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Sky flinched as Axel slammed his fist down onto the table and Jake tutted.

β€œStop,” Jake snapped, β€œShe’s in enough shock right now and doesn’t need you to get angry. If she doesn’t want to tell you then you can’t force her,”

β€œWatch me,” Axel said, β€œSomeone hurt her and they need to pay. Why didn’t you tell me when it happened? I could have helped you,”

β€œWhy would you want to help me?” Sky whispered, β€œYou only care about the money I’ve been making. Why would you give a shit about a hooker that was beaten and raped?”

Axel's lip twitched in anger, β€œSky, it might seem like that to you but do you see me acting this way with anyone else? You are the only one I give my attention to and-”

β€œShould I feel fucking privileged that the big bad mafia boss is fucking me?” Sky said almost yelling, β€œYou think you’re so fucking special because people are scared of you. Cops are probably scared of you. Probably because they know you can kill them. Tell me, Axel Dalton, how many cops have you killed and have you killed any recently? Because I’d rather not be-”

β€œFeel privileged that I fucking care that someone hurt you. I don’t care,” Axel said leaning back in his seat, β€œIf it was anyone else, I’d track down the guy and let someone deal with him but with you? I want to be the one to fucking deal with them,” He lifted his eyebrow β€œAnd to answer your questions about the cops, I’ve never fucking killed them. No one in my gang has killed a cop because they know what will happen if they do. Some are on my payroll sure, but why would I want to kill cops? They don’t get in my way,”

Sky wiped her eyes and stared at her hands. Dexter’s face popped into her head and realised that she had to get to the bottom of his case before that person came back for more. Sky swallowed some of her drink and went to get to her feet, but Jake kept her sitting.

β€œLet me go,” She said, β€œI want to go home and-”

β€œDo you really want to go back to that place?” He asked, β€œAfter that happened to you?”

β€œAnywhere is better than being here right now,” She whispered.

β€œYou aren’t going back home,” Blake said and Sky looked at him, β€œWe will drive you back to your flat, look around some more to see if we can find anything that shows who did this to you and you will stay with us,”

Sky's eyes went wide, β€œNo! I won’t be staying with you. I am not going to-”

β€œThat just shows who did it,” Blake said, β€œEven if you don’t tell us, we know who did it. There’s no point in trying to hide it,”

β€œI can’t,” She said, β€œAnd you can’t fucking make me,”

Jake pushed open a door and motioned Sky inside, β€œThis will be your room for the meantime. You have the bathroom just through that door and there is a mini-fridge as well, so you don’t need to come down for food. If it makes you feel any better, there is a lock on the door so you can have a good nights sleep without having to worry about anyone coming in here,”

Sky dropped her bag onto the floor, β€œIsn’t this a bit too much for a hooker?”

Jake smiled, β€œMaybe but I don’t think you are any different from anyone else. Plus, Axel seems to want to keep you safe from whoever did this to you. Although the signs are written all over your face and body. You won’t be able to keep it a secret forever,”


β€œI need to tell you something about Axel,” Jake said closing the door behind him, β€œHe has a hard exterior and mostly a hard interior, but when it comes to you, it’s like he becomes putty. No one has seen him react like this around someone before so my guess is that he likes you more than he wants to admit. You are right, this is a bit too much for a hooker but Axel doesn’t see it like that. He wants to keep you close whether it to be for sexual needs or to protect you, no one will know apart from Axel,”


β€œWe follow what he says,” Jake smiled, β€œAxel is a good friend of mine, and I would follow him to the end of the world, so when he is fascinated by something or in this case, someone, I will do as he says,”

Sky scoffed, β€œHe’s just doing this because he wants to show who is in control,”

Jake shrugged, β€œMaybe so but no one knows what goes on in that head of his. You have been the only girl so far to fight back and get away with it. Count yourself lucky that he hasn’t tossed you away or killed you,”

β€œNo one has the key to this door do they?” Sky muttered making Jake chuckle at her, β€œWhat?”

β€œNo,” He smiled, β€œOnly you have the key and don’t worry. Everyone in this house knows that if they come anywhere near this room or you without permission, their nuts will be in a vice. Staff included,”

β€œThen why is Axel letting you near me?”

Jake smiled and patted her head, β€œAxel knows that I would never hurt you. I’m gay, plus I threatened him about hurting you. Anyway, get some rest and I will send dinner up for you later. We are out tonight for some business, so if you need anything just let the maids know what you need,”

β€œYou have maids?”

β€œYes,” Jake said rolling his eyes, β€œSomeone has to cook and clean for busy men. Unless you want me to cook you dinner then I will stay behind. It’s not like they really need me. It has nothing to do with guns this time and...I’m talking too much. Sorry, you are trying not to yawn. Get some sleep and as I said, if you need anything, pick up the phone and get the maids to help you out,”

β€œOk,” Sky muttered, β€œThanks. I guess,”

β€œAnytime, beautiful,” Jake smiled, β€œLock the door behind me and if you don't want the maids around you, I won't blame you, give me a call and I'll get to you as soon as I can,”

"Jake...thank you,"

"Just get some rest ok? I'll be up to check on you in a few hours,"

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