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Sky had woken up early to the sound of her phone going off. She groaned and answered the phone with a mumble.

"Skyla. Report,”

Sky sighed and sat up, β€œI don’t want to talk over the phone,”

"It’s secure,"

β€œI’m hanging up,” She said hanging up on her boss and she ran her hands through her hair. She blinked away the sleep in her eyes and swung her legs out of bed, stretching her arms above her head.

With a yawn, she opened the bedroom door and padded out to the kitchen for breakfast. There wasn’t much to eat because she hadn’t been shopping for anything so she threw some bread into the toaster and turned to see Axel sitting on the sofa.

She screamed loudly and stumbled back, tripping over her own feet.

β€œWhat the fuck!” She screamed, β€œWhy the hell are you in my flat?”

Axel slowly got to his feet and walked over to her, watching her get to her feet.

β€œYou have no sense of danger,” He said pressing her against the counter, β€œAlthough, I have to admit I enjoyed seeing you parade around in just your small panties and top,”

Sky blushed and tried to make her top longer.

β€œWhy are you blushing, beautiful?” Axel smirked, β€œHave you forgotten I’ve already seen you naked?”

β€œWhy are you here?”

β€œI have a job for you,”

Sky tensed, β€œI’m picky with the men I sleep with,”

β€œMaybe, but this isn’t about fucking men for money and you are the only one to do it,”

β€œWhat makes you think I will do it?” Sky said quietly as Axel kissed the base of her neck, β€œI don’t even know what you do for a living. Other than-”

β€œI like how you fight me,” He growled into her ear and he yanked her head back with her hair, β€œYou don’t have much of a choice. You either do the job, or I kill you,”

Sky's heart jumped into her throat, β€œK-kill me?”

β€œYeah,” He said, nipping at her neck, β€œYou work the street tonight. Do what you normally do and I’ll pick you up at 10. Understand?”

Sky nodded and Axel stepped away, biting into his lip looking her up and down.

β€œMake sure you dress to impress,”

β€œI always do,” Sky said leaning into him, β€œIf that’s all you need, then you can leave now. I have things to do,”

Axel smirked and pressed a hard kiss to her lips catching her off guard, β€œIf you don’t impress me, then you won’t be impressing the person I am after,”

Sky stood against the wall turning men down left right and centre. She tutted at the last attempt but another girl came along and helped her out.

β€œI don’t understand how you are allowed to be picky,” The girl said, β€œIf the new pimp catches you turning people down, he will beat you up,”

β€œLet him try,” Sky said as a familiar car pulled up beside her, β€œBe careful with the next guy and make sure you put some ice on that bruise,”

The girl smiled and nodded. Sky got into the car and Jason drove off.

β€œYou’ve been avoiding my calls,”

Sky sighed, β€œThings got complicated and I wasn’t well. I don’t have a lot of time so to talk so just listen,”

β€œWait,” He said, pulling into an alley, β€œOk. Go. What’s going on?”

β€œI have a problem,” She said, β€œAxel has his eye on me and he as told me that he has a job for me. I don’t know what it is but he said if I don’t do it, he’ll kill me,”

β€œShit,” Jason said rubbing his face, β€œWe’ll need to make sure that you have a wire so-”

β€œJason, where the fuck am I supposed to put a wire?” Sky said gesturing at her outfit, β€œIt’s not exactly appropriate!”

Jason took a look at what she was wearing and went bright red, β€œDamn, Sky,”

β€œMy life sucks!” She exclaimed, β€œIf the damn boss would just get a warrant, then I wouldn’t have to be a damn hooker,”

β€œIncoming,” Jason said, β€œShit. It’s Axel,”

β€œFuck. I have to go,” Sky said opening the car door.

β€œBe careful,” He said, as she slammed the car door.

Sky watched Jason drive off and she let out a sigh, turning to face Axel. Behind him were his friends and she felt uncomfortable with the way Zeke was staring at her.

β€œThat will surely get his attention,” Axel said running the back of his fingers down the side of her face, β€œI hope you’re ready to use your charm,”

Sky smacked his hand away and glared at him, making him smile wide, β€œIt depends. What am I supposed to be doing,”

β€œFirst, we get in my car,” He said, β€œThen we will talk,”

Sky followed them around the corner and climbed into the back, sitting against the door. The others climbed in and spread out with Axel sitting close to her.

Sky felt tense when he slid his arm around her shoulder and placed his free hand on her thigh, drawing circles with his thumb.

β€œThe job is simple,” Axel said, β€œYou distract a man we are after and make sure you take him into a room that is far away from others,”

β€œWhy are you after him?” Sky asked.

β€œWhy is that any of your business?” Blake asked.

Sky looked at him, β€œBecause if I’m about to put my life in the line for a bunch of assholes, I need to prepare myself,”

β€œYou stupid-”

β€œNo,” Axel cut off Blake, β€œThis one can ask questions,”

Sky shot a look at Blake before staring out the window, β€œWho is he? Trafficker? Drug runner? Someone who owes you money?”

Axel chuckled, β€œYou’re smart for a hooker,”

β€œNot all hookers are just a quick fuck,” Sky muttered, "I do watch TV,"

β€œJake, if you may,”

Jake nodded, β€œWe have someone selling guns on our turf without permission. Word going around is that he likes the girls a little too much. Axel said that the reason why men keep coming back for you, is that you act like a virgin,”

Sky felt her cheeks blush and she cleared her throat, crossing her arms, β€œAnd what of it?”

Jake smirked, β€œI don’t think you understand what I said. He likes girls too much and he likes the virgin ones at that,”

β€œHe’s a kiddy fiddler?” Sky said clenching her fists.

β€œWe don’t know but it’s what is being said,” Riley said, β€œSince you don’t look your age, it will probably work in your favour. Seduce him, take him to a room and we will do all the rest,”

Sky swallowed the lump in his throat, β€œWhy do you care that he likes girls too much?”

β€œChildren are innocent,” Axel shrugged, β€œBut we want him to stop selling the guns before anything else,”

β€œSo you don’t care that he targets kids?” Sky said glaring at him, β€œYou only care that he’s selling guns?”

Axel suddenly grabbed hold of her hair and yanked her head back, before lowering his mouth to her ear, β€œIf I were you beautiful, I’d start concentrating on how to get his attention rather than the person he is. If you ask another question, I’ll let Zeke play with you and let me warn you, he is much rougher than the other men you play with. Do you fucking understand me?”

Sky squeezed her eyes shut in pain as Axel pulled on her hair even more, β€œI-I understand,”

Axel kissed her lips and grinned, β€œGood girl. Now, keep your mouth shut before I decide to mouth fuck you all the way there with my boys watching,”

Sky rubbed the back of her head and stared out the window with her heart in her throat.

This case was starting to spiral out of control.

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