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Sky lowered her hat on her head and walked down the street, keeping an eye on passing traffic to make sure that she wasn’t being followed. It had been a few days since her run-in with her brother in the club, and she had a lot of explaining to do. Sky knew that he would be angry because he hadn’t bothered to call or message her.

She had hoped that Jason had told him what he needed to know but deep down she knew that she couldn’t keep much from him anymore. Especially if Sky wanted to protect him.

Sky opened the doors to the apartment building and ran up the stairs to Jason's flat. She knocked a few times before it was opened and Jason stepped aside letting her in. When the door closed she yanked her hat off and followed him through to the living room where Tyler was.

Tyler looked up at her and turned away, carrying on with what he was doing on his phone. Sky rubbed the back of her neck.

β€œTy, we should talk,”

β€œNope. Don’t really want to,” He said, β€œI’m busy,”

β€œReading dirty fanfiction?”

β€œI don’t read fanfiction!” He said going red in the face, β€œWhy are you even here? I don’t want to talk to you right now,”

β€œI’ll make tea,” Jason said leaving them alone.

β€œPlease, Tyler. It’s important,” She said sitting down, β€œI want to protect you, so you need to listen,”

β€œNo, you listen to me,” Tyler said, β€œAs your brother, it’s my job to protect you even if you are older. How do you think I felt seeing you like that? And then for some guy to just assault me, then drag you away? You pushed me away when I wanted to protect you,”

β€œI know,” Sky said quietly, β€œBut it was better that way. If I didn’t, then he would have killed you,”

Tyler scoffed, β€œHe could have tried but I’m a decent fighter,”

β€œYeah, I know but not when you are up against the mafia,” Sky said, and Tyler paled slightly.


β€œThat’s why I’m here to talk to you,” She said, β€œIt’s about the case I’m on and it relates to Dexter's death,”


β€œThey think that The Red Devils are behind his murder,” She said, β€œI know you’ve heard about them because everyone has heard of them. Well, I was the only one who could work around them being the only female in the squad. I’m undercover as a...well a-”

β€œHooker,” Tyler said quietly, β€œMy older sister who is a cop is now sleeping with men for money,”

β€œNot quite,” Jason said coming back into the room with three mugs, β€œHer clientele consists of cops. Sky hasn’t had sex with anyone,”

β€œHow can you get away with that?”

Sky smiled, β€œApparently, I’m the best hooker they have and since I bring in a lot of money, I get to stay picky with the ones I β€˜fuck’. I’ve managed to get closer with the inner circle and I’m trying to get as much-”

β€œCloser?” Tyler said with wide-eyes, β€œPlease tell me you haven’t gotten too close,”

β€œDon’t be ridiculous,” Sky lied, β€œI’m there to work. I’m slowly getting what I need and when I find out who killed Dexter, I will be back on the squad and I will be home,”

Tyler sighed, β€œI don’t like this. I hate it. I don’t like the idea of my sister pretending to be a hooker and walking the streets. Do you know how bad pimps are? They could beat you and...wait. Those bruises from the last time I saw you were from a pimp, weren’t they?”

β€œYes. Well, sort of,” Sky said, β€œBut the point is, you need to keep your distance from bars, clubs and just stay home and study. I need to look out for my ass as well as yours. Ty, I want to protect you so please, just let me do this and pretend you don’t know me from now on,”

Tyler groaned, β€œWhat would our parents say if they saw you in that outfit?”

β€œThat’s not the worst one either,” Jason muttered and Sky elbowed him, β€œDon’t worry. She’s being looked after and I will keep you updated when I can,”

β€œDon’t make me regret agreeing to this, sis,” Tyler said, β€œBut I guess this will help my drive to become a lawyer,”

Sky smiled and hugged her brother, β€œThanks, Ty. I’ll bring those bastards down. I promise,”

A few hours later, Sky left Jason's flat and headed home. The sun had started to set and she was hungry. On the way back to her place, she picked up some food to cook and when she got closer to her place, she yanked the hat off and smiled at the familiar faces starting to walk the streets.

One of the crackhead residents that lived in her rundown building held the door open for her and she thanked them, before jogging upstairs. After seeing her brother and Jason, she was in a better mood and it was her night off from walking around the cold streets.

She was going to cook herself something nice to eat, have a hot bath and watch rubbish films on TV Jason had given her. Sky said hi to a few other girls and opened the door to her flat, kicked the door shut and dropped the food on the kitchen counter.

Sky turned on the radio and sang quietly to the song as she started to put her food away. As she reached to put a tin of fruit in the cupboard, a strong arm wrapped around her neck making her scream out in fright.

As she tried to fight whoever had her, she soon realised that the man was much stronger than her.

Sky grunted in pain as he slammed her face onto the kitchen counter, pinning her hands behind her back. The man leaned over her and blew softly on her ear. Tears pricked her eyes and fear shot through her body like someone had thrown ice-cold water over her.

β€œG-get off me!” She screamed out and he chuckled, making her blood run cold.

β€œNo one can help you now, beautiful,”

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