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Sky ran her tongue over her teeth and sat down at the small table, crossing her legs. She wanted to kick him out but he must have had a good reason to show up at night when the girls were starting to walk the streets.

β€œWhy are you here?” Sky asked, β€œIt’s a bit risky don’t you think?”

Reece smiled, β€œYou hung up on me,”

β€œIt was a good thing I did!” Sky said, β€œI had Axel in my-”

β€œExcuse me?” He narrowed his eyes, β€œYou’ve made contact,”

β€œYes, and we can’t talk here. You should know that”

β€œYou need to work harder,” Reece said, β€œI’ve had people go missing and they always have connections to The Red Devils,”

β€œI’m trying,”

β€œThen try harder,” He said getting to his feet, β€œYou’re going to get arrested later tonight. I’ll get someone who isn’t you β€˜client’ to arrest you. So make sure you do something that gets you arrested. They will be patrolling around half 10,”


β€œMake sure you have something to tell me,” Reece said walking out of the flat. The door closed and she stuck her finger up at the door before going to get herself dressed for the night.

Sky was on edge.

It was busier for the girls tonight and Darcy had just got back from a job with a split lip. Darcy leaned against the wall beside her ignoring the looks Sky was giving her.

β€œWho was it?” Sky asked, watching cars drive past keeping an eye on the drivers. Since she knew she’d be getting arrested she had to make sure that she made a scene.

β€œThe new pimp,”

Sky sighed, β€œWho is he?”

β€œI’m not telling you,” Darcy smiled, β€œYou’ll just go after him,”

β€œI am looking for an excuse for a fight,” Sky muttered as a few girls walked by looking at them, wearing a small smirk. They got past and started giggling and bitching about the way Sky looked and said that she deserved the beating.


β€œNot in a good mood,” Sky shrugged and she saw a car pull to the side of the road. The window lowered slightly and she saw a cop that was on her squad. She let out a sigh and folded her arms, β€œWhere is he?”

β€œIt’s your lucky day,” Darcy said lowering her head, β€œHe’s talking to the girls that just walked past,”

β€œWhat’s his name?”


β€œSlick? His pimp name is Slick?” Sky laughed and nodded, β€œAlright. Then Slick is going to be slick with blood,”

β€œThat was shit,” Darcy said, with a small smile.

β€œYeah, that kinda was,” Sky smirked, β€œHold my bag,”

β€œSky!” Darcy yelled as Sky walked away, catching the attention of most on the street.

The pimp looked up and smiled at her walking towards her and before he could say anything she punched him straight in the nose. He grunted in pain and cupped his nose, blood trickling through his fingers.

β€œYou bitch!” He yelled and she punched him again, knocking him to the floor, β€œI’ll fucking kill you”

Sky tutted and sent him a hard kick to his stomach, making him gasp in pain. The girls quickly stepped back gasping as Sky kicked and punched him. She heard the screeching of wheels and looked up to see Axel getting out of the car, shortly followed by his friends.

β€œFuck,” She said under her breath.

β€œWhat the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Blake said grabbing hold of her hair, β€œWhy the-”

β€œGrey,” Jake said, β€œCops,”

Blake dropped his hand, β€œFuck,”

Sky looked up to see Bobby and Heath jogging across the road towards them. She tutted at the way Bobby looked her up and down. Sky looked at Axel before Heath yanked her arms behind her back, cuffing her tightly.

β€œEase up boys,” Sky said, β€œI’ll have you know my hands are-”

β€œShut up,” Heath said, β€œYou’re under arrest,”

β€œOn what charges?” Sky scoffed, β€œBeating a prick up?”

Sky winced as he yanked on the cuffs and she sent one more look at Axel before the dragged her to the car.

β€œThat was one way to get arrested,” Bobby said quietly as they got to the car, β€œMaybe we should pat her down just to make sure she isn’t concealing a weapon,”

β€œIf you touch me inappropriately you’ll end up like that pimp,” Sky said, glaring at him but he slammed her against the car making her grunt in pain.

Bobby pressed himself against her back and spoke into her ear, β€œI’d like to see you try,”

Heath sighed, β€œBobby, this really isn’t-”

β€œShut up,” He said running his hands up her bare thighs, β€œI have to be a cop even if-ugh!”

Bobby fell onto his back after Sky threw her head back into his face and she kicked him hard in the thigh. Heath yanked her away and threw her into the car, slamming the door shut.

β€œFucking prick,” She said struggling to sit back up properly, β€œHeath, did you have to tighten the cuffs like this?”

β€œI can’t believe you headbutted me!” Bobby said as Heath sped away, β€œYou bitch!”

β€œI warned you,” Sky said finally sitting properly, β€œCount yourself lucky that my hands are cuffed or you’ll find out how well I can fight,”

β€œI’ll have you fired for that,”

β€œBobby, you started it and if anyone asks what happens, I’ll tell everyone you deserved it,” Heath said, β€œWe only needed to arrest her after she made a scene,”

β€œI think she broke my nose,”

Sky rolled her eyes, β€œI’d rather be in the back of this car than with those men,”

Heath glanced at her in the mirror, β€œWhat have they done to you? Did they cover you in bruises and cuts?”

Sky shook her head, β€œNo. But they are the reason why Taewoo Kang is dead,”

β€œWhat? That’s my case”

β€œHe was the one that did this to me,” Sky said quietly, β€œHe liked the younger girls and preferred if they were virgins. I know for a fact they made him disappear,”

β€œShit, I knew it,” He sighed, β€œDo you know where his body would be?”

β€œNo,” She said, β€œBut if you do find him and he has no dick, then I know who did that as well,”

β€œWho?” Heath frowned, β€œI didn’t peg them for taking dicks from their victims,”

Sky laughed slightly, β€œYeah. They didn’t do that. I did it and before you say anything, this is off the record,”

β€œSure,” Bobby muttered, β€œJust don’t fucking headbutt me again,”

β€œThen don’t touch me again,”


β€œAlright,” Sky said leaning forward, β€œI stomped on his dick with my stiletto heels because he was going to rape me. If you ask me, that was going easy on him,”

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