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Sky turned back to Darcy, β€œIs there any way I can just run?”

β€œYou can’t just run from them!” Darcy exclaimed, β€œFor starters, this is their territory and they make the rules. They might shoot you if you run and I’m sure they can run fast, so even if they don’t shoot you, they’d catch you,”

β€œShit, shit,” Sky muttered, β€œAre they close?”

β€œNo, but they are moving quickly,”

β€œI’m risking being shot,” She said, β€œBut god damn, I’ve not run in heels in a while and these are stilettos”

β€œSky!” Darcy said grabbing hold of her as she tried to run, β€œThat is not a good idea. He looks like he's on a mission,”

β€œThen help me! Think of something,”

Darcy rolled her eyes, β€œYou’re the...you know, the special person here, you think of something,”

β€œI’ve never been the one to run away from these type of people,” Sky said quietly, β€œI’m normally arresting them,”

β€œBut you are a hooker right now, so maybe just act like one,”

β€œAnd how am I supposed to act like one when I’ve-”

β€œSky,” A deep voice said behind her and her heart jumped into her throat, β€œIt’s rude not to greet me,”

β€œFuck,” She whispered and turned to face Axel, who was leaning on the wall behind her smirking, β€œH-hello...again,”

β€œBeen busy?” Axel asked and Sky was confused at the small talk he was trying to make.

β€œUm, kinda,”

β€œAny problems?” He asked, looking around.

β€œWith what exactly?” Sky asked and she heard Darcy sigh behind her, β€œOh, you mean like men shooting their load too early, or not being big enough, being a massive disappointment? Or making me watch them wank instead of having sex with me?”

Axel lifted his eyebrow and smiled, β€œNot big enough eh?”

β€œIs that the only thing you took out of that sentence?”

β€œSky,” Darcy coughed.

β€œSorry,” Sky muttered and Axel laughed, shaking his head, β€œI, uh, might be a prostitute but I still need some kinda release,”

Axel bit into his lip and looked her up and down, making her cheeks blush, β€œYou’ve not had any release tonight then?”

β€œUm, I, maybe I should just, you know, w-walk around,”

β€œNot so fast,” Axel said, β€œDarcy. Leave,”

β€œI don’t know,” Darcy said quietly, β€œShe’s still new and I-”

β€œShe’s safe with me, Darcy,” Axel said, β€œGo stand elsewhere,”

β€œOk,” Darcy whispered and walked away after shooting a warning look at Sky. Sky stared at her with desperate eyes and Darcy shrugged and walked away leaving her with Axel and his friends.

β€œI’d like to get to know you,” Axel said, and Sky scoffed, β€œIs there something wrong with that?”

Sky quickly looked away from him, β€œWhy would you want to get to know me? I’m just a girl who has sex with men for money,”

β€œMaybe so,” He said, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, β€œBut you aren’t like the other girls that I’ve met,”

β€œHow cliche did you want to go?” Sky said without thinking, β€œFuck. I’m sorry. I can’t always hold my tongue. It’s what get’s me in trouble,”

β€œWhy did you become a prostitute?”

β€œWhy is that any of your business?” Sky said, lifting her eyebrow.

β€œRight,” Axel said slowly, β€œLet’s just get something very clear here. You need to learn something called respect. I’m the one who got rid of the person who beat you up, on your first night. The only one who is making sure that no one hurts you again and-”

β€œThanks,” Sky said, β€œIs that what you wanted to hear?”

β€œYou are really pissing me off,” Axel said, grabbing her chin, squeezing slightly, β€œI don’t tend to look out for hookers like you but for some reason you are different,”

β€œBecause I’m not like other girls?” Sky whispered, challenging him even though her heart was racing inside her chest, β€œOr is it because you aren’t used to people standing up to you?”

Sky flinched when he moved but she didn’t back down. They stared at each other in silence for a few moments and Axel smiled slightly.

β€œInteresting,” He said, leaning into her, β€œVery interesting,”

Sky gulped back her fear, β€œYou also need to understand something, the man who’s name I don’t know,”

Axel frowned, β€œYou still don’t know who I am?”

β€œNo,” She lied, β€œAnd I couldn’t care less,”

β€œWatch your mouth,” Axel said, tightening his grip on her chin and she gasped as he pulled her face closer.

β€œOr what?” She whispered, β€œYou’ll beat me as Bishop did? bring it. I’m not scared,”

β€œI don’t tend to hit girls,” He said, β€œUnless you class smacking their ass as hitting,”

Sky scoffed, β€œYou touch...you pay,”

Axel smirked, β€œI like you, Sky. You’ve made my life more interesting and if you think you can keep your distance, then you have another thing coming,”

β€œUnless you want to empty your wallet,” She said, moving her mouth closer to his β€œI suggest you take your hands off me,”

A car beeped and they both looked over at the car. Sky knew who it was so she looked back at Axel, who still hadn’t let her go.

β€œEither empty your wallet or let me go,” Sky said, her lips almost touching his β€œI need to find some kind of release, and the man in that car is the only one to get me to an orgasm. His touches, his dick and everything about him makes me feel like a woman. I’m not sure there are men like that anymore. Do you?”

Axel dropped his hand and stuck it in his blazer pocket. He pulled out a wad of cash and held it between his fingers, in front of her face, β€œHere you go beautiful. Take this as a welcome gift and you’ll be surprised about the men out there, Sky”

Sky took it from him with a smile on her face. She shifted her dress down revealing her bra and stuffed it inside, noticing Axel's eyes linger on her breasts.

β€œNice doing business with you, sir,” Sky said, stepping back with a smile β€œHave a nice evening,”

β€œNo problem, beautiful,” He smirked, β€œOh, and Sky? My name is Axel. Make sure you remember it,”

Sky shrugged and walked to the car, β€œI’ll try to, but I can’t promise anything,”

Sky climbed into the car and slammed the door shut, her body starting to shake. Jason was staring at her with wide eyes β€œGet me the fuck out of here. Right now,”

β€œNo problem,” He said, pulling away from the side of the road, β€œWhat the fuck was that about? I knew that Reece said-”

β€œI don’t know what that was!” She exclaimed and covered her face, β€œI’m supposed to be keeping my head down and listening to gossip! Not playing with the devil himself!”

Jason sighed, β€œSomething might work out. Maybe,”

β€œYeah, I might have to be buried next to my parents,” Sky groaned, β€œShit. I knew I should have cut my tongue out before taking this job,”

Jason laughed, β€œWhatever. This might work in our favour but I’ll distract you. Are you hungry? I’ll treat you to dinner. My treat?”

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