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Sky checked her watch and sighed when her brother hadn’t shown up yet. It wasn’t often that he was late but when he was, he was late. She folded her arms and tapped her foot impatiently as people walked by already getting started with their day.


Sky rolled her eyes to see her brother running towards her with a big grin on his face. His smile was infectious and she stood up letting him hug her tightly.

β€œYou’re late,” She said pinching his cheek.

β€œYeah, sorry about that,” He grinned, β€œI had shit to do,”

β€œLike what?” She said, β€œWe agreed to meet up just over half an hour ago,”

β€œI know but I had shit to do,”

β€œOk. You are so gross,” Sky said and he threw his arm around her shoulder laughing, β€œHow is your course going?”

Tyler sighed walking beside her down the road, β€œI’ve done most of my assignments but I have one that is really stressing me out. I’ll figure it out in the end but I’ve taken a break from it,”

β€œI’m sure you’ll be fine,” Sky said, β€œSo, what do you want to do? Get something to eat first or go to visit the parents,”

β€œI’m hungry,” Tyler pouted, β€œSince you’ve not been at home, I haven’t been eating properly,”

Sky laughed and tapped his stomach, β€œI can tell,”

β€œBitch, I will throw you in front of a bus,” Tyler said, β€œI know how to get away with murder,”

β€œIf you say so,” Sky said.

β€œThe bruises look better,” Tyler said, β€œI hope you don’t get covered in more,”

β€œProbably not going to happen,” She said, β€œLook, don’t worry about me,”

β€œHow can I not worry about you?” Tyler said, β€œYou’re my sister and every time I see you, you are covered in more bruises. I asked Jason about what stupid case you’re on and he won’t tell me,”

β€œIt’s better that way, Ty,” Sky said, β€œTrust me and hopefully I won’t be on it for much longer,”

Tyler sighed, β€œI’d rather you get an office job than be a cop. You should have listened to mum when she asked you to be normal,”

β€œShut up, loser,” Sky grinned, β€œI’m stubborn. You know that and mum eventually supported what I wanted to do,”

β€œYeah, yeah,” He muttered, β€œYou just wanted to have men turn their heads with you in a uniform,”

β€œTyler!” Sky exclaimed, β€œDo you mind?”

β€œNot really,” He said, β€œAs your younger, better-looking brother, it’s my duty to annoy you and make you uncomfortable but it’s also my duty to make sure that you are healthy and not getting into any trouble. However, those bruises have trouble written all over them,”

β€œWhat can I do about that?” Sky said, β€œCan you just pick where you want to eat, please? I want to visit the parents before I have to get back to work,”

The cemetery was quiet when they arrived and they had to hold their heads down when the walked by an ongoing funeral. Sky never was good with funerals and after Dexter's one still fresh in her mind, she had to hurry away or she’d cry.

Tyler squatted in front of their parent’s graves and took the dead flowers from the vases and replaced them with fresh ones. Sky wiped the dirt from the headstones and squatted next to her brother, linking her arm with his.

β€œThey would be so proud of you,” Sky said quietly, β€œTheir terror of a son growing up and going into law. Mum would cry and dad would pretend that he had something in his eye,”

β€œI wish they were still here,”

β€œSo do I,” Sky said quietly, β€œBut they are looking down at us probably boasting to everyone else that we are their kids,”

Tyler sighed, β€œSky, do you know what upsets me the most about them not being here?”

β€œI have a long list as well,”

β€œThey will never get to see us fall in love, get married and get the chance to be grandparents,”

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat and tried not to cry, β€œYeah,”

β€œAs someone of your age, they would be asking about a boyfriend. Wondering when you were going to settle down and have babies,” Tyler smiled through his tears,”

β€œYou aren’t far off,” Sky said wiping her eyes with the back of her sleeves, β€œYou’d be getting a lecture as well,”

β€œYou’ve taken over giving me lectures,”

β€œTy, I always gave you lectures. Even when they were still alive,” She said, β€œDo you remember when you went out at 14 and got so drunk I had to pick you up so the parents didn’t find out?”

β€œYeah,” Tyler said, β€œBut they did find out and I got grounded for a month and so did you for keeping it a secret,”

Sky smiled, β€œThen mum felt bad and let you off. I was still grounded for a month and missed Dexter's birthday party,”

Tyler laughed, β€œThat’s a lie. I saw you jump out of the window and leave,”

β€œShit,” Sky said, β€œI thought you hadn’t seen that. Why didn’t you tell mum and dad?”

β€œBecause you tried to keep me getting drunk a secret,” Tyler said with a shrug, β€œI owed you,”

β€œBut they found out,”

β€œYou still tried,” He said, β€œSky, do you think they will ever find out who did this to them?”

Sky's heart skipped a beat, β€œWho knows. But enough of this depressing shit. I’m sure they don’t want us to think about what happened to them. We need to stay positive. Ok?”

Sky stood up and yanked Tyler to his feet. She kissed her fingers and pressed them against the headstones and her brother did the same.

β€œWe should leave before I don’t want to,” Sky said, β€œLet’s go. We still have movies to watch and I can’t leave too late. I have things to do tonight,”

β€œSame,” Tyler said, β€œI’m going out tonight. For the first time in months,”

β€œGoing out, or going out out?”

β€œObviously hitting the bars. I plan on drinking so much that my friends have to carry me home,”

Sky laughed, β€œJust don’t get yourself arrested,”

β€œWon’t happen. I have you as a sister,” Tyler grinned.

β€œUh-huh,” Sky rolled her eyes, β€œOf course, how could I forget being related to someone like you?”

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