Emma, Road to Happiness

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Ch3-First Birthday Party

We arrive at the club, the party already in full swing the club packed to the brim, some faces I recognize and others I don’t. Looking at Levi with confusion and uncertainty of what to do and why there are so many people here especially because of the fact that sadly just the three men, which are also my bodyguards are my friends, I realize how sad my life has become to have your bodyguards as your only friends. Levi takes my hand and pulls me to the bar sensing my apprehension.

“Ems, I didn’t close the club tonight just for the party there is a lot of other patrons here that have missed seeing you. Remember the club is closed tomorrow evening, any business needs owner presence and you have been absent for quite some time”.

“I know Vi but I wasn’t expecting so many people. I feel a bit claustrophobic; I haven’t been around many people for a few months now it is a bit overwhelming”.

“I know Ems but you really need to get used to it again. The quicker you resume with your old life and duties the better for yourself and everyone”.

I nod reluctantly, I know he is right as usual. “I need a drink please Vi”, my nerves are shattered. He gets me the usual combination. Four shots of vodka, glass of champagne and a tumbler filled with whiskey. Downing all the drinks I order another round, downing them as well accept the whiskey I feel calmer and ready to start having fun, I sip the whiskey looking around the club. I feel a light buzz from all the alcohol and my feet were itching to dance but duty before pleasure. I have to greet everyone that came for my birthday.

Levi guides me to a table where Rick, Cody, Mario and Cashè are sitting. I haven’t seen them in so long, I wasn’t even sure why they would show up, it wasn’t as if we really keep in touch anymore. I greet them all with an awkward hug, Rick holding on longer than necessary. Pushing him away slightly he sits back down.

“Long-time no see Ems”, Cashè says.

“Yes, it has been a wile hasn’t it”? I see an open chair at their table and sit down. I notice the four guys exchange a look, a look I have grown accustomed to, they were afraid of some sort of reaction from me, why I can’t fathom. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have to wait too long to find out why, Carly sashays over to the table we are sitting at. Is this some sick fucking joke are they playing a prank on me?. I get up to leave but Levi brings another chair. “Just hear what she has to say”, he says whispering in my ear so only I could hear. Sitting back down I glare first at Levi then at Carly who was holding hands with Cashè. What the fuck.

“Well, I assume the whore finally found her price charming” I say disdain dripping from every word, while giving them my deadliest glare, which have made grown men quiver in their shoes. Carly shifts uncomfortably in her chair her eyes not meeting mine.

“I guess I deserve that Ems..”

“It is Emma Carly not Ems, only friends are allowed to call me Ems and you are I are definitely not friends nor will we ever be again. What the fuck do you want, why are you here? Do you want to ruin my birthday as well? You got what you wanted, you fucked the man I love, you ruined his life with drugs and now you have your claws in another friend of mine. What can you possibly say that will make things better”? I know I have neglected all of the guys, we were all so close once upon a time, but things changed along the way but for her to be with Cashè, she is bound to ruin him as well.

“I am sorry Ems. I mean Emma, I wasn’t thinking straight at the time”.

“Frankly Carly I don’t give a fuck, it doesn’t diminish the facts. I have had to deal with a lot of shit over the past few months. I meant every word I said. You and I”, pointing my finger between her and myself, “will never be friends again. “I told you I never want to see you again yet here you are acting as if nothing happened. If that means I lose the guys permanently this time, then so be it, but you are a fucking whore. Get out of my fucking club and never come back and take them with you”. At the end of my rant my voice had risen and Levi was by my side, holding onto my shoulder trying to calm me down.

“Ems, calm down we are all still friends, Rick says”.

“Fuck off Rick, let’s be honest for a second here. None of you were ever there when I needed you. Never, not once, I always had to fix your problems or give you comfort. That is not friendship all of you used me back ten. It is fucked up. I was a convenience to all of you, I had to fix all of your shit or cook for you, when were any of you ever there for me? Never!” If I ever see any of you again, it will be too soon, now get the fuck out before I have all of you removed”, I was shouting by now my fists clenching and unclenching by my sides.

“We wanted to invite you to our wedding, Cashè says.

The fucking audacity I think to myself. “Fuck your wedding and your future because I don’t see a happy one for you if you are married to this whore”, I say pointing to Carly. “She is fucking poison”.

I turn around and walk back to the bar with Levi who hands me another whiskey. I see Blaine and Alex escort the guys and Carly out of the club hopefully never to be seen again. I don’t know what the fuck Levi was thinking by inviting her, I was raging mad.

“Don’t you think you were a bit harsh Ems”?

“No Levi I fucking wasn’t to be honest I don’t think I wasn’t crass enough, just be glad I didn’t kick her ass again. I am tired of so-called friends returning to my life when they want something. I will rather cut them out now than get hurt later, again. Clearly you didn’t think about how bringing her here will affect me. You, Alex and Blaine are my only friends and if you pull this shit ever again I will cut you out of my life as well. I have endured enough shit from so –called friends, don’t be the next one to be cut out. You of all people should have known better than to invite her here”. I take my drink and turn around only to spot a familiar face.

I make my way to him stopping right in front of him.

“Emma, you look beautiful. Happy birthday, I hope you were spoiled rotten”.

“Thank you Travis, I honestly didn’t expect to still see you here”.

“I still work here Emma, I didn’t quit. It doesn’t matter what happened, my loyalty is with you now” he says with a smile.

“Well, if you are still here then Levi must still think you are trustworthy. Thank you for being here and taking care of things while I was ……. let’s call it grieving”.

“You know all of us will do anything for you Emma, you are our boss after all”.

