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Axel drummed his fingers on the table trying to listen to the person speaking, but it went in one ear and out the other. Whatever he was saying wasn’t catching Axel's attention and Jake had taken over asking the questions.

β€œIf we have anything else to add,” Jake said, elbowing Axel, β€œWe’ll get in touch. You can leave now and make sure you keep quiet about tonight. This meeting never happened,”

The men nodded and left.

β€œDid you hear anything they had to say?” Jake asked and Axel shrugged, β€œWhat is wrong with you? This meeting was important to build our allies,”

β€œDid we get them on our side?” Axel asked.

β€œWell, yes but-”

β€œThen what is the problem?” He said, β€œI’m sure they know what will happen if they try to double-cross me. Now, where the fuck is Blake?”

β€œMaybe he is fucking Sky,” Zeke shrugged and he smirked, β€œI don’t blame him if he is,”

Axel's phone buzzed and he tutted, β€œBlake. You didn’t show up,”

"Yeah. Are you alone?"

Axel waved his hand and his friends left the office, β€œI am now. Talk,”

"It’s about Sky. She was attacked," Blake said and Axel grit his teeth, ”I’ve seen to her wounds but she is refusing to talk. She won’t tell me who-"

β€œWhat happened?”

Blake sighed, ”From her bruises and cuts, and how she is acting, I’d say that someone raped her,"

β€œBastard,” Axel said getting to my feet, β€œAre you at hers still?”

"No. I took her for a drive," Blake said, ”She might be a hooker, but I don’t think this has ever happened to her. She’s in a really bad place right now,"

β€œMessage me your address. I’m on my way,” Axel said, β€œI’ll bring Jake. She seems to trust him and maybe he can get her to talk,”

"I’m telling you, Axel, that she is refusing to talk about who did this,"

β€œFuck,” He muttered, β€œMessage me the address. I’m on my way,”

Axel hung up and grabbed his blazer, covering the guns at his wait, β€œJake. Grab your jacket. We are going for a drive,”

Sky stared blankly at the hot drink sitting in her hand and Blake sat opposite her, sipping his beer. He had tried to get her to talk about who did that to her but she refused to tell him who it was. She was still in too much shock and could barely string a sentence together, let alone tell him who it was.

She valued her life and he had promised her that this was him going easy on her. Sky didn’t want things to get worse, so kept her mouth shut about who it was. Sky knew that he had called Axel because Blake kept looking at his phone.

β€œSky,” Blake said making her jump, β€œHas this happened to you before?”

Sky shook her head and lifted her shaky hands, sipping the tea.

β€œEven though you are a hooker?” He frowned and she nodded, β€œI see. Do you remember who it was?”

Sky squeezed her eyes shut and nodded.

β€œThen tell me who it was,” He said, β€œI have very strict rules when it comes to my girls and believe it or not, I look after them. The man who raped you is going to die but only you can help me do that. You just need to tell me who it was,”

Sky shook her head, tears dripping down her cheeks, β€œI c-can’t. H-he’ll kill me o-or do it again,”

Blake sighed, β€œI’m trying to help you. You might be a hooker but you are still a girl. You should have-”

β€œWhat?” She cried, β€œFight back?”

β€œYou don’t normally go down with a fight,”

Sky scoffed and scrubbed the tears from her eyes, β€œYeah, well normally then man attacks me from the front and doesn’t hold a gun in my mouth telling me that if I scream, my head will be blown to bits,”

β€œWalk me through it,”

β€œNo,” She said, β€œI don’t want to remember the pain,”

Blake folded his arms, β€œI had a girl once who, much to my protest was given to someone. I didn’t see her for a few days and when I did, she was covered in bruises and cuts, just like yours,”

β€œWhat is your point?” Sky sniffed, β€œWhy would-”

β€œI found out that the person she was given to, hurt her to the point where she tried to take her own life,” Blake said, β€œI have rules when it comes to my girls for that very reason. The strangle marks, the cuts on your body and rope marks on your wrists only come from one person,”

Sky looked at him with teary eyes, β€œI won’t tell you who it was,”

β€œYou don’t need me to,” Blake said, β€œMy friend has a very particular taste when it comes to sex and everything you have told me or what I have seen points at him. Hide it all you want, but you can’t lie to me. I know who it was. It’s just a matter of time before Axel gets angry and empties his gun into him,”

There was a loud ping of a bell and Sky looked up to see Axel storming towards them, followed by Jake. Her heart jumped into her throat as he reached her.

β€œWho did this to you?” Axel said, turning her head to look at the bruises on her face and neck, β€œWho hurt you?”

β€œNo one,” She whispered.

β€œDon’t lie to me,” Axel said, β€œI’m not in the mood,”

Sky swallowed hard and shook her head, β€œNeither am I,”

Axel tutted and ran his hand through his hair, β€œYou got hurt. You got raped and you think I’ll just sit back and ignore that?”

β€œWhy would you care?” Sky whispered trying not to cry, β€œI’m just a hooker a-and I can b-be replaced,”

β€œIgnore him,” Jake said sitting down next to her, β€œHe wants to know because he hates seeing bad things happen to people he cares about,”


β€œShit,” Axel said dropping onto the seat opposite Sky, β€œThis is ridiculous. Why won’t you tell me who did this to you? They need to suffer for hurting you,”

Sky shook her head and burst into tears, β€œI can’t! He s-said he would k-kill me,”

Axel ran his finger over his bottom lip, β€œI wouldn’t let him. If anyone tried to kill you, then I would protect you. They’d be dead before they could get close to you,”

Jake put his arms around her as she cried, β€œShh. Don’t worry. Whoever did this to you will be found and he will die. You have our word,”

β€œWhy d-do you e-even care?” She cried, β€œI’m j-just a-”

β€œYou might be a hooker,” Axel said quietly, staring at her, β€œBut I care more about you than I should do. You might not like me or what I stand for, but you are important. Anything important to me deserves to be treated properly, and since you are important to me, the bastard who raped and beat you is going to die an excruiciating and slow death. So, are you going to tell me who it was?”

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