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Sky had her hood up, keeping her head low as she walked through the streets, keeping a lookout to see if she was being followed. As a top officer, she knew when to be suspicious and if she found anyone to be following her, she’d make sure she disappeared from sight.

But other hookers or petty criminals weren’t her problems.

It was Axel Dalton.

Sky jogged across the road, not caring that she ran through puddles and she turned down a road, heading towards the house she lived in. She subtly looked around and knocked on the door. She stood in the rain for a few more minutes before hitting the door harder, until her brother came to answer the door.

β€œWhat? It’s too early for a salesman!” Tyler said opening the door glaring at her, β€œOh shit. Sky!”

Sky grinned and hugged her brother, β€œIt’s good to see the house is still standing,”

β€œShut up, Sky,” He said letting her inside, β€œWhy didn’t you bring an umbrella?”

β€œI didn’t think it would rain,” She said, taking her hoody off and whistled, β€œWow. The place is tidy!”

β€œAgain, shut up, Sky,” Tyler said, β€œDid you want anything to drink or eat?”

β€œIf you’re offering,” She said, β€œI just need to grab a few things and I’ll come to join you,”

Tyler waved her away and she headed upstairs to her bedroom. She smiled slightly at how much she missed it, and grabbed a bag, stuffing some more clothes and essentials inside. Sky raided her closet in search of a jacket that she could wear in the cold weather, but it didn’t look like something a hooker could wear.

There were no clothes that would be suitable as a hooker either and she sighed. She didn’t have much left to wear and probably needed to go shopping. But she had no idea where to go for that sort of clothing. Sky sat on her bed and decided to ask Darcy when she got back if she was awake.

With another quick sweep of her room for makeup and other clothes, she headed back down to her brother, dropping her bag in the living room. Tyler was in the kitchen making her cheese on toast. She smiled fondly at her brother and sat at the small breakfast bar.

β€œHow’s your job going?” He asked, β€œI’d like to say great, but you have bruises on your face,”

β€œI’ve had worse,” Sky said, β€œBut the person who did this is now out of the picture,”

β€œUh-huh,” He said looking at her, β€œSo I can’t worry that someone else will do that?”

Sky grinned, β€œHe came worse off than me. That’s for sure,”

β€œStill,” Tyler pouted, β€œOh, I need to tell you something,”

β€œYou have a girlfriend?”


β€œA boyfriend?”

β€œNo,” Tyler sighed, β€œWill you just shut up and let me talk?”

Sky giggled, β€œSorry,”

β€œSince you gave me a lecture about studying and getting my assignments done on time,” He said sliding the plate of cheese on toast to her, β€œI’ve topped all my classes, got full marks on exams and my assignments,”

β€œSeriously?” Sky asked, biting into her food, β€œOuch. Shit, that’s hot. But well done! I’m so proud of you,”

Tyler smiled, β€œIt wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t lecture me but I’ve finally decided what I wanted to do in law,”

β€œWhich is what?”

β€œCriminal law,” He said, sitting down with his own food, β€œSince I’m not cut out to be a cop, I thought I could help them in other ways. Represent the police force when they need it, help victims of crimes bring down the people who hurt them and help put bad guys behind bars,”

β€œTy, that’s amazing,” Sky smiled, β€œMum and dad would be so proud,”

Tyler smiled slightly, his eyes tearing up, β€œYeah, well they helped me get into law school so it’s only fair that I help them out,”

β€œYou don’t have much longer until you graduate,” Sky smiled and ruffled his hair, β€œEven though I had a job to do, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s just a shame that they aren’t here to see you graduate,”

β€œI know,” Tyler said, wiping his eyes free of tears, β€œHow’s the job going anyway, or are you not allowed to talk about it?”

Sky sighed, β€œI can’t talk much about it, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere,”

β€œNo progress at all?” He frowned, β€œThat doesn’t seem like you,”

β€œI know,” Sky said, β€œIt’s not an easy case. I mean, there might have been some progress, but I can’t be sure until I find some evidence,”

β€œWell, either way,” Tyler said, β€œI’m sure you’ll get to the bottom of it and then you can come home,”

β€œYeah,” Sky said quietly, β€œI miss being here,”

β€œVisit as often as you can,” Tyler said, β€œI need my sister back home,”

Sky smiled, β€œThanks for the cheese on toast. I’ve been living off junk food for a while,”

β€œI wasn’t going to say anything, but yeah. I can tell,” Tyler grinned and Sky punched him in the arm, making him laugh, β€œOk, that kinda hurt,”

β€œI’m keeping active, so I won’t put on weight and look like you,”

β€œOuch. That hurt even more,” Tyler said tapping his tummy, β€œThere’s not an ounce of fat on this bod,”

β€œUh-huh,” Sky said, shaking her head, β€œWhatever. So, where are you going to get a girlfriend or boyfriend?”

Tyler shrugged, β€œI don’t have time for relationships. If I want to get a good job at the end of my degree, then I need to keep focus. I can’t have people distract me, can I?”

Sky shrugged, β€œSometimes its good to be distracted,”

β€œTrue, but I need to get a good job so I can start paying you back the money for putting me through the degree,”

β€œYou don’t need to pay me back, Ty,” She said, β€œAs long as you are happy, then I am happy. You’re my baby brother and I promised mum and dad, and myself that I would look after you,”

β€œI know but still,” He said, β€œI also want to prove to everyone that I can get a job without relying on what dad used to do,”

Sky smiled sadly, β€œYeah. I understand but that doesn’t always work. Other cops think I got this job because of who dad was,”

β€œBut that isn’t true,”

β€œExactly but people won’t always believe in your skills or qualifications because of that,” Sky said, β€œYou just have to be prepared with what everyone else will say about you. But, we are Channing's and we are the strongest family around and-”

β€œNothing will bring us down,” Tyler said, β€œNo matter what,”

β€œExactly,” Sky smiled, β€œJust like mum said. Now, I’m sure you offered me food and drink? And I seem to only have food,”

Tyler tutted, β€œWhatever, sis. I’ll make you a damn tea now then,”

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