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The rain was more like a mist as Skyla walked down the street. Dexter was next to her humming quietly and Skyla could feel a pain appearing above her eyebrow. The new cop was on her other side looking around the area and she could see that he was judging the people walking by.

β€œRelax,” Skyla said, β€œNot everyone that walks by is a criminal,”

β€œIt’s been an hour,” Dexter said with a big grin on his face, β€œAnd we haven’t arrested anyone,”

β€œAnd that’s a good thing?” Jason asked.

β€œJason, there are a few things that you will need to realise about this job and the area we are walking,” He said, β€œThis area is where people run drugs, guns and there are prostitutes that hang around but we won’t get to see them,”

β€œWhy’s that?”

β€œBecause we are cops,” Skyla said, β€œThey go into hiding and even if we try to arrest them, their pimps aren’t far away. We have been shot at a few times,”

β€œWow,” Jason said, β€œIt’s amazing what the world is like now. Would any of the pimps recognise you?”

Skyla shook her head, β€œNo. Most of the pimps move town and don’t come back. Their girls move with them. The ones that walk this street would be in bed right now. They work the night shift,”

β€œThey don’t tend to take notice of us cops unless we cause a scene,” Dexter said, β€œWe have a good relationship with the small cafe over there,”

β€œI take it you are hungry,” Skyla said.

β€œAlways,” Dexter said, β€œIt’s been a good hour. It’s about time we treat ourselves,”

β€œCan we do that?” Jason asked.

Dexter shrugged β€œDo you see any issues right now? No. So that is a sign for a coffee and a cake,”

They crossed the road and entered the cafe, making the few people in the cafe look up at them. The owner smiled and waved them over.

β€œAfternoon officers,” She said, β€œI have a new recipe so I am begging you to try it,”

β€œI’m up that,” Skyla said, β€œAnything special?”

β€œChocolate muffin but with melted chocolate inside,”

β€œDamn,” Dexter said, β€œI will definitely try that. Want one Jason? My treat,”

β€œUm, sure,” Jason said.

β€œYou must be new. I’ve not seen you before,” The owner said, β€œYou are so lucky to be paired with these two. They really look after us here. Here. The coffee and muffins are on the house,”

β€œYou can’t do that,” Skyla said.

β€œOf course, I can,” She smiled, β€œThis is my business,”

β€œThank you,” Jason said, taking the muffin from her, β€œIt looks delicious,”

They ate the muffin and stepped outside the cafe with their coffees. Sky sipped at hers and let out a small sigh.

β€œShe makes the best coffee,” Skyla said, β€œAs much as I hate walking the beat in this area, she makes things much better for us,”

β€œShame about the rain,” Dexter said, looking at the dark clouds.

β€œIt could be worse,” Skyla said, β€œWe could be walking the beat with Hugo,”

Jason laughed, β€œShit. You’re right. You’d have to be mad to want to work with that sexist pig,”

β€œDon’t forget a brown noser,” Jason said.

Skyla laughed, β€œYou and I are going to get on very well. Come on. We should move on because I’m getting cold,”

There was a loud screech from car wheels and a loud bang. Skyla flinched and ducked as the sound of glass smashing sounded. Beside her was Dexter on his knees, holding his throat. Her eyes went wide and a scream forced its way from her mouth.

β€œDexter!” She screamed and grabbed hold of him, pressing her hands against the bloody hole in his neck, β€œShit. Hold on, ok? I got you. Stay with me, Dexter,”

β€œSomeone is on their way,” Jason said, β€œDexter, everything will be ok,”

Dexter coughed and blood splattered onto Skyla. She laid him on his side and took her jacket off, pressing it hard against his throat. Her hands were shaking and Dexter squeezed her wrist.

β€œYou’re fine,” She said, tears rolling down her face, β€œYou can hear the sirens. Give it a few months and you’ll be back with walking the beat again. Just stay with me, please,”

Dexter smiled slightly and lifted his hand to her face, β€œLove you...loser,”

β€œNo, no, no!” Skyla screamed as his hand dropped and she saw him take his last breath β€œNo! You can’t do this to me!”

The office was quiet as Skyla walked into it. Her body was still covered with Dexter's blood and she felt that her body broke when her partner died. She wiped her tears away with her bloodstained hand and dragged her feet to her desk. Jason was close behind her and he handed her a glass of water.

β€œI’ll drive you home,” He said, squeezing her shoulder, β€œJust let me know when you want to go,”

Skyla barely nodded and Jason sat down next to her, looking at the blood on him. Skyla's hands shook as she sipped her water. Her heart was still racing from the adrenaline that hadn’t left and she felt like she could snap at anything.

β€œSo,” A familiar voice said behind her, β€œI take it you had a bad day. Why don’t you go make me a sandwich?”

Skyla jumped to her feet and turned, punching Hugo as hard as she could in the face. He grunted in pain and fell to the floor.

β€œYou sick bastard!” She screamed, β€œI just lost my partner, my best friend and you fucking say that to me!”

β€œI was trying to lighten the mood!”

β€œA good man was fucking murdered today!” She shouted and Jason jumped in front of her to stop her from doing any more damage β€œYou fucking sexist, heartless bastard! I should fucking kill you!”

β€œEnough officer Channing!” The boss said walking over to her, β€œDon’t take your anger out on your squad members or threaten to kill them”

β€œFuck you!” Skyla snapped.

β€œI understand you are upset, but I won’t have violence in my squad,”

β€œFuck you and fuck your squad,”

β€œSir,” Jason said, putting Skyla behind him, β€œI know I’m just a new member to this squad, but Hugo shouldn’t get away with what he just said. He is insensitive and sexist. If my father heard about this, then Hugo would be taken to court and he would lose his job,”


β€œAnd then so would you,” Jason said and hugged Skyla as she began to cry β€œYou should be comforting your officer. She saw her partner and friend get killed in front of her today,”

β€œGo home, officer Channing,” The man said, β€œCome back in two days and we can discuss what happened today,”

β€œCome on, Skyla,” Jason said, β€œI’ll drive you home,”

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