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Riley opened the car door for Axel and Sky was tossed inside. She yelped and fell off the seat making Axel chuckle.

β€œTake the other car,” He said, β€œI have to have words with her. I’m not sure how long I will be but I’ll meet you back at the house. Oh, and get started on that drug runner. I don’t want him in my area anymore,”

The boys nodded and Axel got into the car, slamming the door shut. He smirked down at Sky struggling to get on her knees and he looked at the driver, looking through the window.

β€œPut the window up and go for a drive. I will let you know when I’m done,”

β€œYes, boss,” The man said and the window slid up, separating them.

β€œSky, Sky, Sky,” Axel said grabbing hold of her face, β€œThis is the second pimp you’ve beaten up,”

Sky tried to move her face but he kept a tight hold on it, β€œHe deserved it. He was the one who beat up on Darcy and I’m not sorry for it,”

β€œThen she should have told Grey,” Axel said leaning forward. He tugged her to her knees and dragged her so she was straddling his lap.

Sky's face went bright red and she shifted trying to get away from him. Being so close to him made her heart skip and confused her to the point where she wasn’t sure if it was fear or lust building inside her.

β€œWhat do you want?” Sky said, β€œYou embarrassed me by carrying me out of there,”

β€œOh, beautiful,” Axel grinned, β€œI’m sure you’ve been in more embarrassing situations,”

β€œYeah,” Sky said glaring at him, β€œI was embarrassed I slept with you because you aren’t all that,”

Axel's smile slowly dropped and he gently put his fingers around her throat, β€œIs that so? Well, I guess I’ll have to show you what I really have because I will ruin you for all men,”

Sky scoffed and diverted her eyes, β€œThat can’t be good considering I’m just a prostitute,”

β€œNot for much longer,”


β€œI’ve decided to keep you for myself. Of course, Blake and Zeke want to have a go with you,” He chuckled, β€œBut then, I guess I could share you with the boys. There’s something about you that makes me want more,”

β€œYou won’t get it,” Sky said fighting against his grip and she gasped when he smacked her ass, β€œStop that!”

β€œBy the end of next week,” Axel said quietly, moving his lips closer to hers, β€œI will have you for myself. At my beck and call. You will do what I want you to do and you won’t argue,”

β€œArguing is in my nature,” Sky said, glaring at him.

β€œYou’ll learn not to,”

β€œOr what? You’ll kill me?” Sky smirked, β€œThere will be problems if you do,”

β€œWhy would anyone care about some washed up hooker like you?” Axel said, β€œThey die every day and not even their families give a shit. The police don’t give a shit,”

β€œWhat makes you think the police won’t?”

Axel smirked, β€œMy payroll says so,”

Sky gulped feeling her heart speed up, β€œWho in their right mind would let you control the police?”

β€œWhy do you care so much? They arrested you,”

β€œIt was my first time,” Sky said looking away from him, β€œSo, which big spenders do you have on payroll? A few officers here and there or is it ones in charge of those officers?”

β€œThat’s none of your business,”

Sky smirked, β€œWell, if you want to get to know me like you said, then isn’t it only fair for me to get to know you?”

Axel smirked, β€œI don’t trust you enough to tell you that,”

Sky closed her eyes briefly and when she opened them she smiled at him, β€œYou tell me who you are and what you do, then I might answer the questions you ask me,”

β€œHmm,” He said, running his hands up and down her thighs, β€œWhat else are you offering?”

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat, β€œM-me,”

β€œAnd that is supposed to convince me to tell you who I am and what I do?”

β€œYou were the one telling me you wanted me to yourself,” She shrugged, β€œIt’s either that or you find some other girl to do your dirty work and sleep with. But I doubt you will because all the other girls seem to be afraid of you,”

Axel lifted his eyebrow, β€œWe could work something out but you need to be punished for getting arrested,”

β€œNot for beating up the pimp?”

β€œCan’t say I liked him very much and Blake said he was stealing from me,” Axel said, β€œYou might have done us a favour,”


β€œIf I tell you, you might try to avoid me even more,”

β€œIt’s hard to avoid someone who is so obsessed with me,” Sky said making him smirk, β€œCan you take the cuffs off? They are hurting me,”

Axel shook his head, β€œNo. I have plans for you and it involves you keep those on,”

β€œTake them off,” Sky said almost snapping at him.

β€œNaughty,” Axel said pushing her off his lap and onto the seat beside him, β€œNow, since we are alone in this limo and that window is sound proof, we should have some fun,”

β€œI don’t want it,”

Axel chuckled and shifted her so her knees were on the floor and torso pressed against the leather seats. He moved behind her and knelt between her legs, leaning on her body.

β€œYou will,” He said biting her earlobe, β€œBeautiful, you said we should get to know each other and what better way to it, than this,”

Sky tried to sit up but Axel pinned her head down, β€œGet off me,”

β€œGod, you’re irresistible Sky,” He moaned rubbing his crotch against her ass, β€œI love it when you fight me. It makes my dick harder and want to fuck you for hours,”

β€œIf you’re trying to turn me on,” Sky said, her heart racing, β€œIt’s not working,”

Axel let out a small, deep laugh and slipped his hand between her legs, making her tense, β€œReally? Then tell me why you are so wet and ready for me?”

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