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A sharp pain in Sky's arm made her wake up slowly, but it felt like her eyes were on fire as she did it. She whimpered slightly and looked over at the woman standing next to her bed. Sky tried to take her arm away but the lady spoke.

β€œGood morning,” She said softly, β€œI’m just checking your vitals. I’ll be done in a minute. Would you like anything to drink?”

β€œMmm,” Sky said and tried to sit up.

β€œNo, just rest for now,” The lady said, β€œIt’s still early in the morning, so please go back to sleep,”

β€œWhere am I?”

The lady smiled at her helping her drink, β€œThe hospital,”

β€œOh,” Sky said, putting her head back on the pillow, β€œI see,”

β€œYour vitals look good,” The lady said, β€œI’ll get you some water and I will let you sleep some more before we wake you for breakfast,”

A few hours later, Sky was sitting up in bed eating breakfast. Doctors and nurses had spoken to her and Sky managed to convince them to let her go home. But she had to wait until Axel said it was ok.

The door opened as Sky put some food in her mouth, and her stare turned into a scowl, making Axel smirk at her. He walked in followed by his friends and he sat down on the chair next to the bed, while the others leaned on the wall.

β€œHow are you feeling?” Jake asked, softly β€œYou took a big beating,”

β€œI’m fine,” She said, β€œI’ve had worse,”

β€œSorry we didn’t get there sooner,” Jake said rubbing the back of his neck, β€œThis might not have happened if we followed you,”

Sky sighed, β€œI started it,”

β€œAfter I told you not to do anything?” Axel said, β€œI told you to seduce him, not start a fight,”

β€œYou didn’t tell me shit,” Sky said, looking over at him, β€œHe was lucky I didn’t beat him to a pulp. He would have done something to me anyway,”

Axel scoffed, β€œI highly doubt you could have done that. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?”

β€œWould you like to see if I can beat someone to a pulp?” Sky snapped, β€œCause you are the first person on my list,”

Axel chuckled and got to his feet. He reached forward and pressed his thumb against the stitches in her head making her cry out in pain, β€œWatch what you say to me, Sky. I could have left you there to be beaten and raped. But I didn’t. I came to help you.”

Sky held back her tears, covering her stitches as he sat back down, β€œHelp me? You didn’t help me! You only came up there because you were after him. Why would you care if anything happened to me?”

β€œYou are really testing my patience,” He said grabbing hold of her hair, β€œDon’t forget who you are talking to beautiful,”

β€œI don’t know who I’m talking to!” Sky yelped as he yanked on her hair, β€œYou just appeared in my life without telling me who you are!”

β€œAlright,” Jake said walking over to them, β€œSky has been through enough. She is healing so just leave her for now,”

β€œYou are too nice, Jake,” Axel said letting her hair go, β€œWhen you are back on your feet, I have another job for you,”

β€œI won’t do it,” Sky said, not looking at him, β€œIf this is how I end up after 1 job, then the next job will be just like-”

β€œYou don’t have the right to refuse,” Blake said, β€œYou either do the job or we kill you. It’s simple really,”

β€œWhy can’t you get other girls to do it?” Sky whispered, β€œClearly, I’m not as good as you think I am,”

β€œBecause you stand out from the other girls,” Riley said, β€œYou don’t look like a hooker and that’s what we need,”

β€œSo, if I start dressing like a hooker you will leave me alone?”

Zeke smirked, β€œI’m liking you even more. It’s a shame to see your pretty face all battered up,”

β€œIt won’t be like this job,” Jake said, β€œThe other girls will be recognised,”

Sky sighed, β€œWhat job is it?”

Axel smirked, β€œGood girl. I knew you wouldn’t turn this down,”

β€œJust tell me what the job is,”

β€œWe need you to steal something from someone,” Axel said, β€œIt’s important documents and I need it,”

β€œWho is it?”

β€œYou’ll find out when we come to get you,” Axel said getting to his feet, β€œIt will be better if you heal a bit first before I throw you into the lion’s den head first,”

β€œI can’t wait,” Sky muttered under her breath.

Axel chuckled before leaving the room with his friends, leaving Jake behind. Jake sighed and sat down next to her on the bed. He stuck his hand into his pocket and handed her a bag.

β€œThis is yours,” He said, β€œI guess I should have left it here before I left last night, but I forgot. I went back to your place to grab some essentials for you and they are in there as well. A phone charger too,”

β€œWhy are you so nice to me?” Sky asked quietly, β€œI’m just a hooker so why do you care?”

Jake shrugged, β€œWe are all humans and just because you’re a hooker doesn’t mean I should treat you any differently,”

β€œThanks,” She muttered.

β€œBefore I go,” Jake said getting to his feet, β€œTry to hold your tongue around Axel. He’s a very powerful, dangerous man and just because he is fascinated by you, doesn’t mean he will hesitate in killing you. I wouldn't like to see that happen to you,"

Sky didn’t say anything as Jake left, closing the door softly.

β€œFuck,” She muttered and pulled her phone out. She scrolled through her phone to see that she had messages from Jason and her brother. Sky let out a small sigh to see that they hadn’t been read and she dialled her friend.

"I’ve been messaging you all night. Why haven’t you responded?” Jason said as he answered, ”What happened on the job? Are you ok?"

β€œYeah,” Sky said slowly, sinking back into the bed, β€œAbout that. Jason, are you free to meet for food? We need to talk,”

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