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Sky bit into her lip as Axel kissed, and sucked at the skin on her neck. He held onto her hair as he caressed her skin with his soft lips, his free hand digging his fingers into her ass.

β€œSo, tell me beautiful,” He said against her skin and she gasped as he nipped her skin again, β€œShow me why they keep coming back and paying you so much,”

Sky began to panic and she thought of the first excuse that popped into her head. She knew she’d regret it but it was the only thing she could think of.

β€œI p-pretend to be a v-virgin,” She said and Axel's grip tightened on her ass, β€œT-their pleasure i-is more important,”

β€œGo on,”

β€œI, uh, they take control,” She said, his hands kneading her ass, β€œI’m j-just the girl who h-hasn’t had sex,”

β€œAnd they like this?” He asked breathing in her ear and she shuddered, β€œAnswer the question,”

β€œThey love it,” Sky said, almost panting.

She hated the way that she was turned on by his touch. Hated that this man was most likely the one responsible for her friend's death. Hated the way that she wanted him to take control. Hated the way she wanted him to fuck her.

β€œLet’s see how good you really are,” He said almost growling, β€œStrip for me, baby. Let me see you,”

Axel stepped away from her and sat on the edge of the bed, looking her up and down in the dimly lit room. Sky's heart was racing and her hands began to shake as she slipped the strap from her shoulders.

She closed her eyes and let the dress slide down her body, pooling at her feet. Sky wasn’t sure if she wanted to open her eyes again but when the sound of a zipper caught her attention, she opened them.

Axel had kicked off his trousers and was slowly undoing his shirt. Her eyes were slightly wide and trailed down his toned torso and stomach. A flutter of butterflies hit her stomach and she forced herself to look away.

β€œTake the boots off, beautiful,” He whispered and she shoved them down her legs and kicked them to the side, standing in front of him in a pair of lacy knickers and a strapless bra.

β€œDo y-you want these off?” She asked, feeling like she was a virgin all over again. She knew she had picked the right excuse and Axel chuckled, motioning her over with his index finger. She stepped out of the dress on the floor and moved to stand between his legs.

β€œYou are so beautiful, Sky,” He said holding onto her thighs, β€œBe a good girl and I’ll be gentle with you,”

Sky nodded and bit into her lip as she shivered under his touch.

β€œA virgin you say?” Axel said, pulling her closer and she nodded, β€œI can see why this works for your clients. I like seeing you vulnerable and not fighting back. But remember, if I’m not pleased, you’ll have to show Blake how good you are. Do you understand?”

Sky nodded, β€œI understand. N-now what do you want me t-to do?”

Axel groaned rubbing his erection, β€œFuck. You’re good at this. Too fucking good. I want you, no, I need you to suck my dick,”

Sky looked up at his face, β€œWhat?”

β€œGet on your knees, and suck my fucking dick,”

Sky was yanked down by her wrists and she stared wide eyed at him as he stripped his boxers. She stared at his erection sitting heavy against his stomach and she could feel a tingle settle between her legs.

"I should not be turned on right now," She thought to herself and she gulped back her fear and looked up at Axel who’s eyes had darkened.

β€œWhat are you waiting for, baby?” He said.

Sky's hand shook as she reached for his erection and he bit into his bottom lip, watching her as she moved her hand up and down.

β€œLick it, baby. Let me feel your mouth,” Axel said quietly.

"Here goes my self-respect," She thought and ran her tongue along the bottom of his member making him sigh. She hated being turned on but she held some of the alcohol to blame.

β€œFuck,” He hissed out as she placed her lips around the tip of his dick, sucking gently. He groaned and threw his head back as she took him further into her mouth.

Sky gagged as his dick the back of her throat but she carried on bobbing her head up and down, keeping her hand on the base of his dick. Axel grabbed her hair and moved her head up and down, making her eyes water.

β€œLook up at me, baby,” He growled, β€œLet me see your eyes as you suck my dick,”

Sky looked up at him through blurry eyes and he thrust his hips up meeting the movement of her head.

β€œShit,” He hissed out, β€œSo fucking beautiful. I need to feel your pussy tighten on my dick,”

He yanked her head away and she gasped for air, drool trickling from the side of her mouth. She felt dirty but she wanted more and she hated herself for it.

Axel dragged her to her feet by her hair and tossed her onto the bed, dragging her ass towards him. She moved onto her hands and knees and yelled when he smacked her ass hard.

β€œI’ll be gentle this time,” He said, tearing her lace panties away from her, β€œBecause it’s your first time with me but remember, next time I won’t be so soft,”

Sky screamed out when Axel thrust inside her, stretching her walls to the max. Sky had never had someone so big and tears burnt her eyes as Axel slammed himself in and out.

β€œShit, baby, you’re so fucking tight!” He growled and gripped her hips tightly, leaving bruises, β€œI can see why they come back for more,”

Sky cried out as he thrust harder and faster. Even though it stung slightly, she could feel her body burn in pleasure. She gasped and wriggled beneath him trying to change the angle but he held her tightly.

β€œDamn, baby,” He groaned, β€œI won’t last long if you keep clenching that pussy around me,”

β€œFuck!” Sky cried out as he pulled on her hair, pulling her head up at a painful angle, β€œA-Axel it...ahh!”

Axel ignored her and the sound of her cries, his grunts and the sound of their skin slapping against each other was the only noises. Even though she hated it, the noises were turning her on even more.

A burn started to build in the pit of her stomach as Axel slammed against the right spot and within a matter of minutes, she erupted in the most intense orgasm she ever had.

β€œFuck, fuck!” She screamed out and clenched around Axel, her body shaking as it took control of her body.

β€œOh, fuck, shit,” He grunted and grabbed her hips with both hands ramming himself as far inside as he could, letting his come fill her up. He moved his hips riding out his orgasm until he couldn’t do it anymore.

Sky fell forward with Axel falling on top of her. Their pants were in sync and their hearts racing, trying to slow down. Sky's head began to spin even more and her body had gone numb.

β€œFuck,” He muttered and she winced as he pulled out, β€œYou, Sky, are good at what you do,”

Sky licked her dry lips and struggled to push herself up. Axel pulled her to her feet and she grabbed hold of his biceps as her vision doubled, making him chuckle.

He leaned down and kissed her quickly, β€œI can see why they come back for me,”

Sky looked up at him. He had a big grin on his face and he grabbed her hair, yanking her head back.

β€œYou pass,” He said biting into her neck, sucking at the skin, β€œIf you keep it up, I might have to steal you from your clients and keep you for myself,”

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