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Sky sat on the seat next to Axel, trying not to shake. After he had thrown her into the back of the limo he hadn’t uttered a word. It worried her even more and she refused to look over at him in case she made him angrier.

β€œAre you scared of me beautiful?” He said making her jump slightly.

β€œA little bit,” She said barely above a whisper.

Axel reached over and grabbed her wrist, making her wince, β€œYou are pushing all the wrong buttons, Sky,”

β€œI didn’t want to shoot him,”

β€œYou will do as I tell you,”

β€œI’m not a god damn toy!” She said loudly and he wrapped his hand around her hair, tugging on it making her gasp, β€œL-let go,”

β€œYou are mine, Sky. You will do everything I tell you or I will have to find a replacement,”

β€œY-you’d never find someone a-as good as me,”

β€œAin’t that the fucking truth,” He snapped, β€œStop testing me, Sky because I will fucking hurt you!”

He shoved her away and ran his hand through his hair. Sky straightened her hair out and rubbed her wrist, suppressing the urge to punch him.

β€œDo you know how to use a gun?” Axel asked and Sky frowned, β€œAnswer the fucking question,”

β€œYes,” She muttered, β€œI know how to use one,”

β€œThen why didn’t you shoot when I told you to?”

Sky looked at him, β€œBecause that isn’t my job. My job was to reveal the cards. Nothing else. If you want blood spilt, then you can do it,”

β€œWho taught you to fight?” Axel asked and Sky's heart skipped a beat, β€œIf you don’t answer the question then I will-”

β€œI had friends who knew how to fight,” Sky lied, β€œAnd being what I am, means you have to protect yourself and I’d rather not use a gun. My fists do a pretty good job,”

Axel smirked, β€œThat they do, baby. Who were you talking to in the club?”

β€œNo one of importance,”

β€œLook at me, Sky,” Axel said, β€œActually, I have a better idea. Sit on me. Face me when you talk to me,”

β€œWhat if I don’t want to?”

β€œThen you will have to answer to Zeke,”

Sky almost scoffed and forced herself to straddle him. She could feel her face burn as her dress rode up revealing the underwear she had on, and just the way Axel looked at her made her heart race.

β€œWho was he?”

β€œJust someone I knew back in school,” Sky muttered, β€œHe wasn’t happy with what I was wearing and wanted me to go-”

β€œYou weren’t planning to run away?”

β€œI told you that I wouldn’t do that,”

Axel ran his hands up her thighs, pushing her dress further up, and he dragged his nails down her skin making her bite into her lip at the sensation it was giving her. He lifted one hand and moved the dress, revealing her naked breast and he let out a hum of satisfaction.

β€œYou are so beautiful,” He said, leaning forward into her, β€œYour skin is flawless and it makes me want to mark it,”

β€œD-don’t,” She said as he ran his tongue around her nipple, β€œS-stop it,”

β€œDon’t fight me,” He said grabbing her wrists and holding them behind her back with one of his large hands, β€œYou want this just as much as I do,”

β€œAh!” She said as he bit into her nipple, β€œA-Axel, please stop,”

Axel let out a small growl and switched their positions, pinning her on the long seat in the limo. He pinned her hands above her head and with his free hand grabbed hold of her breast, squeezing it hard.

β€œYour body belongs to me,” He said biting gently into the top of her breast, β€œEverything is mine. Your body and soul now belongs to me,”

β€œI-I don’t belong t-to anyone!”

Axel chuckled and sucked her nipple slightly, β€œYet you respond so beautifully to me. If I touch between your legs, will you be wet?”

Sky caught him off guard and knocked him onto his back, but she yelped as he dragged her with him. She landed on top of him and tried to get off him and Axel grabbed hold of her waist, making sure that she wasn’t going anywhere. Sky could feel his erection struggling to stay in his trousers and he yanked her towards him.

β€œIf I had it my way, you’d be my own personal slave,” He said, biting into her earlobe, β€œThose other men would never get to try you again. But Grey is making it difficult for me to claim you,”

β€œG-good!” Sky said as he smacked her ass.

β€œSoon you will be all mine,” He said, β€œI will get to fuck you when I want. Taste you when I want and everything that you do will be for me,”

β€œAs if,” Sky snapped as she struggled against him.

Axel groaned, β€œShit baby, you’re making me want to fuck you now. I love it when you fight me,”

Sky's eyes went wide as he thrust his hips up, grinding into her. She wanted to slap him but it was like Axel could read her moves and he managed to push her face-first onto the seat. They were both panting and Axel moaned against rubbing his erection against her ass. Sky bit into her lip refusing that he was turning her on but the more he rubbed himself against her and touched her, she was losing the battle.

β€œGod, I wanna fuck you so hard,” He said yanking her hair back and slipped his hand between his legs, β€œLooks like you want it too beautiful,”

β€œOh fuck!” She said as he slipped a finger inside. She squeezed her eyes shut as he moved his fingers in and out at a fast pace, making her body burn in pleasure. But before she could reach her high, he removed his fingers and they were soon replaced with his member.

Her breath caught in her throat as he slammed inside her and Axel groaned, feeling her tighten around him. He gripped her waist tightly as he thrust his hips as fast and hard as he possibly could. Sky was gasping and moaning as he hit all the right places deep inside her, her body started to shake and burn as the pleasure started to take over.

β€œFeel that baby?” Axel grunted, β€œFuck. You’re so tight. Oh god, I could fuck you for hours!”

"O-oh god," Sky panted, "Y-yes!"

Sky cried out when her orgasm hit her and her body tensed and shook as Axel carried on pounding himself inside her. His grip on her waist loosened and he grabbed hold of her hair, yanking her back so he could kiss her.

Axel groaned loudly into their kiss as he emptied himself inside and thrust his hips hard against her, riding out the last of his orgasm. He bit down hard on her lip and let her go. Sky dropped onto the seat, panting and trying to catch her breath.

β€œWho do you belong to, beautiful?” Axel whispered in her ear, and he moved his hips some more against her making her gasp, β€œTell me who you belong to,”

Sky licked her dry lips and closed her eyes coming down from her high, β€œY-you. I belong to you,”

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