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Axel couldn’t help but watch Sky's every move as she paid attention to the man cheating in the game. As he suspected, he was all over her but never once put a hand on her. He paid extra attention to her pouring his drinks and flirted with her.

Axel rolled his eyes when he offered Axel money so that she could leave the street and be with him. Of course, Axel wasn’t going to let her go. Sky had caught his attention and he was going to keep her for as long as he wanted.

Zeke was pissed off and kept tapping his foot on the floor. Every time his drink finished he clicked his fingers making Sky get another one, making Axel smirk. His friend thought Sky wasn’t going to get punished for causing a scene, but he was wrong. Axel was going to wait until this was over before he decided on what to do to her.

A glass smashing made the boys lift their eyes from their cards, and Axel clenched his fists trying to control his temper. The man chuckled at Sky picking up the glass she dropped.

β€œI’m sorry baby,” He said, β€œBut that ass was begging to be touched,”

Sky didn’t say anything but she looked at Axel who nodded slightly. She picked the last of the broken glass up and got to her feet, rolling her neck.

β€œWhat do you say we leave and have some fun?” The man said tapping her on the ass, β€œI’ve won enough money for me to show you a good time,”

He went to grab her wrist but she moved quicker. Even Axel was shocked at how quickly she moved. She grabbed his wrist and twisted it behind his back, slamming him face-first into the glass on his table, making him grunt in pain.

Sky twisted his wrist more making him scream and pushed his sleeves up revealing the cards Axel had been waiting to see.

β€œI’m sorry baby,” Sky said making him scream louder as she twisted his fingers, β€œI don’t like cheats,”

β€œAxel!” The man cried out, β€œGet this bitch off me!”

β€œSky,” Axel said and Sky let him go stepping away from him. Darcy grabbed hold of her and stood in the corner of the room.

β€œWhat is wrong with her?!”

β€œYou seem to be mistaken,” Axel said, β€œThe question should be: what is wrong with you?”


Axel smirked, β€œDid you honestly think that you could fool me and my boys? We’ve been onto you for months. I’ve known about your cheating since we first started playing poker,”

β€œShe planted the cards!”

Sky scoffed and Darcy elbowed her. Axel got to his feet and his friends followed suit walking to the man cradling his wrist.

β€œBut we aren’t here to target your cheating,” Axel said pulling a tissue from his pocket β€œWipe your face. The blood is starting to annoy me,”

β€œI didn’t cheat!”

β€œThen what are the cards?” Riley grinned, β€œSky couldn’t have hidden the cards on her body because she has nowhere to hide them in that dress,”

β€œWhat do you want? Just let me go and I’ll never cheat again!” The man hissed and Zeke grabbed hold of his wrist, making him screech in pain.

β€œStop talking or I will tear your throat out,” Zeke growled slightly.

β€œWhere are you hiding the documents?” Jake asked.

β€œI don’t know what you’re talking about,” The man hissed.

β€œZeke. Let him go,” Axel said, β€œSky. Come here,”

He noticed her hesitation and he glared at her. Darcy pushed her forward slightly and she walked over to him. Axel slid his arm around her waist and stood her in front of him, pressing himself against her.

β€œMy beautiful girl,” He said, β€œI want you to get the man to talk,”

β€œH-how?” Sky asked and Axel chuckled, β€œI’m not killing him,”

β€œYou don’t need to kill him,” Blake tutted, β€œThat’s not your job as a hooker,”

Sky's eyes went wide, β€œYou want me to sleep with him?”

β€œJust get him to talk,” Axel said kissing her neck and glared at the man, β€œThose documents are important and I’m willing to share you for as long as he lasts,”

The man laughed, β€œUsing the girl because you’re not strong enough?”

Axel gritted his teeth and Sky gasped as his fingers dug into her waist, β€œHave it your way. Jake. Give Sky your gun,”

β€œI don’t think that’s a good idea,” Jake said, β€œYou can’t make her kill him,”

β€œGive the gun to Sky,”

Jake sighed and handed his gun over, β€œYou don’t have to kill him,”

β€œShe will do as I tell her,” Axel snapped, β€œSky put the gun against his dick,”

Sky bit into her lip and pressed it down hard.

β€œIf you don’t tell me where those documents are, I will get her to shoot you. But don’t worry, she won’t kill you. That pleasure will be mine,” Axel said.

β€œI don’t have them!”

β€œWhere are they!” Axel yelled making Sky flinch, β€œTell me where the fucking documents are!”

β€œI handed them over to a cop!”

β€œShoot him, Sky,”

Sky shook her head, β€œNo,”

"No? Did you just say no to me?" Axel growled.

"I...I won't do it,"

Axel grabbed hold of her hand and pressed his finger against hers, β€œYou are already in a lot of trouble. So if you don’t pull the trigger, when we leave this room I will let Zeke fuck you. Do you understand?”

β€œI can’t shoot him!”

Axel tutted and shoved Sky out of the way. Jake quickly caught her before she fell and he glared at Axel.

β€œThe name. What is the cop called?” Blake said shaking his head, β€œThe more you fight, the more pain you’ll be in,”

β€œFuck,” The man said wincing as Axel pressed the gun down harder, β€œI didn’t get his name. He works in the police station near the city central. Tall, slightly overweight and has his fingers in all the right places. If you touch him, then the police you pay will turn against you,”

β€œCall him,” Axel said, β€œI want you to arrange a meeting with him next week. Tell him to bring the documents or I will burn him and anyone he knows alive,”

β€œI’ll try,” The man said looking at the gun pressed against his nuts.

β€œAs for you!” Axel said grabbing Sky by the arm, β€œI think we should go for a drive. Don’t you?”

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