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The man dropped to the floor, screaming in pain, clutching the knee that was just shot.

Axel watched as Zeke holstered his gun and made his way over to the man crying on the floor. He checked his watch and looked up just in time to see Zeke stomp on the man’s shot knee. Axel winced slightly and shook his head as the man screamed even louder.

β€œYou were given more than enough time to pay us back,” Zeke said, punching him in the face, with a grin on his face, β€œYou even had the fucking cheek to try and make a run for it. A week extra to pay us, and you try to run out,”

β€œI-I have-” The man cried but Zeke put his finger against his lips.

β€œIt’s too late for that,” Zeke said, shoving his face onto the floor, putting his foot on the side of the man’s face, β€œAxel gets to decide what we will do with you,”

Axel sniffed slightly and walked over to the man still crying in pain. He stared down at the blood that was sinking into the carpet and he looked around the small flat that he had tried to hide in before his flight arrived.

β€œRiley, did you find any money?” Axel asked.

β€œYeah,” Riley said, β€œLooks like the money he owed us,”

Axel squatted next to the man, β€œDid you honestly think that you could escape with the money you owed me?”

The man sobbed, β€œI was going to g-give it b-back before I l-left!”

β€œDon’t lie to me,” Axel snapped, β€œDon’t fucking lie to me!”

Zeke pressed his weight further onto the man, β€œTell the truth,”

Axel shook his head, β€œIt’s too late for the truth. You know the rules. You borrow from me, you die,”

The man tried to cry for help but his screams were soon muffled by Axel stuffing his gun into his mouth. The bullet made quick work of his death and embedded itself in the wall behind him. Axel stood up and wiped the spray of blood from his face and looked at Jake.

β€œBurn it down,” He said walking out of the small flat, β€œMake sure the whole building fucking burns,”

Sky sat on the sofa with a blanket covering her body, her face only showing as she watched TV.

It had been a few days since she had gotten drunk and ended up fucking Axel, the guy she was supposed to be investigating. She still hadn’t got over how good he made her feel but she felt dirty and wished she had put up more of a fight.

Even though she was supposed to get close to the group, she didn’t expect to get that close.

When they had left the room, it was like she was doing the walk of shame. Her knickers had been ripped so she had to walk past his friends without them. Her body was still burning from the sex and she had to ignore the looks they were giving her.

Sky managed to hold her head high as she swayed her hips past them and clenched her fists at the suggestions Zeke was throwing out. In a way, she was lucky that Darcy was at the bar getting a drink because she grabbed hold of her and dragged her out of the bar as quickly as she possibly could.

Darcy didn’t ask what had happened but Sky knew she had figured out. There were bite marks and hickeys on her neck.

Sky hadn’t stepped back onto the street since her encounter with Axel and she didn’t want to. She had sent a few messages to Jason to tell him she had a few days off but there was no doubt in her mind that a pimp would try to break down her door and drag her back onto the streets.

As Sky changed the channel, there was a knock on the door and her heart jumped into her throat. She pulled the blanket over her face and hoped the person would just go away, but they carried on knocking.

β€œFuck sake,” She muttered and threw the blanket away from her and headed to the door. She yanked it open not caring for what she was wearing, β€œWhat?”

β€œThat’s no way to talk to your boss,” Blake said, glaring at her, β€œWhy aren’t you working?”

Sky's mouth went dry, β€œI-I don’t feel w-well,”

Blake lifted his eyebrow and put his hand on her forehead, making her flinch, β€œDo you think I could hurt you?”

β€œI don’t trust anyone,” Sky whispered, β€œWhy are you touching me?”

β€œYou have a slight temperature,” He said, β€œGo lay down,”


β€œDon’t make me tell you again,” Blake said and Sky turned around and headed to the bedroom with Blake following her, β€œYou are a very clean person. Some of the other girl’s places are horrible,”

Sky didn’t say anything and she got under her cover. Blake pushed the window open and leaned on the wall, looking down at her not saying anything. For Sky, it was worrying that he was just staring and not saying anything.

With a sigh, Blake shook his head, β€œYou might not want to believe it, but I deal with the prostitutes that work on my street. I have guys keeping an eye on them. I make sure that you are all working and giving me money,”

β€œBut you let them beat the girls?”

β€œThat can’t be helped,” Blake shrugged, β€œI find out and they don’t return,”

β€œDo you kill them?”

β€œYou ask a lot of questions for a hooker,” Blake said moving to the side of the bed, β€œWhat I do with them is none of your concern,”

β€œIt is if they come back wanting revenge on the girl that snitched on them,” Sky said, β€œBishop. The first pimp I had a run-in with. What if he comes back to-”

β€œBishop is dead, Sky,” Blake said, β€œAnd the police won’t ever find his body. If you want to know, then fine. The pimps that beat up on my girls die. Painfully I might add. Those guys are never found because we have a nice way of getting rid of them,”

β€œHow?” Sky asked quietly. If she knew his secrets, it could help bring them down.

Blake chuckled, β€œGet some sleep, Sky. Axel might like how you fuck and deal with your clients, but you still have a lot to prove,”

β€œHe’s your boss. Trust his words,” Sky said, challenging him.

Blake leaned down and grabbed her chin tightly, making her sit up β€œI trust his words, beautiful. I don’t trust you just yet. Remember Sky, I have people watching my girls. Even if you don’t see them; they are watched. That includes you,”

Sky gulped, β€œS-sorry for upsetting y-you,”

Blake smirked, β€œYou didn’t upset me beautiful. Just know your place. I’ll be back tomorrow night and I expect to see you resting. If you feel better, then get that sweet ass of yours on the street and bring in the money. Understand?”

Sky nodded, "Y-yes."

"Good. You'll find out what happens when girls don't listen to me and I'm not sure you'll want that."

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