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Truly forbidden

Lawrence Billson is ridiculously hot. He wears shirts with the sleeves rolled up, ripped jeans and is always chewing on gum. He’s ripped to fuck, and always smells of Dior Savage, even when he’s been at the gym.

But there’s one problem.

He’s my cousin.

So I know it’s legal to marry your cousin here in the UK, but trust me, my father would go mental. Like, mental. Lawrence’s dad and my dad are super close, and I’ve spent tonnes of time annoying Lawrence as a kid.

We used to spend weekends with them, the adults getting drunk whilst we gamed upstairs. I used to stare at him all the time, his large blue eyes always fixated on the tv screen as his tongue pushed his cheek out, deep in concentration.

He’s three years older than me, so naturally all of my friends want a piece, especially Gemma, my best friend.

So here I am, standing in the Billsons kitchen sipping on a margarita. It’s fucking vile, as I made it myself, but it’s wet and alcoholic, that’s all that matters.

“Hello babe,” beams my aunt Viv, Lawrence’s mother. She’s in her late fifties but you’d never guess. Guess that’s where the good genes come from. “Oh, I’m knackered.”

“Do you need some help?” I offer robotically, as she pours herself a strong whiskey.

“Yes, if you wouldn’t mind grabbing me another bag of ice from the freezer in the garage, that would be great. Your dad and Roy want to put some beers in the crate. Good girl.”

I nod duly, downing the rest of my drink as I make my way outside. It’s quiet around this side of the house, and the warm breeze lifts my dress, exposing my legs unexpectedly. I laugh, glancing around to see no one is there to witness my faux pas, thankfully.

I bend forward to lift the garage up, heaving the heavy door upwards with all my might as it creaks open, revealing a soft glow coming from the inside.

A dark head moves under the light, and piercing blue eyes meet mine, accompanied by a frown.

“Lawrence? What’re you doing in here?” I gasp, my cheeks flaming as my eyes roam over his body. I shouldn’t be staring at him like this, and from the look of confusion in his eyes I can see that he thinks so too.

“Michaela,” he huffs, standing up to his full height. He’s wearing a loose vest and bottoms, and he’s dripping in sweat.

My fingers twitch against my dress, and I realise I’m biting my lip. I want to touch him so badly it’s causing me physical pain, but the mere suggestion is outrageous. We’re related.

“Just Kayla,” I mutter, dragging my eyes away from him.

“No it isn’t,” he booms, laying back down on the bench to lift the weights. “It’s Michaela.”

“Must you be so juvenile?” I say haughtily, glancing around us. “I need some ice.”

“Why, am I making you hot and bothered?” He gasps out, his muscles bulging beneath the weights.

What. The. Fuck.

“What?” I whisper, licking my dry lips.

“Four, five, six…you heard me. Seven, eight…” he grunts out, and I blink rapidly, convinced I’m hearing things.

I turn and study the garage, wondering where the bloody ice was. I’m going to need to bathe in it at this rate. I finally locate it, and without a second glance, I leave the garage, my heart thundering in my chest.

I’ve never wanted anyone so much in my life.


I didn’t need to see her, not the way I’m feeling.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt a stirring in my dick, and it would be for her.

My cousin.

She’s all long legs and full lips, caramel curls and fucking wide blue eyes. Her cheeks flush when she sees me, perfect white teeth sinking into pillows of pink bliss. Her nipples harden in her dress, telling me she’s got no bra on, and when I say her full name the flush spreads across her neck and onto her chest.

Fuck, Michaela.

My kid cousin. Always kept away from her, and the longing stares she gave me from the age of fifteen. Ten years on and she’s still doing it. I’d imagined fucking her so many times. The amount of times I’d shot my load into some woman imagining it was Michaela was more than I can count.

I finish my last set on the weights, heading back inside for a shower. I’m going to struggle being around Michaela for the night, having not seen her for a long time due to making excuses up. But this time Mum is adamant—I’m home for the catch up with the family.

Pushing through the front door I’m greeted by the laughter from outside, but my eyes catch a flash of caramel from the corner of my eye. She’s on the phone, and she’s laughing throatily.

Lucky bastard, whoever he is.

“I’ll see if he wants your number,” she says, and I realise she’s not talking to a guy. If she is, he’s gay, and not after her. “But you know what Lawrence is like.”

The fuck?

My name on her lips makes me rock hard, and I can’t help but watch her as she leans over the sofa.

“Okay, I’ll text you later. I shouldn’t be here too long. I’m so bored. Bye!”

She ends the call, twirling on her heel to walk directly into me, my fingers on her waist as she flushes again.

“You heard that, didn’t you?” She exhales nervously, her eyes darting to my lips. “I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“No? Who wants my number, Michaela?”

Her eyes widen then as she tries to move back, but I tug her closer, enjoying the perfect O her mouth forms.

“What are you doing?” She mumbles, turning her head away and exposing her neck to me.

“I need a shower,” I breathe into her neck, knowing I’m dipping into dangerous territory now. Goosebumps fill her skin, and I can’t help but want to kiss them, to feel her hot flushed skin beneath my lips.

I release her, cursing my attraction to the one girl in the world I can’t have. I groan, turning away from her as her fingers tug me back to her, her eyes burning with desire.

“You feel it too,” she gasps, her eyes darting around us.

“No,” I lie, biting my lip.

“Don’t lie,” she whispers, and something snaps within me.

“My room,” I mutter, striding away from her. “Make an excuse.”

I don’t look back, knowing to do so will only make me go back on my decision. When I get into my room I text my mother, telling her I’m showering and getting ready, and that I’ll be down later.

Much fucking later.

I lean back on my bed, my hands covering my eyes as I chuckle to myself in disbelief. I’ve just propositioned my cousin. She’s probably left.

But then the door opens, and she slides in, closing it softly behind her as I sit up.

She’s flush against the door, her chest heaving as she studies me, her nipples standing to attention again.

“This is so wrong,” she whispers as I walk over to her, lifting her arms over her head and pinning them against the door. “But I want you so much.”

I grip her chin, crashing my lips down on hers with a groan, her sweet tongue darting in my mouth eagerly.

“I want to fuck you so bad,” I confess, as she guides my hands down to her core which is dripping wet through her panties.

“Lawrence,” she moans, and I wrap my hand around her mouth, her eyes widening with excitement. “We need to be quick if we’re doing this.”


I stride over to my bedside table, a darkness overtaking me as I grab a condom, tearing it open with my teeth. I roll it on as we kiss, open mouthed, dirty, wet kisses that scream animalistic attraction.

She’s clawing at me back, her leg hooked around my waist as I move her panties aside, thrusting up into her with such force the door groans beneath our combined weight.

“Oh my god,” she whispers as I violently fuck her, as she begs me to fuck her harder.

Her mouth is on mine again, and I’m so close to shooting my load it’s fucking stupid. She’s tighter than I’ve imagined, and the way her pussy is wrapping around me now is like a fucking vice.

“I need you, Lawrence,” she’s panting against me, her body shuddering as I pick up the pace, her teeth sinking into my shoulder as she climaxes, her core pulsating around me. It’s a combination of slick, warm, tight ecstasy, and my rock hard cock is here for it.

I’m seeing fucking stars when I cum, and she’s almost limp against me with the ferocity of her orgasm.

“What the fuck,” I hiss, kissing her swollen lips as I let her down gently. “Was that?”

“Hopefully the beginning and not the end,” she whispers, her tongue dancing against mine.

It doesn’t matter that she’s my cousin.

I’m never going to be able to stop this.

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