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Tina has a fabulous imagination, giving her the opportunity to write sexy articles for a magazine. When offered a full time writer's gig, she's all for it. This time, however, her imagination won't help her as they want a personal touch. A colleague at her current job might just give her all the experience she needs, and more. How far will she go to become a full time writer?

Erotica / Romance
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Excerpt Initiation BDSM Erotic Stories

"You have my permission to enact my story,” I said, a bit jealous of the person who would be on the receiving end of this fantasy as it was my fantasy. If anyone deserved to get some action, it was me, wasn’t it? Shaking my head, I was seriously wondering where my rational mind had disappeared to. “With your participation, of course,” he added without changing his tone. And there went my voice. Out the window, goodbye. My mouth dropped open. I closed it and snapped: “No.” while my body wholeheartedly displayed YES. My nipples puckered, pushing against my bra and my pussy fluttered. He didn’t move a muscle when I stared into his eyes. I hesitated before rising on wobbly knees to leave. “Are you sure, Miss. Marks?” His chair creaked, but I didn’t turn around. I froze and silence stretched across my haywire nerves. Sensing him nearing me, I hugged my handbag to my chest. Was I sure?

When he gripped my shoulders, I jumped. He was saying and doing exactly what I had written only half an hour ago. Only this time, it was my name being uttered. “I can make your fantasy real,” he whispered in my ear. Goosebumps erupted when his warm breath caressed the skin under my ear. Dear God, this was really happening and I was too weak to resist. I wanted him, I wanted the story, I just wanted it all. He moved his hands down, taking the strap of my handbag with them. Once they touched my hands, he coaxed the bag from my grip and dropped it out of reach. He moved in closer, the heat of his body warming my back. I closed my eyes for a second as I absorbed the heat and almost gave in to the temptation of leaning into him to feel his hard body against my softer one. To feel his cock against me. Swaying, I bumped into the door. My eyes shot open when his large, warm hands held onto my wrists and moved them to the door. He pressed in and slowly raised them over my head, towering over me. I was delighted with the fact of feeling small, even in my high heels. Feeling petite made me forget about all the extra cushion, and I panted with need for the next sentence. My body was now flush with the door with his front covering my back. His cock pushed against my lower back. My eyes fluttered closed, my imagination wandering to the story I finished not that long ago and my core clenched. He caressed my arms. When I tried to lower them, he tusked and lifted them back over my head. I knew this from the script but it felt so much better when there was a real man telling me what to do. Even though I’d written the whole thing, there had always been something lacking, probably why the main editor had asked for a ‘personal touch’. Well, I was definitely getting the personal touch, I grinned, pressing my overheated cheek to the cool mahogany door.When he was sure I wouldn’t move them, he let his palms return to their journey. I kept mine pressed against the wood, like a good girl, basically giving permission. He caressed the side of my breasts with the back of his hands and I couldn’t suppress a moan. His chuckle vibrated from his chest into my back, shooting straight to my pussy. Without warning, he pulled my ass into his groin and quick as lightning he ripped my blouse open. It was all happening so fast that I only realised my blouse was open when my nipples pebbled. When he pinched my nipples through my bra, I gasped. I remembered what would happen next. I wrote the damn story, and I got hot all over. Having to rely on a dildo and vibrator for quite a while now, the real thing was amazing. But it wouldn’t really do to have sex at the office, would it? What if someone came back and found us? Before I could decide, he took over all my senses by spinning me around and pressed his lips hard onto mine, demanding access with a lick of his tongue. I gladly gave it, my eyes fluttering close again. He took control of the kiss by angling my head and deepening it. I succumbed to only feeling his tongue caressing mine, his cock pressing into my tummy, and his chest flattening my breasts. My mind turned into mush. Our tongues duelled and he even nipped my bottom lip. I didn’t realize we’d moved until his desk was beneath my butt. He released my mouth and gazed into my eyes. His eyes blazed with unbridled lust. We were both breathing fast and in the office’s silence it was a deafening sound. When he cocked an eyebrow, I nodded to give my permission, which was just as hot as him dominating me.

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