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Axel dropped the bloody knife onto the floor and tutted at the blood that had splattered onto his shirt.

β€œFuck sake,” He muttered, β€œRiley, get the boys to burn the place down and make sure the drugs they were trying to sell goes up in flames as well,”

β€œGot ya,”

β€œZeke, send that guy over there in parts to their boss. I want the boss to make an appearance so I can bring their pathetic gang down,”

Zeke nodded, β€œNo problem,”

β€œAnd will someone call Blake cause his pale ass was meant to be here,” Axel said, leaving the factory.

He lit up a cigarette and let the breeze cool him down. Jake stood beside him and folded his arms.

β€œI messaged Blake,” Jake said, β€œSaid he had a problem and it had to be fixed. He will get here in a bit,”

β€œWhat problem is more important than taking down these assholes?” Axel scoffed.

Jake shrugged, β€œHe didn’t say but he said he feels better now. Relaxed as well and he didn’t sound as moody,”

β€œGood,” Axel said, β€œAny word on the cop?”

β€œNot yet. But we are getting closer,” Jake said and looked at Axel, β€œA little birdie told me that it’s been a couple of days since Sky has walked the street,”


β€œYou didn’t kill her did you?”

Axel looked at his friend, β€œWhy the fuck do you think I killed her?”

β€œYou were pretty mad and I know your temper,”

β€œI didn’t fucking kill her,” He snapped, β€œI fucked her in the back of the limo, laid down some more rules for her and took her home. If she isn’t walking the street then clearly she has a night off or something else,”

Jake smirked, β€œYou’re worried about her,”

β€œAm I fuck,” Axel scoffed, β€œWhy would I be worried about her? She’s no one special,”

β€œYou can’t lie to me,” Jake laughed, β€œYou like her more than you want to admit and when that guy had his hand on her ass, you were ready to blow a fuse,”

β€œHe touched what was mine,”

β€œSince when have you owned a hooker?” Jake asked lifting his eyebrow, β€œJust admit that she is more than a hooker to you and you’d rather her be around you all the time so other guys don’t get to fuck her,”

Axel didn’t say anything and Jake squeezed his shoulder.

β€œAlright. I get it. You don’t want to say it out loud because you’re scared of the feelings you have for her. I understand,” Jake said, β€œEven though you’re my boss and friend, I have something to say,”

β€œGo for it,” Axel tutted.

β€œIf you hurt someone as precious and beautiful as her, I will personally see to it that you are never able to see daylight again,” Jake said and Axel looked over at his smiling face, β€œYou don’t get girls like Sky around much so if you want her to be near you and for her to want to be near you, then you better get that stick out your ass and treasure that girl,”

β€œYou think a threat like that will-”

β€œAxel, it wasn’t a threat,” Jake said walking away from him, β€œIt was a promise,”

A few hours later, Axel was walking the streets with his inner circle following him. Girls giggled and say their hellos and pimps handed them money.

But Axel didn’t care for anything. His eyes were searching for the one girl who knew how to push all the right buttons. And wrong ones of course. But so far, there were no signs of her or her friend.

β€œWhere is she?” Axel muttered, β€œShe should be working,”

β€œWe can always knock on her door,” Blake smirked.

Axel looked at his watch, β€œI don’t have time for this shit. We have places to be,”

β€œAnd she has money to earn,” Blake said, β€œWe knock on the door. Find out why she isn’t working and make her work,”

β€œFine, but we make it quick,”

They made a diversion and headed to Sky's building and bumped into her friend as she was heading out for the night.

β€œYou,” Axel said, clicking his fingers at Darcy, β€œWhere is Sky?”

Darcy’s eyes went wide, β€œMaybe...she...it isn’t the time,”

β€œWhy isn’t she working?”

Her friend chewed her bottom lip, β€œShe isn’t well and-”

β€œThat doesn’t fucking matter,” Zeke snapped, β€œIf she isn’t well then she takes medicine and she fucking goes back to work,”

Blake tutted, β€œI’ll talk to her. I’m the one in charge of her, right?”

Axel tutted, β€œIf she is ill then she can rest but if she is trying to fuck us off then you send her to me. I won’t lose out on money just cause she has a fucking cold,”

β€œI know how to work my girls,” Blake said with a smirk, β€œI own them, remember?”

β€œWe have that meeting in half an hour,” Riley said tapping his watch, β€œWe need to get going,”

β€œI’ll meet you guys there,” Blake said walking into the building.

β€œThat girl is fucking useless. Just cause she fucks the boss, she thinks she can get away with everything. It pisses me off,” Zeke said.

β€œShut the fuck up, Zeke,” Jake said, β€œCall the driver,”

Even though the water was almost burning her skin, she carried on standing in the shower scrubbing at her skin. By now, it was bright pink but she still didn’t feel clean.

Her makeup was still smudged on her face but she made no attempt at removing it. Her mind was elsewhere and she could still feel the dirt all over her body.

A sharp gasp shot out of her mouth when her finger ran over the small slice on her hip and she winced, quickly turning the shower off. Grabbing the towel, she wrapped it around her shivering body and sat on the bed staring blankly at the dull wall in front of her.

There was a loud knock on the door and she whimpered slightly, and quickly covered her mouth both wanting the person on the other side to hear her.

β€œIf you don’t open this door,” Blake yelled, β€œWe will do this the hard way and you don’t want that,”

Sky squeezed the top of the towel as she wobbled over to open the door. Blake turned around to smirk at her.

β€œAbout fucking time,” He said.

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