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Heath uncuffed Sky as they reached the floor she worked on, men turning their heads to gawk at her.

β€œDoes anyone want to say something?” She snapped, β€œOr do you all want to keep your eyes tonight?”

β€œYou’ve been on the street for too long, officer,” Reece smirked, walking towards her, β€œMy office. Now,”

Sky followed him into his office and she sat down, folding her arms. He sat behind his desk and stared at her but Sky refused to talk. Reece picked his drink up and sipped it before leaning back in his chair. He slid a bottle of water to Sky and she took a big gulp.

β€œBefore you say anything,” Sky said, β€œTaewoo Kang was killed by The Red Devils. They used me to get him alone. According to what they were telling me, Taewoo liked the young girls. He had a history of raping and abusing these girls, many didn’t get to go home because he sold them. Taewoo also started to get on the drug and gun market,”

β€œKeep talking,”

Sky sighed, β€œThe other day, they used me to get him alone. Hence the reason I look like this. He attacked me and put me in the hospital. Grey, aka Blake Grey, had told me that they get rid of their bodies and many aren’t found, or they are found in pieces,”

β€œWhat happened to Taewoo?”

β€œAll I know is that they killed him,” She shrugged, β€œUm, but I do need to tell you something before you find, or if you find his body,”

β€œGo on,”

Sky shifted in her seat, β€œHe was beating me and he was going to rape me. When they came into the room, a little too late for my liking, I may have stomped on his dick to the point where he had no dick,”

Reece let out a long sigh and rubbed his face, β€œFor fuck sake Sky. I told you to stay out of trouble,”

β€œIt’s kind of hard when they threaten to kill you,” Sky said, β€œLook, I am trying to get as much evidence as I can to bring them down but they are good at covering up their tracks,”

β€œI need you to get close to them,” Reece said, β€œFlirt with them. Drug them. Anything. Get them to talk to you. I need to bring those bastards off the street. We had another case where they killed a man who owed money and then they burnt the building down. Luckily, no one else was hurt but the man’s wife knows it was them. She just has nothing on them,”

Sky nodded, β€œI’ll try to. Reece, I have another job,”

β€œWhich is what exactly?”

β€œStealing a document from someone. I don’t know who it is and I don’t know what. They don’t tend to tell me the details until the last minute,”

Reece rubbed his chin, β€œThey seem to trust you. In such a short amount of time,”

β€œI wouldn’t say that,”

β€œIf they are willing to use you in their dirty work, they must have some trust in you,” Reece said, β€œI want you to do whatever you can to bring them down. If it means hurting someone or breaking the law, you do it. I won’t hold you accountable. This needs to be done before it’s too late,”

Sky nodded, β€œI’ll do my best,”

β€œHmm,” Reece said, β€œI will let you-”

The door was opened and an officer fell through the doors out of breath.

β€œWhat the hell are you doing?” Reece said getting to his feet, β€œWell?”

β€œWe have a problem,” The guy said, β€œSomeone has shown up for Sky and they are heading up to the floor,”

β€œYou have to be shitting me,” Sky said getting to her feet, β€œPlease tell me it’s my brother and not those bastards,”

β€œI wish I could tell you it was your brother,”

β€œFuck,” Sky said, grabbing her head, β€œIt’s bad enough I kicked the shit out of the pimp and they saw it, but I was thrown into the back of a cop car!”

β€œCalm down,” Reece said, β€œThis might work out better than you think,”

β€œYou have to-”

β€œGet back in the cuffs and sit at one of the desks,” Reece said, β€œQuickly before they come back,”

Sky groaned when the officer cuffed her and pulled her to one of the desks. She sat down and crossed her legs, gritting her teeth. She could feel how tense the other officers were as they sat waiting for Axel to burst into the room and Sky's heart was racing.

The doors opened and her heart skipped a beat as Axel stormed forward, running his hand through his hair. Sky had to look away and the officer sitting at his desk was biting into his bottom lip.

β€œHey,” She whispered, β€œDon’t panic. You’re fine. They won’t do anything,”

β€œA-are you sure?”

Sky nodded and turned to look back at them, β€œWhy are you here?”

Axel smirked, β€œDo you think you’re in the place to give me attitude?”

β€œWhat have I done wrong?” Sky shrugged, β€œI only beat someone up who deserved it,”

β€œUncuff her,” Blake said pointing at the cop.

β€œNo,” Axel said, β€œWe’ll take her home like this,”

Sky winced as he grabbed the top of her arm and pulled her to her feet, β€œThere’s no need to manhandle me,”

Axel sighed, β€œAre you going to be a good girl for me or am I going to have to carry you out of here,”

β€œI’ll be good,” Sky muttered.

β€œI’ve changed my mind,” Axel said and Sky let out a scream of surprise when he put his shoulder to her stomach and lifted her over his shoulder.

β€œLet me go you bastard!” Sky yelped kicking her legs trying to getaway. The eyes of the officers around the room were wide as they watched her get carried out of the room, β€œLet me go!”

β€œI’d behave if I were you,” Axel said smacking her ass hard making her wince, β€œI’m not happy with you. So, if you want to be treated properly when I get you back, you will behave,”

Sky kept her lips pressed tightly together as she was carted out of the building she worked in and knew that when she closed the case, she’d be the talk of the office.

She could feel other officers watching as she was carried out on the shoulder of a mafia boss.

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