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They had been in the club an hour and Sky kept drinking the drinks she was given. She didn’t accept any drinks from Zeke because she didn’t trust him and it looked like it pissed him off.

Axel motioned him to go away and he slid his arm around her shoulders, running his finger up and down the top of her arm, making her shiver slightly.

β€œI like how you react to my touch,” He said in her ear, β€œYou are so responsive to me,”

β€œI’m tipsy,” Sky said, swallowing hard as he pulled her earlobe between his teeth, β€œAnyone would react like that,”

β€œYou try so hard to fight me but I know deep down you want this as bad as I do,” Axel said biting down making her yelp, β€œDon’t worry beautiful. If I want to fuck you on this sofa, I will. This area is dark and I can pound into you and no one will even notice,”

β€œGet lost,”

β€œYour screams will be lost in the music,” He said, licking a stripe up her neck, β€œMy beautiful girl will be begging for my dick to buried inside her pussy,”

Sky felt a burn in the bottom of her stomach and turned to look at him. A smirk was on his face, with a dimple showing and she moved his hand from her lap.

β€œI might be a hooker,” She said, leaning into him, β€œBut I’m not an easy one,”

Axel laughed and ran his fingers down the side of her face, β€œDon’t I know it, but I know you will spread those sexy legs of yours for me and let me taste you,”

Sky felt her face burn at his dirty talk and she was grateful it was dark. She didn’t want to show him that his words affected her. She went to fight back but a shadow blocked the only light that was on them. They both looked up and Axel leaned back on the sofa.

β€œSir, a drink was brought for your lady friend,” The man said and put a drink down for her.

β€œWho?” Axel asked and the man pointed to the guy who got a drink for her, β€œRiley. Blake. Search him,”

They nodded and made their way to the bar. Sky leaned forward to watch and her eyes went wide as they came back, dragging the man with them. Riley tossed the guy to the floor and he winced. Blake leaned over and said something into Axel's ear.

β€œHow nice of you to buy her a drink,” Axel said loudly above the music, β€œBut she doesn’t want it, so you drink it,”

β€œI-I don’t w-want it,”

Axel smiled, β€œDrink it,”

β€œI don’t l-like cocktails,”

β€œI see,” Axel said shifting forward on his seat. He moved his hand from his shoulder and rested it on Sky's thigh, β€œIs that because you put something in the drink?”


β€œThen fucking drink it!” Axel yelled, pressing a gun to the man's temple β€œOr I will put a bullet in your fucking head!”

The man shook as he grabbed the drink and gulped it down. The man coughed and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and glared at Axel who was just smiling, sliding his gun back into its holster.

β€œGood. Now, you can leave before I shoot you,”

β€œWhat was in the drink?” Sky asked, acting oblivious.

Axel lifted her thigh and pulled her onto his lap. Sky's eyes went wide and she tried to climb off but he gripped her waist tightly and bit into his lip as he stared at the gap in her dress.

β€œSomething stronger than Rohypnol,” Axel said, licking the skin between her breasts, β€œA drug that will make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Something that will turn you on so much that you’d fuck anyone who put their hands on you,”

β€œThere's a drug like that?” Sky said trying to ignore his finger rubbing between her legs. Her mouth parted as he slipped his finger between her folds and pressed his thumb against her clit

β€œIt’s new,” Axel said with a grin, β€œNow, beautiful. I think it’s time we play some poker. Don’t you?”

β€œI-I need to use the t-toilet,” Sky gasped out as he moved her dress to suck at her nipple. She pushed him away and covered herself back up and he helped her climb off his lap. He got to his feet and pulled her close to him, β€œA-Axel, I need to-”

β€œDon’t try to run away, beautiful,” He said into her ear, β€œI will find you and you will suffer for it. If I were you, I wouldn’t accept any offers to fuck. Your body belongs to me tonight and if I see anyone touching it, I will kill them,”

"Holy shit, he is crazy,” Sky thought to her self.

β€œAre we on the same understanding?”

Sky nodded, β€œY-yeah,”

β€œGood,” He said stepping back and he motioned Zeke over, β€œMake sure no one touches her. If they do, you kill them. This girl belongs to me. So, if you touch her inappropriately or try anything with her, I’ll hang you up by your ankles and use you like target practice,”

β€œYeah, yeah,” Zeke said, β€œI won’t touch her unless you tell me too and I can’t wait for that day to happen,”

β€œYou can meet us in the poker room upstairs,” Axel said looking at Sky, β€œFreshen up beautiful. You have work to do,”

Sky quickly turned and walked away with Zeke following her closely. As she walked through crowds, she noticed people move out of her way and she glanced over her shoulder to see Zeke glaring at everyone.

Zeke leaned on the wall when the reached the hall to the toilets and he grabbed her wrist, pulling her to a stop, β€œDon’t try anything funny. Do your business and you get back out. We have shit to do,”

Sky rushed off down the dimly lit hallway and found the toilets. She did her business and quickly reapplied her makeup. The other girls in the toilet were doing the same thing and were dressed like her. But they weren’t hookers.

She ran her hand through her lightly curled hair and let out a sigh. Sky grabbed her bag and left the toilets. As she walked towards the door to the club, her wrist was grabbed and she was dragged around the corner and slammed against the wall.

β€œWhat the fuck is going on?”

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