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The rain had now turned into an annoying drizzle that coated everyone’s hair as they stood, or walked up and down the street. Darcy had explained that they got fewer customers when it rained, so they stood around for a few hours before heading back home or they went to a bar to get drunk and try to pick up customers there.

Sky huddled next to Darcy as she smoked under a bus stop that was no longer in use. Another girl joined them but she sat in silence staring up at the dark clouds floating through the sky. She didn’t say much and didn’t want to join in with their conversation. So, when a car pulled up beside them she was the one to get into the back of it.

β€œOk,” Darcy said getting rid of her cigarette, β€œLet’s go. No one is going to come in this rain,”

β€œWhere do you suggest we go?” Sky asked.

Darcy grinned, β€œThere’s a nice bar a few streets from here. A few of us girls go there in the rain and drink until we pass out. Plus, we know the owners so we are looked after,”

β€œAlright,” Sky said, β€œI’d rather drink than stand around in the rain waiting for my fake clients. I’m sure they were going to send Hugo again anyway,”

The bar was slowly getting busy, with people dancing on the dancefloor, getting drunk and people hitting on everyone they saw. Darcy sat with Sky at the end of the bar, sipping strong cocktails. They both thanked the bartender when he put a bowl of chips in front of them.

β€œThis is better than standing in the rain,” Sky said, looking around the bar.

β€œHopefully no one will recognise you,” Darcy said, β€œBut mostly, the people here aren’t criminals,”

Sky shrugged, β€œI don’t look anything like my usual self, so I should be ok. Plus, this isn’t my brother’s scene so I won’t bump into him,”

β€œSky,” Darcy said shifting her stool closer to her, β€œCan I ask you something?”

β€œSure. Anything you want,”

β€œWhat made you do what you do?”

Sky smiled slightly, β€œNow isn’t the time to talk about that but it has something to do with my parents. My dad mostly,”

β€œI’m sorry about your friend,” Darcy said and Sky nodded, β€œIt must have been horrible to see,”

β€œIt’s strange,” Sky said, β€œI’ve seen people get shot and killed in front of me before, but when my best friend was killed, I just didn’t know what to do. I felt helpless and I couldn’t save him,”

β€œI understand,” Darcy said patting her hand, β€œA few years ago, one of the girls was beaten and shot in front of me. The pimp wasn’t a nice man and used to beat up on all the girls,”

β€œDid he hurt you?”

β€œOn more than one occasion,”

β€œWhat happened to him?”

Darcy shrugged, β€œGrey found out. The man got into the back of their car, and he was never seen again. He was replaced within a few days but pimps will be pimps. They are cruel and only care about money,”

Sky nodded and sipped her drink, β€œDo you think you’ll ever get out of this business?”

β€œWho knows,” Darcy said, β€œI’ve never really thought about it. This is all I know and I wouldn’t know how to do a regular job,”

β€œI’m sure you would catch on quick for any job,” Sky smiled, β€œYou could always become what I am,”

β€œNo way,” Darcy said, β€œI hate those places and sticking an ex-hooker in that environment is asking for trouble,”

Sky rolled her eyes, β€œIf you say so. I’ll be right back. I need to use the toilet,”

β€œI won’t go anywhere, but I can’t say the same for these chips,”

Sky stared at herself in the mirror and sighed. She did stand out but not as much as the other girls. Girls in the club were wearing similar clothes but they weren’t hookers. But then again, neither was she.

Sky quickly sorted out her makeup and hair, before leaving the toilets and headed back to Darcy. But before she could move towards the dance floor, an arm snaked around her waist pulling her tight against their body.

β€œYou look great. How about we disappear and have some fun?” The man said in her ear.

Sky turned in the man’s arms and stared at his face, β€œHow about you stop touching me and go have fun with your hand?”

The man grabbed the tops of her arms and slammed her into the wall, β€œI’m offering you money and-”

β€œLet her go,” Another voice said and Sky's heart jumped into her throat, β€œNow before I decide to do it,”

β€œY-yes,” The man said, dropping his arms.

β€œLeave and don’t let me see you again,”

The man nodded and shot off like his ass was on fire and Sky checked her arms to see if there were any bruises.

β€œI wasn’t expecting to see you here tonight,” Axel said, leaning on the wall beside her. She noticed that his eyes were glued to the dip in her dress, checking her breasts out, β€œYou don’t dress like the other girls,”

β€œDressing like this brings in more money. I’m classy,” Sky rolled her eyes and started to move away, β€œIt’s raining so there isn’t anyone around. Drinking. More important,”

Axel chuckled and put his hand on her shoulder to stop her from walking, β€œWho are you with?”

β€œWhy?” Sky asked, β€œI’m not working,”

β€œBecause I’d like to buy your drinks for the rest of the night,” Axel said and Sky lifted her eyebrows at him, β€œCall it, being a gentleman and I own this place,”

β€œUh-huh,” Sky said, β€œIf it means you will leave me alone, then sure,”

β€œOh, baby,” Axel said yanking her against him. He lowered his mouth to her ear and as he spoke, it sent shivers up her spine, β€œYou fight me now, but you’ll realise how much you will want me. I’ll have you begging to be with me,”

Sky pushed him away slightly, β€œI’m not as easy as the other girls, sir. I’m picky with who I chose to sleep with,”

β€œI like it when you call me sir,” Axel smirked, β€œIt gets me hot and bothered,”

β€œIt’s only because I forgot your name,” Sky said and Axel narrowed his eyes at her, making her step back making her regret her choice of words, β€œI-”

β€œStick around, beautiful,” Axel said, kissing her cheek β€œEnjoy your night, but if I call on you, you will come to me or you’ll have problems,”

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