that tight horny hole.”
I nodded and shifted my eyes to his dick, then rolled the latex nicely over his boner. He let his breath out when I finished and brushed my hair behind my ears, inviting me to get up. I kissed him and turned towards the bed. I had just put a knee on the mattress, when I felt him grabbing my waist and hips, showing me down, ass in the air. I attempted to stand on my elbows, but he had me completely pinned down; even my face was squashed.
“So, you want to take advantage of me not teasing you.” He nibbled my ear lobe.
“I just like to cum, daddy.” I whispered. He twisted my nipple, making me yelp.
“And you feel that me stopping or holding a slow pace hinders you, right?” He stuck two fingers inside me, savouring my wetness. I bit my lips to hold my moans and nodded.
“Then I promise not to stop pounding your pussy, no matter what, until I finish using you.” He stood up and spit right over my hole. I felt it on my folds, mixing with my own juices. He spread it around with the tip of his cock, sliding it multiple times on my clit.
I stretched my arms in front of me and held onto the bed sheet when he began showing his dick inside, stretching the skin with his passage. He rocked his hips forwards, adjusting my walls to his needs. He inched out and leaned towards me resting all his weight on my waist; I could hear his full, heavy breaths. He slammed his erection back in and a loud whimper escaped my lips. He kissed my shoulder and picked the pace up. I saw one of his arms on my right, while the other was firmly keeping my hips up. I tried to touch his hand, but he caught my wrist and held it down.
Under his rough thrusts, I was becoming a moaning mess. The bed was squeaking pretty loudly, but not enough to cover the splashing sounds coming from my dripping pussy. Anytime he pushed himself balls deep in me, our skin would make contact, adding to the sex symphony coming from the room. I only hoped never to meet his neighbours and make them realise who was the horny slut getting fucked every other day.
He stood up again, spanking both my ass cheeks at once. I almost didn’t notice the pain, as it just got engulfed with pleasure. He really wasn’t stopping or slowing down, if anything every push was faster than the previous one; and now he had stood up, it was getting even tougher for me to bear it.
I shut my eyes, only focusing on his cock ramming me, touching any sensitive part of my slit.
And then, as he always did, his fingers went around my thigh and straight over my clit. He began playing with it, circling or pinching it lightly. My cunt began to throb on its own, fueling the fire between my legs. My hips were already meeting his movements, but now they looked like they had a life of their own.
“Oh- fuck me! Don’t stop, I beg you.” I moaned. With those words, his fingers shifted my poor bud even more rapidly, escalating the situation to the maximum. My toes curled up and, for a second, I held my breath. Everything slowed down and went quiet, then a loud moan erupted from my lips, as my walls began contracting and clenching around Max’s cock. My legs began to shake and my back arched down. Juices ran down my thigh as the orgasm left my body in shambles.
Through all of this, he didn’t stop. He grabbed me by the hair and forced my head up, groaning something about my tight pussy. I was too out of this world to understand.
“Wait- Max.” I placed a hand over his thigh, but he just tugged my hair back.
“Not going to stop, remember?” He panted, reading my mind. “I’m going to use you until I finish, remember?” He kissed my jaw and continued to pound me, as my pussy tightened herself even more, excited at the thought of becoming nothing more than a punching bag. His finger lingered on my clit, brushing lightly against it. I couldn’t stop getting wet. I was horny again, as if I hadn’t had an orgams just now.
“Fuck.” He started to mumble under his breath. “I love fucking you.” His moans and groans got louder. I was still sensitive from the first orgasm and I was about to come again.
“Can I touch myself, daddy?” I stuttered, moving my hand closer to my pussy. In response, he groaned and pinched my clit, pulling it up and down and left and right. He was being as aggressive as he could, just not enough to hurt. I bit my lips and clenched my fists, as my toes curled up again. It was so much; it felt like he was forcing another orgasm out of me. And I gave in. My whole body began to shake and I let out a scream. Every bone in my body turned soft; only Max was sustaining me now.
I tightened my vagina muscles, wanting to feel much more. “Oh shit- oh!” He fumbled, not expecting it. He shoved himself in me harshly, squeezing my ass. And then again, deep and slow. I could hear him cursing and moaning under his breath, as he cummed with his dick still deep inside. I thanked whoever invented condoms.
He let go of my hips and rested on his elbows to kiss my neck. I turned my head around to make out, and intertwined our fingers together. We bopped our foreheads together, smiling, then he got up. I moaned, feeling his dick leaving me.
“We ought to have a shower and change the bedsheets.” I commented, sitting up. He was tying his condom to throw it away.
“Sure… in a while.” He walked around the bed and laid down, arms open, on the clean side. I crawled to him for a hug and pushed his head against my breasts.
“Oh wait, your glasses.” I took them to put them on the nightstand, but noticed a small crack in the frame. “I think you broke them.”
“Mh? I can’t see anything from here.” He squinted at them. “I probably cracked them when they fell. I shouldn’t have done that.”“Things just happen. It’s not a big crack, the shop can probably fix them.”
“Well, I did it on purpose, to make you stand up.” I looked at him, stunned.
“Well, I wanted to push you in bed. It’s not fun if you expect it or if you’re already there.”
“You could have asked me to kneel on the floor and put the condom on. Like you did!” The realisation shocked him. “I can’t believe you’re dense enough to break a pair of glasses. How much did they cost?” He let me go to pick them up and analyse them.
“They’re Gucci. Just the frame was three hundred and something. I’m never fucking you like that again.”
“How is it my fault?” I sat up.
“Well, if you weren’t so damn horny my glasses would have been fine!”
“I can’t- I’m having a shower.” I stood up.
“Oh, I’m too.” He went behind me.
“I don’t want to talk to you.”
“More time to suck me off.”
“Fuck you.”
“Yeah, that too.”
We continued bickering the rest of that night, while showering, changing the bed sheets and even cuddling. In the morning, we made good use of the hour before he had to go to work.

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