“Thank you Travis it means a lot to me”, I give him one last smile before walking towards the bar. I need more alcohol my encounter with Carly really struck a nerve. All the old memories came crashing back tenfold just seeing her.

Levi hands me my usual round. I beckon Alex and Blaine to the bar inviting them to have a drink with Levi and I. Afterward they return to their usual spots making sure I am safe. Levi hovers around me he clearly has something on his mind.

“Just spit it out Levi”, I say agitatedly.

“I am sorry Ems, I thought that maybe after all this time you needed friends after everything that happened”.

“I am thankful for the gesture Levi but believe me, they don’t belong in my or should I say our life anymore. I have outgrown them and to see Carly again brought back memories I have tried to burry, you have successfully made them resurface tonight. Next time you want to do something like this again clear it with me first please. I am disappointed Levi”.

“I understand Ems”, I am sorry.

Giving him a quick kiss on the lips I make my way to the dance floor. I wasn’t interested in seeing any of the other invited birthday guests, I just wanted to let loose and forget about reality for a few hours.

Swaying my body to a funky song I suddenly feel two strong unfamiliar hands on my hips. Instinct kicks in and I elbow the culprit in the stomach. Turning around ready to finish the person off, I see none other than Mr 85 hunched over trying to get his breathing under control. “Shit, I am so sorry Ryan I should have looked before reacting I think my fight mode kicked in”, I say while patting his back.

I really need to start relaxing or I am really going to ruin my own birthday party entirely.

Finally being able to stand up straight I see his gorgeous eyes look at me. “I am sorry Mr 85, how can I make it up to you”, I say smiling at him.

“Mr 85 hey? Well, I heard through the grapevine that you are single again, how about a date”?

I shake my head, “no I don’t think so, I am definitely not ready for that”, I say.

“You need to make it up to me somehow” he says.

“I know but I am not going on a date with you. Suggest something else”, I counter.

“Ok, how about this, one kiss and if you like it we go out together for a day, not a date, but just two friends enjoying the other’s company. Oh and you join me and the rest of the Patriots team for the rest of the evening in the VIP room”.

“Are the other guys here as well”, I ask. No wonder the place was so packed.

“Yes, we were invited to celebrate your birthday but since we haven’t seen you yet, I was sent to look for you. Naturally I found you very quickly”.

“How so”?

“I just looked in the direction where every man in the club was staring, which turned out to be you”.

I blush and look away.

“Listen, Ryan I don’t want to create any expectations. I don’t want to give you false hope that anything can develop between us other than friendship, maybe it will maybe it won’t , I will go out with you, maybe Sunday after my business meeting, if you are free but as friends only, a quick kiss to apologise for hurting you and I will gladly join you and the rest of the guys, deal”, I say holding out my hand for him to shake.

“Deal” he says engulfing my hand with his large one.

The next second I was pulled flush against his body, looking up at him I notice he was staring down into my blue eyes. His hands are intertwined barely above my ass pulling me closer to him almost touching. I haven’t been this close to a man in a very long time it felt strange but good.

He bends his head down his lips stops inches from mine, “are you sure I can kiss you Emma”?

By way of answer my hands pull at his shirt pulling him down further, our lips finally touching. His lips are soft and taste of mint and a hint of whiskey. Parting my lips slightly he takes the opportunity to slide his tongue into my mouth creating a passionate melody. Our tongues gliding over the other’s I deepen the kiss, earning a moan from him. He removes his tongue from my mouth softly pulling my bottom lip into his mouth sucking it hard making me moan. Before the kiss can become more passionate I pull away from him. Man can he kiss I thought to myself. My lips are tingling. It must be because I haven’t been kissed properly in such a long time or it is the alcohol flowing through my veins. Without letting me go he leans his forehead against mine.

“Wow Emma, you sure as hell know how to make a man want for more”. I realize his breathing was as ragged and uneven as mine.

“Mr 85, you know you are not so bad yourself” I say smiling at him.

“Shall we join your friends I ask”?

“In a minute, I don’t think I can walk like this through the club”.

“What do you mean”? He pulls me closer to him my stomach touching his crotch I feel his erection through his denim.

“I apologize, it wasn’t my intention”, I say guiltily.

“Nothing to be sorry about, it is just the effect you have on me. Just give me a minute then we can go”, his forehead still resting against mine.

“I think it will help if we put a little space between us don’t you think, Ry”?

“Maybe, but I don’t think you can put any distance in my thoughts of how great that kiss was” he chuckles.

Swatting his arm I turn and walk toward the VIP room holding his hand keeping him close to me trying to hide his erection, which has grown bigger with the constant grinding of my ass against his dick, we had to walk close to each other due to the club being packed.

When we reached the VIP room I was greeted by all the players with hugs and kisses on the cheek.

Levi follows of course, making sure he always hands me a drink so that no one else can. Ryan stays by my side the entire evening, his arm circling my waist from time to time when we were involved in different conversations and not facing the same people, which feels strange, reminding me of the night Diablo did the same thing. I liked his touch but I was definitely not ready for anything romantic. He was laying some sort of claim on me and I was confused about whether I wanted him to or not. My feelings are all over the place at the moment and the alcohol was not helping.

The night ended better than it started though. I felt comfortable with the players and I had my three best friends celebrate my birthday with me, although from a distance, always watching. This made me smile the first real smile since we entered the club and honestly, in quite a while.

When it was time to leave Ryan gave me a lingering kiss before leaving with one of his friends, promising to text me with the arrangements for Sunday. He asked for my number earlier ensuring he could get hold of me.

For the first time in a long time, I felt content.

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