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To say Sky was scared was an understatement. Her heart was beating so quickly she thought she was going to have a heart attack and her mouth so dry she was sure that her salivary glands had dried up.

Axel slid his arm around her waist and lowered his mouth to her ear, β€œThe man doesn’t know that we are after him. He has no clue that we found out that he runs the trading of guns in our turf. This bar belongs to me like most bars around here,”

β€œSo, what exactly am I meant to do?” Sky asked, looking around the bar, β€œI don’t even know what he looks like,”

β€œYou’ll know who he is in a minute,” Zeke said, β€œHe never passes the opportunity to talk to us and if he sees a girl hanging off Axel's arm, he will be over here quicker than a bullet,”

Sky bit into her lip, β€œWhat happens when I get his attention?”

β€œAct like a fucking virgin, take him to a room and keep him busy until we get there,” Blake said glaring at her, β€œYou’re a hooker. Think of something,”

Sky gritted her teeth, β€œAs I said, I’m picky with who I fuck and who I want to touch me,”

β€œNot for much longer if you can’t do this job,” Blake said, grabbing her face, β€œAxel might have accepted you, but I haven’t. You do this job properly and we will talk. Just remember, you still have to spend a night with me,”

β€œHe’s coming over,” Jake said and Sky looked up to see a man walking towards him, β€œHe looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but he’s dangerous. With guns and girls. Just be careful when you do get his attention,”

Sky accepted the drink that Riley gave her and she downed it without taking a breath.

β€œDamn,” The man said as he stood in front of them, β€œIt’s always good to see a girl who can drink,”

β€œYou’ve not seen the best of it,” Sky said, putting the glass back on the bar.

The man chuckled, β€œWho’s the kid? I like her,”

Axel smirked, β€œTaewoo, it’s been a while,”

β€œI’ve been keeping myself busy,” Taewoo said looking at Sky again. He ran the tip of his tongue across his bottom lip and Sky looked away from him, feeling disgusted β€œShe’s a shy one,”

β€œThat she is,” Axel said, and squeezed her waist, almost painfully, β€œYou can go now Sky. I don’t need to see you now,”

β€œOk,” Sky said quietly and forced herself to look at Taewoo. She sent him a small smile to the man and quickly walked away wanting to run away. She managed to find a quiet corner and she sunk into the seats, letting out a big sigh.

There were girls left right and centre trying it on with men and most of the time, succeeding. The men seemed to love the attention from girls wearing skimpy outfits. It didn’t take long for men to approach her but she politely turned them down and when they got too forceful, she pointed at Axel.

β€œI’m with him,” She said, and they’d run away, leaving her alone.

Sky ran her hands through her hair and spotted Taewoo leaning on a table across the dancefloor, watching her sipping his drink slowly. Someone was talking to him but he didn’t look at them. His attention was on her.

Sky slowly crossed her legs and saw him smirk. She turned her head and looked over at the bar. Of course, Axel and his friends were watching her. They lifted their glasses to her and she took a deep breath, getting to her feet. Axel used his chin to point to the stairs and she sent him a nod before walking over to them.

Taewoo was watching her every move and she ignored his stares as she walked up, looking for a room that was far away from the stairs. She tried a few doors but they were locked and carried on trying. Finally, the room around the corner was unlocked and she pushed it open to reveal a bed.

β€œSeriously?” Sky muttered, β€œDo these guys just expect sex all the time?”

Sky was started to get worried and knowing that Taewoo was sure to follow her, she had to stay strong or she’d chicken out.

β€œI see you’ve been waiting for me,” A voice said behind her and her heart jumped into her throat.

Sky turned around to see Taewoo leaning against the door, sipping his drink, β€œI, uh, what d-do you want?”

Taewoo grinned widely and closed the door behind him, locking it, β€œIt’s not often Dalton brings a girl like you,”

β€œI don’t know what you mean,” Sky said as he got closer to her.

β€œAre you a virgin?” He asked, with a chuckle.

Sky turned her head away from him, trying to keep in the role Axel wanted, β€œI...how did you know?”

Taewoo started to giggle slightly and it sent chills down Sky's spine, β€œBecause I know girls, honey. I like to take the virginity from them,”

β€œI-I don’t want it!” Sky said backing away.

The man reached forward and grabbed her throat, β€œYou don’t have a choice because I enjoy to take it forcefully. It’s a shame that you are older than 16 but I will enjoy taking it from you,”

Sky eyes went wide and she let her anger take over. She lifted her fist and it cracked against his mouth, making him shout out in surprise.

β€œYou think I’d let some creep touch me when I don’t want it?” She snapped, β€œGo fuck yourself,”

The man stood up licking the blood on his lip, β€œExcellent. I fucking love it when a bitch fights back!”

Sky didn’t have enough time to dodge as he smashed the glass against the side of her face. She grunted in pain and fell onto the bed, groaning in pain. Blood trickled down the side of her face, making one eye close and her head started to spin.

"Where the hell were Axel and his friends?” She thought to herself as her vision went blurry.

β€œI am going to enjoy fucking you!” The man giggled and she groaned as he turned her onto her stomach. Sky tried to fight back but he grabbed her wrists and pinned them to her back, making her wince, β€œI will fuck you so hard that you are going to bleed,”

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