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The rain had gotten heavier and Skyla sat in silence as Jason drove her home. He kept glancing at her but her face was void of any emotion. He knew that she was still in shock but once the shock wore off, she’d be broken and needed someone with her.

β€œWe’re here,” He said softly and put his hand on hers. She looked up and slowly climbed out of the car. Jason followed her to the front door and her body started to shake. He put his arm around her and knocked on the door.

The door was yanked open by someone with pocky hanging out of his mouth. He looked at Jason and his eyes finally found Tyler.

β€œSky!” He exclaimed, β€œWhat the fuck happened? Why are you covered in so much blood? Did you get hurt? Sky, what-”

β€œI’m Jason,” Jason said and the guy put his arms around Skyla, as she stepped into the house, β€œCan I come in?”

β€œSure,” He said, β€œLet me help her first. What happened?”

Jason sighed and ran his hand through his wet hair, β€œYeah. She might need a strong drink,”

β€œGood thing I went shopping, eh?” He said, almost carrying her inside. He sat her on the sofa and rushed around grabbing a towel. He sat next to her and dropped the towel onto her head β€œI love you, but I won’t be drying your hair,”

β€œMaybe you should get changed,” Jason said.

Skyla nodded and got to her feet, β€œThank you. I’ll be right back”

β€œSo,” The guy said when Skyla went upstairs, β€œWhat happened? Is she hurt?”

β€œAre you her boyfriend?”

The boy grimaced β€œHell no. I’m the younger and better sibling. I’m Tyler,”

β€œOh, sorry,” Jason said, β€œUm, it was my first day as an official cop and the first shift that I saw someone die in front of me,”

β€œDo you want a beer?”

β€œOh, no. I’m good,” Jason said, β€œDid you ever meet her partner?”

β€œWho, Dexter?” Tyler said, β€œYeah. He’s awesome. I was wondering when Sky and Dexter would get together, but my sister is a stubborn bitch. Have you taken over his place then? I wouldn’t be surprised if Dexter is-”

β€œDexter was shot today,” Jason said and Tyler's eyes went wide, β€œI...we saw him get shot. There was a car and then a loud noise and then a scream. I didn’t know what was going on until I saw Skyla on her knees with her hand on Dexter's neck and...I’m...I don’t know what to do,”

Tyler blinked away his tears, β€œI’ll go get something stronger than beer,”

Skyla sat beside her brother staring at the dark liquid in her glass. She was never a whiskey drinker but after what she had been through, she needed the strong drink. Tyler was sitting in silence and Jason was rolling the glass back and forth in his hands, not wanting to speak.

β€œThank you, Jason,” Skyla said quietly, β€œFor bringing me home,”

Jason nodded, β€œWhat else was I meant to do? Make a shitty joke about what happened? Not my style,”

β€œLet me guess,” Tyler said bitterly, β€œThat bastard said something sexist,”

β€œDoes that happen often?” Jason asked.

β€œAll the fucking time,” Skyla said, taking a sip of her drink, β€œI don’t normally let it get to me but today I lost...I lost a f-fucking great m-man,”

Tyler hugged his sister as she burst into tears β€œOne of these days, that man will get what’s coming to him. I don’t wish death on anyone, but I hope someone shoots that guys dick off. Or even better, gets his head blown-”

β€œI’ll pretend I can’t hear that,” Skyla sniffed.

β€œSky, you can’t be serious. That guy has been asking for it since you went through your training!”

β€œEven so, he doesn’t deserve to die for being insensitive and-”

β€œActually,” Jason said, β€œMy job is to catch criminals, but if anything happened to him I think I’d let the killer go,”

Skyla smiled slightly, β€œDexter would have agreed with you. He never did like him,”

β€œHe only has the job because he is a brown noser,” Tyler muttered, β€œSky, I’m sorry about Dexter,”

β€œYeah,” Skyla said quietly, β€œSo am I. Not even I could have predicted it,”

β€œI didn’t see the license plate because I was so focused on you and Dexter,” Jason said,

Skyla shook her head, β€œYou don’t need to worry about that. I saw it. When I get back to work, I’m going to tell the chief that this case is mine. Jason, I’d like your help with it,”

β€œMe?” He said, β€œBut I’m a newbie and-”

β€œNewbie or not. I was there when you were training. I know what you are capable of,” Skyla said, wiping her eyes β€œAnd I wouldn’t want anyone else to help me catch the bastard who took Dexter away from his friends and family,”

β€œThere’s no way you can turn her down,” Tyler said pulling her cheeks hard, β€œLook at my sister. She’s too cute to be turned down,”

Skyla elbowed her brother in the ribs, β€œThe other guys are assholes and I don’t trust them. I trust you Jason and I know you can help me,”

Jason bit into his lip, β€œI’ll help but I don’t know what I can do,”

β€œAnything. Anything will help,”

β€œSkyla,” Tyler said, β€œNot the time to talk about the case. Drink your drink and then go to bed,”

β€œDon’t tell me what to do,” Skyla mumbled and downed her drink, β€œI’m older than you,”

β€œSo?” Tyler said, β€œI’m smarter and I know that you need to go to bed and hug that stupid soft toy you have,”

Skyla blushed, β€œI don’t have a soft toy,”

β€œWhy are you lying to yourself?” Tyler said, β€œWhen you are stressed or sad, you hug it until you fall asleep,”

β€œI don’t have a soft toy. Don’t listen to him, Jason,” Skyla said, β€œHe’s talking out of his ass,”

Jason smiled, β€œThat’s good because I don’t have one either. Um, I should probably be going now. I need to, uh, clean up and I just wanted to make sure that you were ok before I left,”

Skyla nodded, her eyes stinging again with tears β€œI’ll be ok. Dexter wouldn’t want me to keep crying over him. He’d want me back on the streets and tracking down the wanker who did that to him,”

β€œJason,” Tyler said as they got to their feet, β€œThank you. For looking after my sister,”

Jason shrugged, β€œWhat else is a partner supposed to do?”

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