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Darcy stood beside Sky and kept laughing at how she was reacting to the dress she was made to wear.

β€œThis is not funny!” Sky said, β€œEvery time I move, my nipples want to say hey!”

β€œYou have your boobs taped. You’ll be fine and stop looking so awkward,” She giggled, β€œDon’t forget who you are right now,”

β€œI’m damn uncomfortable and I’m freezing my ass off,” She muttered, β€œI can’t believe I have to do this,”

β€œAxel is full of surprises,” Darcy said, β€œAt least I can come this time and we can look out for each other,”

Sky sighed, β€œI don’t want to be paraded around as one of his best hookers. I’m not a hooker,”

β€œWhich is why you have to pretend you are interested in Axel,” Darcy said, β€œMake sure that you don’t let anyone sweep you away. Unless of course, it’s Grey and then you have no choice,”

β€œWhat is this club anyway?”

β€œIt’s their biggest one in town,” Darcy said flicking away her cigarette, β€œThey do the dodgy deals behind closed doors but it still gets a lot of revenue from the people visiting to drink and dance. I have seen drug deals and normal people sniff crack off a girl’s tits but that is normal in these type of clubs,”

β€œGreat,” Sky muttered, β€œJust what a cop needs to see,”

β€œIf it gets you the evidence you need then you need to be there,”

Sky groaned, β€œWhy did I have to be the only female on the squad?”

β€œHey, you look hot and I’m sure that if there was another female, you’d still look better in the outfits you have,” Darcy said elbowing her, β€œAre you glad you had a shot before we came down?”

β€œYeah, but I didn’t have enough!”

β€œThey are driving towards us,” Darcy said, β€œRemember to just do as you are told. Don’t take drinks from people you don’t know and don’t get into any fights,”

β€œYes, mum,” Sky rolled her eyes, β€œI can say the same thing to you but you aren’t Axel damn target,”

The car stopped in front of them and Sky's heart began to race, making her feel sick. The door opened and Riley and Zeke got out, smirking at them both.

β€œLadies,” Zeke said.

β€œUgh,” Sky said and Darcy elbowed her, β€œWhat was that for?”

β€œBehave,” She said under her breath and climbed into the car. Sky gritted her teeth and slid onto the seats not giving the boys a glance at her underwear. Axel smiled widely at her and patted the seat next to him.

Sky let out a sigh making him chuckle and moved to sit next to him. Darcy rolled her eyes and Jake handed her a glass of champagne. Sky happily accepted when he offered her and she downed it in one go.

β€œI’d calm down on the drinking,” Axel said running his finger up the inside of her thigh, β€œI have plans for you tonight,”

β€œDon’t you always?” Sky said fluttering her eyelashes at him, β€œBut you know I don’t make it easy,”

β€œI’ve already told you, beautiful,” Axel said grabbing her jaw, β€œI like a challenge,”

β€œYou look great,” Jake said glaring at Axel, β€œHas he told you what he wants you to do tonight?”

β€œNo,” Sky said, β€œWhen does he ever?”

β€œWatch your tongue,” Blake said, β€œOr shall I rip it out for you?”

Sky pressed her lips together and shook her head, seeing Darcy roll her eyes.

β€œOne of our clients is cheating us out of money,” Riley said, β€œPlaying poker. He’s a cheat and we want you to help,”

β€œHow so?” Sky asked.

β€œHe’s a sucker for a girl wearing what you are wearing,” Zeke smirked, β€œBut then again, so am I,”

β€œDuring the game, we need you to distract him,” Jake said, β€œDoesn’t matter how. Spill a drink on him. Brush his face with your tits, anything,”

β€œHow is that meant to prove he is cheating?”

β€œHe hides cards in his sleeves,” Axel said running his hand further up her thigh and she pressed them together, β€œHe will want to touch you. When he does you grab his wrist and you do something,”

β€œWait,” Sky said looking at Axel, β€œSomething? What do you mean?”

Axel leaned forward putting his face in hers, β€œI’m giving you permission to hit him,”

β€œDo I get permission to hit you?” Sky whispered and he grabbed her hair, yanking her head back, exposing her neck to him. She winced and squeezed her eyes shut.

β€œYou are lucky that we aren’t the only ones in this limo, or I would show you what happens when you mouth off to me,” Axel said almost growling at her, β€œNext time that smart mouth of yours opens like that, I’ll skip handing you over to Blake and I’ll let Zeke take you. How does that sound?”

β€œFucking brilliant to me,” Zeke said, β€œWhy not hand her over to me anyway? I don’t care if people watch me fucking her,”

β€œYou won’t touch her,” Blake said, β€œI have rules for a reason,”

β€œI won’t break them this time,” Zeke said, β€œI’d want her to come back for more,”

β€œDo you understand now, beautiful?” Axel said.

β€œY-yes,” Sky said and he let go of her hair. She scowled at him and rubbed her scalp, β€œDo you know how long it took to get my hair to look decent?”

β€œIt will only be ruined by the end of the night,” Axel rolled his eyes, β€œDo as you are told and you won’t be in trouble,”

β€œYes, sir,” Sky whispered mocking him. Darcy went to smack her face but quickly covered it up by running her hand through her hair. Sky bit into her lip to hide a smile and stared at her thighs, trying not to laugh at Darcy’s reaction.

The car jerked to a stop and the boys climbed out leaving Sky and Darcy in the limo.

β€œDo you have a fucking death wish?” Darcy hissed out quietly, β€œBecause that is what getting with Zeke is like!”

β€œI’m sorry!” Sky whispered back, β€œI couldn’t hold my tongue!”

β€œYou better learn to tonight because you do not want to be handed to Zeke,” She hissed and climbed out of the car.

Sky let out a quiet groan and slid across the seats, being helped out of the car by Axel. He reached around and grabbed her ass.

β€œBe a good girl for me, beautiful,” He said, β€œOr this pretty ass of yours will be red raw by the morning. Do you fucking understand?"

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