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The clouds were dark in the sky as she crossed the road towards the restaurant Jason was in. Sky pushed the door open and felt people staring at her as she walked to her table.

Jason was staring at the menu when she sat down and he looked up at her.

β€œWhat the fuck?” He said quietly, β€œSkyla, what the hell happened?”

β€œThe job went wrong,” She said, β€œLong story short, they used me to get a guy they were after but he beat me up. The guy is probably dead now. He was in charge of gun deals on their turf,”


β€œTaewoo but I don’t have the last name,” She said, β€œI have another job but I don’t know what it is yet. I have to steal a document but I’m not sure who from,”

Jason nodded, β€œThere has been a missing person case at work. Someone called Taewoo Kang but so far his record is clean. His wife called saying he didn’t return home from a bar last night. So far, no one is talking. The bar is owned by Axel so I doubt anyone will talk,”

β€œHe has a wife?” Sky asked feeling sick to her stomach and Jason showed her a picture on his phone, β€œYeah. That’s him. He liked the young girls,”

β€œDamn,” Jason said, β€œSkyla, I don’t want you on the case anymore. It’s doing more damage to you than him. I’m worried and I can’t sleep at night knowing that this could happen to you,”

β€œI need to bring this bastard down,” Sky said, β€œI need to get enough evidence so that Dexter can rest peacefully,”

β€œI understand that but you’re getting yourself hurt!”

β€œI appreciate your concern, but this has to be done. I’ve worked my way into the inner circle, sort of, so I can start grabbing evidence where I can. I know that if body parts show up around town it’s them. Blake mentioned that to me,”

Jason sighed, β€œAlright but if I see you like this again, then I’m talking to Reece and I’m getting him to pull you off the case. What does your brother think of all this?”

β€œHe doesn’t know,” Sky said, β€œAnd he isn’t to know. I want to keep him safe. Axel and his friends are capable of everything. Tyler has to be safe,”

β€œWhat if he catches you on the street?”

β€œThen I will act my ass off to protect him. Look, I need to crack this case,”

β€œI get that but I don’t like seeing you like this. You’re my friend Skyla and I want to look after you,”

Sky smiled, β€œI’ll be ok,”

β€œJust don’t get too close if you know what I mean. I don’t think that would be a good idea,” Jason said and Sky let out a nervous laugh, β€œSky. Please tell me that nothing happened between you and the guys,”

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat, β€œI...I’m sorry. I had no choice and-”

β€œFuck,” Jason said, β€œWhy couldn’t you think of an excuse?”

β€œI panicked! If I turned them down then they would get suspicious. Blake is already suspicious of me because I only sleep with certain men. Jason if I had any choice then I would have made the right one!”

β€œIs this why he is so obsessed with you? Because you fucked him?” Jason snapped and people started to look over at them, β€œSkyla, you were supposed to stay away from them,”

β€œI tried that. I want them to stay away but they keep coming back. You think I wanted to sleep with him and want them near me?” Sky asked, tears appearing, β€œAnd do you want to know what I hate the most? Is that I enjoyed it. I hated how I wanted him and I hated that I wanted him to touch me more,”

Jason sighed and grabbed hold of her hand, β€œI’m sorry. I shouldn’t have got angry. I just...I don’t know. I’m just worried that he is going to hurt you and I’ll have someone knock on my door telling me that you’ve been killed,”

Sky smiled and wiped her eyes, β€œNo one is going to kill me. I won’t let it happen,”

β€œAnything can happen. Just be extra careful, please. I don’t want to be the one to tell your brother that you’ve been taken to into hospital or that you’re dead,”

β€œYou won’t have to,” Sky said, β€œI’d never die on the job especially with so many unsolved cases,”

Jason laughed lightly, β€œGood because I wouldn’t want to take over them. Anyway, we should call a waitress over because I’m hungry now,”

β€œGood idea,”

They both sat chatting for hours, talking about cases and their personal life. It made Sky relax as it had been a while she had the chance to think about something normal.

With Axel watching her every move, she had to be careful and watch what she said to Darcy. Sky couldn’t trust anyone, even the other girls. They had started to stand with them after Blake had visited her in her flat and she wasn’t stupid. He had made them spy on her.

When Jason paid for their meal, Sky walked through the rain back to her dingy flat. Girls had started to walk the street and a few waved at her as she stepped into her building. She sent a small wave back and headed up to her flat.

Her heart jumped into her throat when the door was open slightly. Sky looked around and bit into her lip knowing she should leave but she was already pissed that she let herself get beaten.

Sky pulled the gun from her bag and pushed the door open, walking inside keeping it raised, ready to shoot an intruder in her flat.

The light flicked on and her heart dropped into her stomach at the man sitting on her sofa, smoking. She lowered her gun and closed the door behind her.

β€œWhat do you want?” She asked, β€œYou must have a death wish to come here when everyone is out,”

Reece smiled, β€œI think you should sit. We need to have a chat, don’t you think?”

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