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Sky climbed out of the car and Axel grabbed her hand before he rushed off into her building.

β€œYou are forgetting something,” He smirked and he handed her back her ripped underwear, β€œI don’t want you getting a cold ass,”

Sky threw them back into the car, β€œKeep them. I won’t have much use of something you tore,”

β€œNow, why would I want to keep something like this?” He asked climbing out of the car.

β€œI don’t know,” She said, β€œMaybe you’re into sniffing underwear, but-ow!”

Axel slammed her against the car and he lowered his mouth to her ear, β€œI told you who I was. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget that this bravado you have will be torn down just as easily as your underwear,”

Sky gulped, almost panting as he ran his fingers up her bare thigh, β€œI’d like to see you try,”

Axel chuckled, β€œMy beautiful girl, don’t tempt me. I like a challenge and whether you want to or not, you will be begging me to have my cock buried inside you again,”

Sky gritted her teeth, β€œYou can let me go now. You are causing a scene,”

β€œThen let them watch,” Axel said kissing the base of her neck, β€œLet them see who you belong to. Let them know that if they mess with you, they mess with me. Let them know how good I fuck you and how I will only fuck you from now on,”

β€œI’m not yours,” Sky said trying to push him away.

β€œOh, baby,” He laughed and grabbed her chin, β€œYou are. Weren’t you the one to scream my name as I fucked you on those seats?”

Sky couldn’t help but blush, β€œYou begged me to call your name,”

β€œHmm,” Axel said, β€œWhatever you say, baby. We’ll be seeing more of each other and Blake still wants to see how good that pussy of yours is. If you behave, I’ll tell him not to worry but if you keep acting up, I’ll let him fuck you,”

β€œCan I go now? Or are you just going to keep chatting shit?”

Axel laughed and shook his head, β€œYou’ll be seeing him sooner than you think,”

β€œWhatever,” Sky said as he stepped away from him, β€œYou can go now,”

β€œDo I not get thanks for saving your ass from the cops?”

β€œDo I not get thanks for letting you fuck me?”

Axel smirked, β€œGet some rest, beautiful. You’ll need it,”

Sky watched him get into the car and as it pulled off she sent him her middle finger hoping he didn’t see. When the car didn’t stop she knew he didn’t and she let out a big sigh, running her hand through her hair.

She looked down at the cuff still on one wrist and she cursed under her breath, before heading up to her small flat. Sky slammed the door shut and went in search of a key to take the cuff off. She eventually found one in the bottom of her bag and let out a sigh, rubbing the red marks on her wrists.

There was a knock on the door and she groaned, hoping it wasn’t Blake or Axel coming back for more. She was relieved when it was Darcy holding bags of food.

β€œHungry?” She asked walking into the flat.

β€œStarved,” Sky said grabbing some plates. They both helped themselves to the food and ate in silence.

β€œI have a question,” Darcy said after a while.

β€œI had a feeling you did,” Sky sighed, β€œGo for it,”

β€œWhy is Axel so obsessed with you?”

Sky shrugged, β€œI’d like to know that as well. All he says is that I’m different from the other girls and how he likes a challenge. I’m more of a project to him I think,”

β€œThat can’t be good,” Darcy said, β€œYou keep having sex with him and you are a cop,”

β€œYeah, I know that,” Sky muttered, β€œI hate myself,”


β€œBecause I enjoy it,” Sky said quietly, β€œIt’s like I want him to touch me more and I hate that I’m getting like that. I shouldn’t be. I’m undercover and trying to haul his ass off to jail,”

β€œIt’s strange,” Darcy said, β€œI’ve never seen him like this with another girl. Especially a hooker, even though you aren’t one. Normally, he’d fuck ’em then leave them. But he keeps coming back for more with you,”

β€œI just need some more time to get enough evidence and then it will be over,” Sky said, β€œI’ll be able to go back to my old job and that will be the end of him,”

β€œI wouldn’t be so sure of that,” She said, β€œI think Axel is falling for you,”

β€œWell great. Just what I fucking need,” Sky said, β€œA god damn mafia leader falling for me. Do you know what makes things worse?”

β€œAs if things could get worse than that,”

β€œHe said that Blake still has to test me,” Sky said and Darcy nodded, β€œThen, he said if I keep being a naughty girl, he will let Zeke have me,”

Darcy’s eyes went wide, β€œI’m begging you please just behave for him. Blake is great in bed and he’s gentle. You have to call him Grey in bed or he gets mad,”

β€œAnd Zeke?”

β€œZeke is rough,” Darcy said, β€œI’ve not been with him thankfully, but you need to be careful. Really careful,”

β€œI don’t get it. Axel is rough as well but-”

β€œI mean in the sense of inflicting pain to satisfy his sadistic needs,” Darcy said, β€œA girl that used to work with us explained his needs. It involves tying up, spanking, whipping, orgasm denial, degrading and I’m pretty sure that he likes to make tiny little cuts on the body. But no one said that is for a certain,”

β€œSo, he’s basically a crazy dom?”

β€œIn a way,” Darcy said, β€œBut he hurt a girl once and Grey made some rules. The others can have a girl but he can’t. He has to find other ways to satisfy his needs. It’s why they use Zeke to hack up the bodies because he gets frustrated when he hasn’t had sex in a while,”

Sky sighed, β€œGreat. Having rough sex is one thing, but being hurt is on another level. I also hate orgasm denial,”

β€œYou aren’t the only one,” Darcy said with a sigh, β€œLook, I know that this is just your job and you want to bring them down, but I want you to be careful,”

β€œI will be. I think I know how to handle Axel now,”

β€œEven so, I’ve started to think of you as an older sister,” Darcy said quietly, β€œI don’t want you to get hurt,”

Sky smiled and held her hand, β€œI’ll be careful. But I can’t promise I won’t get hurt. I forget about my filter sometimes,”

Darcy rolled her eyes, β€œI know that but I don’t want you getting thrown to Zeke. He’ll leave you mentally and possibly physically scarred,”

Sky sighed, "I'm getting deeper into the underworld and I know I should be doing something else,"

"Axel has a hold on people before they even realise it. I mean, look at him," Darcy said, "He might be a mafia boss but he is sexy, handsome and very charming when he wants to be,"

"The guy is a cold-blooded killer,"

"But a hot one all the same," Darcy smiled, "Sky, just please be careful around him. He is dangerous and I understand why you are here but be careful,"

Sky bit into her lip and nodded, "Have you had sex with him?"

"Hell no," Darcy laughed, "Blake doesn't allow the boys to have sex with me. The only one who I can have sex with is him,"

"I see," Sky smirked, "Is there a little thing going on between you?"

Darcy went bright red, "Shut up and no...well, only on my side but no one can find out but it's just a passing crush because he looks after me,"

"My mouth is sealed," Sky laughed, "I still need to figure out what to do with Axel,"

"For now, just do as he says and you'll be fine,"

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