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Sky struggled against the man as he pressed his body against her and he reached around, trying to cover her mouth, but she sunk her teeth into his hand, making him scream out in pain, jumping away.

With one eye closed, she rolled onto her back and tried to sit up, but with no success. Taewoo was on her again but this time he sent her a left hook cracking his knuckles against her jaw. She grunted in pain and her body went limp. No matter what she did, she couldn’t stay conscious.

She just hoped that the men she was investigating, showed up just like they promised.

Axel downed the last of his drink and looked at his watch.

β€œI think it’s about time,” Axel said and Blake scoffed, β€œWhat’s your problem?”

β€œNothing,” Blake said, β€œI think we should just let her get fucked and we can deal with him another time,”

β€œYou seriously have a problem with Sky,” Zeke said, β€œWhat’s she done to you to make you so mad?”

β€œNothing,” He muttered.

β€œReally?” Axel said, shaking his head, β€œWhy don’t you like her? She brings in a lot of money, she’s hot and she’s a good fuck. And, she’s the only girl fit for this job,”

Blake shook her head, β€œIt doesn’t matter if she’s good at the job, I don’t trust her,”

Axel smirked, β€œFuck her and you’ll see what I mean by you’ll want to keep her for yourself,”

β€œGuys,” Jake said, β€œSomething is going on,”

Axel looked up and saw people forming at the top of the stairs, β€œFuck!”

He ran forward and people moved out of his way, his following him up the stairs and to the only room that was unlocked. Axel could hear muffled screams and he put his foot to the lock, kicking it open.

Axel pulled his gun out and smashed it on the back of Taewoo’s head, knocking him away from punching Sky. He pinned Taewoo to the floor with a foot to his chest and pointed the gun at his head. Axel smirked slightly as he saw the cut on his lip and a few bruises on his face, along with scratch marks on his throat.

β€œTaewoo,” Axel said, β€œWhat the fuck did you do to my girl?”

Taewoo laughed, blood trickling down this cheek, β€œShe was asking for it. A fucking slut like that deserves to be punished. Just a shame I didn’t get to fuck her,”

β€œThat’s good,” Axel said under his breath and he looked at Sky, being comforted by Jake but he could feel his anger boiling at the bruises and cuts on her face.

The mesh top that she was wearing was now in pieces and her skirt was ripped, and he spotted her torn pair of panties across the room.

β€œBut you damaged something that belonged to me and I’m not happy about that,” Axel growled in anger.

β€œThe bitch was begging for it,”

Blake walked over to Axel and stared at Taewoo, β€œThere are rules when it comes to the girls that work for us. For me. You know them and you broke them,”

β€œWhat are you trying to say?”

β€œTo make matters worse, you were selling guns on our turf,” Riley said, β€œTrying to be sly and thinking that we wouldn’t find out,”

β€œI don’t sell guns,”

β€œMaybe not in person,” Axel said, β€œBut you still run the deals,”

Taewoo laughed, β€œShit. I wish I had just knocked her out and just fucked the bitch. Damn slut. Damn fucking slut!”

β€œFuck you,” Sky mumbled and Axel looked over at her, β€œLike I’d let some ugly, kiddy fiddler get anywhere near me with a small dick,”

β€œYou fucking hoe!”

β€œYou’re lucky you caught me out,” She said, wincing as Jake pressed a cloth to the gash in her head.

β€œWhat could you have done?” He grinned, β€œYou’re just some unwanted hooker. I’ve been with plenty of girls and I was looking forward to fucking you the most. You looked better than all those girls I’ve fucked before and that pussy of yours felt amazing,”

Sky slowly got to her feet moving Jake away from her and Axel frowned as she got closer, shaking her head.

β€œYou really are sick in the head,” She said and he yowled in pain as she stomped her stiletto heel onto his dick, over and over again. Axel and his friends stepped back as she carried on stomping and kicking him, β€œFuck you, you fucking sick ugly bastard!”

β€œDamn,” Zeke said and Sky snatched the gun from his hand, β€œH-hey give that back!”

β€œDon’t let her shoot!” Blake yelled but it was too late. Sky had already fired the gun and he snatched it away from her, β€œWhat the fuck is wrong with you?”

Sky looked at Blake, β€œFuck you too,”

β€œF-fucking s-slut,” Taewoo choked out.

β€œShe didn’t shoot him,” Axel said, β€œShe missed,”

β€œI n-never miss,” Sky said swaying on her feet, β€œThat w-was aimed,”

Axel's eyes went wide as Sky started to drop and he quickly caught her as she passed out.

β€œWhat do we do with him?” Riley asked, kicking the man slightly, β€œI don’t want him dying from shock. I want to kill him,”

Axel lifted Sky into his arms, carrying her like a princess and Jake tied a cloth around her head, covering the gash, β€œDo as you will. Sky needs to see a doctor. Blake and Jake, you can come with me. I’m sure Riley and Zeke can deal with a dickless wonder,”

Zeke covered his dick with his hands, β€œRemind me never to piss off a girl with pointy heels. You can see that she took his dick clean off with the heels,”

Riley grimaced, β€œHe deserved it,”

Blake sighed, β€œBut Sky didn’t deserve the beating as much as I don't like her,”

Axel ran his finger across his bottom lip as he stared at the girl hooked up to a drip. It had been a few hours since he took her to the hospital and the doctor said with rest, she should heal properly.

The gash in her head needed stitches and glass had to be removed from how far it had been embedded into her skin. There was a strip across her nose where he had punched it and her eye was bruised and slightly swollen. There was also a small cut across her lip but the doctor said there was no other damage.

β€œAxel,” Blake said walking into the room, β€œHow is she?”

β€œDo you care?” Axel asked, looking up at him.

β€œOf course,” He said sitting next to him, β€œShe might not be one of my favourite girls, but I still don’t want any harm to come to them,”

β€œUh-huh,” Axel said looking back at Sky, β€œWhat are we going to do about this girl?”

β€œWhat do you mean?”

Axel leaned forward, placing his hand on her forehead as she slept, β€œShe’s a dangerous one,”

β€œYou could see that when she stomped Taewoo’s dick off,”

Axel chuckled, β€œYeah but that isn’t what I meant, Blake,”

β€œThen what did you mean?

β€œShe’s caught me in her web,” Axel said quietly, β€œAnd I don’t think I want her to let me go. It’s odd. I’ve never been so fascinated by someone before,”

β€œSo, what do you want to do about it?”

Axel smirked, β€œI want to tear down that wall of confidence and have her become weak in front of me. She will never want to be away from me and she will do as I say once I break her down,”

β€œAxel,” Blake said, β€œIf that is what you want, go for it,”

β€œNo,” He said, β€œIt’s too soon. I have to do it gradually. If I rush into it, she won’t become my toy,”

β€œI don’t have any objections just don’t beat her,” Blake said, β€œThat’s my only rule and let Zeke have a go at least once. He’s doing my nut in because I won’t let him have any of the girls anymore,”

"I can deal with that,"

"I'll set him some rules. He's going to fucking love it,"

Axel chuckled, β€œSo be it. I am going to ruin her Blake. And I am going to love every second of it,”

A/N: For those who have read the version on Wattpad, there will be a few extra chapters that I left out. Some chapters were wanted by a lot of readers so I'll put them in here.
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