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Sky's eyes were wide as she stared up at her brother and the grip on her arms were painful, but she was in too much shock to care.

β€œAre you going to fucking answer me?” He snapped, β€œWhat the fuck is going on?”

β€œI-I can explain!” She said quickly, β€œBut not right now!”

β€œAre you fucking kidding me?” He said, β€œYou think I want you to leave after I see you in the club wearing practically nothing?”

β€œTy, please listen to me!” She said covering his mouth, β€œNow is not the time to be yelling at me!”

Tyler slapped her hand away, β€œTell me what the fuck is going on because I am not going to drop this,”

β€œY-you need to leave. The club. Go home before you get yourself in trouble,”

β€œShut the fuck up, Skyla,” Tyler said, β€œShit. Can you cover up more? I don’t want to see my sister’s boobs,”

β€œThen don’t look!” Sky said, moving the dress, β€œI can’t talk to you right now,”

β€œI’m not letting you leave,” Tyler said, β€œYou either talk, or I carry your ass out of this club. I don’t give a shit if I embarrass you,”

β€œYou are going to get yourself hurt,” Sky said, β€œYou need to trust me. I’m working,”

β€œBullshit!” Tyler said loudly, β€œIs this what you do in your-ugh!”

β€œZeke!” Sky exclaimed as her brother was slammed against the wall by his throat. Zeke pressed a gun against Tyler's forehead and Sky barely pulled him away, β€œLeave him alone,”

β€œYou know the rules,” Zeke said, β€œHe touched you. He dies,”

β€œAnd I am telling you to back the fuck up!” Sky shouted shoving him, β€œGet the fuck away from him!”

Zeke smirked and put his gun away, β€œI see. That is how you want to play. Fair enough,”

β€œNo, you don’t understand. I-” Sky said frantically.

β€œThis worked out better than I expected,” Zeke chuckled, β€œYou are very lucky that she is here to stop me from filling your head with bullets,”

β€œZeke, you-”

β€œWho is he?” Zeke asked and Sky's mouth went dry, β€œAnswer me,”

β€œH-he is no one,” Sky said, β€œJ-just...he’s just an old f-friend. That’s it. P-please don’t-”

β€œDon’t what, beautiful?” Zeke said putting his hand on her face, β€œTell Axel what happened? Not going to happen,”

β€œWho the fuck are you?” Tyler said, β€œDon’t fucking touch her,”

Zeke laughed, β€œTime to go Sky. We have places to be,”

β€œI...” Sky gulped, β€œC-can I at least say bye?”

Zeke tutted, β€œFine. You might as well because I don’t think Axel will want you to see anyone again,”

Zeke walked away and stood at a distance. Sky turned and grabbed Tyler's hands speaking quietly.

β€œYou need to leave. Get out of this club and go to Jason,” She said quickly, β€œTell him what you saw and that I told him to tell you what is going on,”

β€œSky, I can’t-”

β€œDo it,” She hissed, β€œPlease. Do it for me. I can’t do anything for you right now, so please trust me,”

Tyler sighed in anger, β€œFine,”

β€œI love you, ok?” Sky whispered, β€œDon’t forget that. You might be a pain in the ass and stubborn like me, but that won’t ever stop me loving you. Just get the fuck out of this club,”

Sky squeezed his hands before walking away. Zeke had a smirk on his face and he led her through the club. Sky wished that the building would go up in flames with her inside but she knew that she couldn’t run away from this. In the back of her head, she had wished that she had messaged her brother telling him to avoid the club but she didn’t think that a club was his scene.

Sky thought wrong.

Zeke almost dragged her up the stairs hidden behind two large bouncers and her heart was in her throat as he knocked on a door. Someone opened it from the inside and the boys were sitting around the table, smoking and drinking. Darcy was standing in the corner of the room with her arms folded but when she saw Sky, they fell to her side.

β€œHe isn’t here yet,” Axel said, β€œSo let’s go through a-”

β€œSky has something to tell you,” Zeke said pushing her forward. She crashed into the table, knocking over the gambling chips and she bit into her lip to not hiss out in pain. Zeke yanked on her hair making her look at Axel, β€œSo princess, are you going to tell him or shall I?”

β€œN-nothing happened,”

β€œDon’t bullshit!” Zeke yelled and pulled on her hair tighter making her scream slightly, β€œOur little princess here ran into an old friend. If I hadn’t got there, who’s to say what would have happened,”

β€œIs that right?” Axel said, taking a puff of his cigarette, β€œWere you trying to run?”

β€œN-no!” Sky said, tears burning her eyes β€œI swear, I wasn’t trying to run,”

β€œZeke,” Axel said, β€œLet her hair go,”

β€œThis bitch deserves to be punished,” Zeke said shoving her head forward.

β€œAre you going to tell me what happened, Sky?” Axel asked and Sky nodded, pushing herself to her feet. She sucked in air and pressed her hand to her hip where she bashed it on the table, β€œI don’t have all fucking night, Sky,”

β€œI r-ran into an old friend,” She said, trying not to shake, β€œH-he saw me a-and he wanted t-to talk,”


Sky gulped, β€œHe wasn’t h-happy with what I-I was wearing. S-said that I was t-too smart to b-be like this,”

Axel stubbed his cigarette out and got to his feet, moving towards Sky. Sky stumbled back slightly but Axel grabbed hold of her from behind. Axel smiled slightly and put his hand on her cheek.

β€œI see,” He said, β€œWell, that can’t be helped. Can it?”

β€œWhat?” Zeke said, β€œAre you going to let this bitch get away with that? And that guy needs to-”

β€œShut the fuck up Zeke,” Axel said, β€œYou can let her go now. Sort the table back out which you ruined when you threw her at it. Jake, get her a drink and Riley, find out where that bastard is. I’m going to run out of patience very soon,”

β€œZeke,” Blake said, β€œYou broke a rule,”

β€œI didn’t break any fucking rule,” He snapped, β€œIf I had then I would have fucked her right in front of her friend. The bitch tried to run,”

β€œAnd I will be the one to deal with it. You'll get your fucking turn so calm the fuck down,” Axel said, wiping the smudges from under her eyes, β€œI already told you. Sky belongs to me and I get to decide what happens to her. Isn’t that right beautiful? You belong to me,”

Sky gulped and nodded, β€œI b-belong to you,”

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