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The alcohol had gone to Sky and Darcy’s head, making them giggle at everything. Men were trying it on but Sky made sure they left them alone. Sky knew she was pissing them off but she didn’t care.

β€œI’m going to dance,” Darcy said, β€œWant to join me?”

β€œNo thanks,” Sky said, β€œI’m not much of a dancer,”

β€œSuit yourself,” Darcy said with a shrug, β€œMy friend is there so I won’t be alone. Try not to piss people off,”

Sky smiled and sipped more of her drink. She couldn’t help but watch with admiration as Darcy danced around with no fear or care in the world.

Even when Sky was in her teens, she never went to bars to dance. Most of the time she went there because her friends dragged her there. Of course, she got drunk but never danced. It was never her thing.

β€œNot going to join her?” A voice said behind her and she let out a sigh, β€œWell?”

Sky turned in her stool to see Axel smirking down at her. His eyes peeking down her dress.

β€œI’m not much of a dancer,” Sky said, β€œWhat can I do for you, sir?”

Axel sat in Darcy’s place and pulled Sky's stool closer to him, trapping her with his long legs. She bit into her tongue to stop herself from saying something and she spotted his friends leaning on the bar around them. Blake had his eyes on her with an expression she couldn’t read.

Sky knew that she had to impress him if she was to stay walking the streets and she needed to stay close to them because Dexter needed justice.

Sky let out a small sigh, β€œSo, sir. What is it you want exactly?”

Axel smirked, β€œI want to talk to you. Get to you know you a bit more,”

β€œEven though-”

β€œYeah,” He said and Riley handed him a drink before walking back to where he was, β€œI’ve told you, you aren’t like the other girls that walk the street”

β€œCliche,” Sky smirked picking her drink up. She pulled the straw into her mouth with her tongue and she saw Axel lick his lips, β€œWill this work both ways. You get to know me and I get to know you?”

β€œIf that’s what you want to happen,” Axel said leaning forward, β€œWhy are you a prostitute?”

β€œWhy’s that any of your business?” Sky whispered leaning forward, β€œI’m sure you don’t really care why. If anything, you just want to know how I am in bed,”

Axel smirked and grabbed her chin, β€œIf you don’t tell me, then I will have to find out myself. I have friends in high places,”

Sky tilted her head, β€œLike who?”

β€œWhy’s it any of your business?” Axel said bringing her face closer, β€œWhy don’t we talk somewhere else?”

Sky smirked, β€œI’d rather stay in a public place. I don’t trust you,”

Axel chuckled, β€œYou don’t have to trust me. But I’d never hurt you,”

Sky pulled her face away from Axel and picked her drink up again, tossing the straw to the side. She kept her eyes on Axel as she downed her drink.

Axel smirked, β€œLet’s go,”

Sky was helped down from the stool and her head began to spin as the alcohol took more effect than she thought. Axel slid his arm around her waist and lowered his mouth to her ear.

β€œTry not to pass out, beautiful,” He whispered, β€œI have plans for you,”

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat, β€œTry not do disappoint me,”

β€œI’d never disappoint someone like you,”

Axel walked her through the bar, people moving out of their way. She spotted Darcy staring with wide eyes and Sky just nodded at her, making Darcy nod back. Behind them, the inner circle followed them and it made Sky even more nervous.

Jake walked in front and opened a door leading to a staircase. Axel tugged on Sky's arm and she climbed the stairs knowing that the boys could see up her dress. But she was far too nervous to care.

Her mouth had started to go dry the further they got through the halls. Her heart was racing and she knew she had to pretend to be a hooker and it had been a while since she had sex.

Axel came to a stop and looked at his friends.

β€œYou’re free to find a girl. Don’t bother us,” He said unlocking the door, β€œSky. Inside,”

She nodded and glanced at his friends before stepping inside the room, trying to calm down. Sky looked around the room as Axel spoke to his friends in a hushed tone.

There was a large bed sitting in the middle of the room against blackened out windows. The rooms were dark purple, with textured wallpaper. There were small lights dangling from the ceiling only lighting the room up slightly.

She jumped slightly as the door behind her clicked shut and she heard Axel flick the lock. Her ears were throbbing from her heart beat and she turned around to look at Axel.

He slowly looked her up and down, biting into his lips. He took a few steps towards her and ran his fingers down her cheeks.

β€œWhen you become one of Blake's girls,” He said, kissing the base of her neck, β€œYou go through regular checks. For obvious reasons. You’re clean, on the pill and seem to be very picky with who you sleep with. I allowed it because you bring in a lot of money,”

β€œMmm,” Sky said closing her eyes as he kissed along her neck. She had tried to resist how it made her feel, but she couldn’t.

β€œBlake's girls have to pass a few tests before they are fully accepted,” He said, lowering the strap on her dress to kiss the bare skin, β€œDarcy has done well to keep you away from us, but it’s about time we see how good you really are,”

Axel nipped her collarbone making her gasp slightly.

β€œYou’re sensitive,” He chuckled, β€œIf I enjoy you and if Blake enjoys you, then you can stay. If not, then I will just have to use you for my own pleasure,”

β€œW-what?” Sky whispered, β€œB-both if you?”

β€œShhh,” Axel said quietly, β€œFor now, focus on me. That’s the rules, beautiful. Let’s see why the men keep coming back for you,”

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