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Axel looked up from his phone when Jake walked into the room and dropped onto the sofa.


β€œShe’s fine,” Jake shrugged, β€œObviously not happy that she is here but I don’t blame her. Don’t you think it’s a bit risky to have her living with us?”

β€œNo, because if anyone tries something they have me to answer to,”

β€œMaybe, but someone already did and you’ve done nothing about it,”

β€œI’m biding my time,” Axel said, β€œThe others should be here soon and I will lay down some rules,”

β€œAxel, it seems you have forgotten something very important,” Jake said leaning forward, β€œBlake set some rules to protect the girls from Zeke and he broke them. In fact, he didn’t just break them, he poured petrol over them and set them alight. You know that he will try again knowing that she is living under our roof,”

Axel smirked, β€œYou think I won’t hurt him?”

β€œIt’s not that,” Jake sighed, β€œSky is very fragile at the moment. What happens if we aren’t in and Zeke breaks down the door and hurts her again? What will you do? Move her into another room for it to happen again?”

β€œI will make him pay for hurting someone that belongs to me,” Axel said and he frowned looking over at his friend, β€œI wonder why she mentioned the police,”

Jake shrugged, β€œShe might have thought about going to them about it,”

β€œThey wouldn’t have done anything anyway. The police don’t care about hookers,” Axel said and he heard his friends walk into the house, β€œAnd most of them are on my payroll,”

β€œNot all of them,” Jake said, β€œA lot of the police don’t like us and will do anything to bring us down,”

β€œThey can fucking try,” Axel muttered, β€œNothing is to be said about Sky's attack. I want to see Zeke's face when I tell everyone she is here,”

Blake stepped into the room blowing out cigarette smoke and he nodded at Axel before sitting down. The others shortly followed him and Axel watched as Zeke dropped onto the armchair yawning loudly.

β€œWe have a house guest,” Axel said and the boys looked at him.

β€œPlease don’t tell me it’s your dad,” Riley said, β€œOr even worse, your mum,”

Axel tutted, β€œIt isn’t them,”

β€œIs it a welcomed house guest, or are we talking about one that is locked in the basement?”

β€œWelcomed,” Axel said.

β€œWho is it?” Zeke asked, yawning, β€œJesus. I’m tired,”

β€œThen have a coffee because we have a meeting soon,” Jake said.

Zeke groaned, β€œDo I have to go?”

β€œWho is the guest?” Blake said, putting his feet on the table, looking over at Zeke.


β€œWhy is she here?” Zeke asked frowning and he suddenly grinned, β€œUnless you’ve decided to share her and then-”

β€œShe isn’t to be touched,” Axel said getting to his feet, β€œEveryone is to stay away from her. No one is to go near her room or her. If I find out that you broke the rules, I will kill you,”

β€œThere are so many rules just begging to be broken,” Zeke grinned, β€œBut I’ve not broken any yet so fuck it. I’ll leave her alone until you give her to me,”

Axel smirked, β€œYou must think I’m a fucking idiot,”

β€œI have a question,” Riley said, β€œWhy is she here?”

β€œNone of your business,” Blake said, β€œDon’t question Axel,”

β€œShit,” Riley grinned, β€œIs she your personal sex slave now? Did she finally crack and beg for you to take her?”

β€œI’d stop talking if I were you,” Jake said, β€œSky is here because she is here. No questions about it. Just respect Axel and the rules,”

β€œBoring,” Riley said, β€œWait, is she here as a maid? Is she going to dress in a maid outfit and clean for us? Because I will fucking give my left nut to see that happen,”

Blake scoffed, β€œYou think Axel would-”

β€œNot a bad idea,” Axel said, β€œI’d like to see her in a maid outfit,”

β€œAre you shitting me?” Jake said, β€œAfter what you said?”

β€œI didn’t say she had to show them,” Axel tutted, β€œBlake, get her sorted out when we get back and I will let Jake talk her into it,”

β€œWhy me?” Jake asked, β€œBlake is her boss,”

β€œShe likes you,” Blake said getting to his feet, β€œLet’s go before I go to bed. This meeting is pointless anyway. They have paid their debts,”

β€œBut are still selling drugs on our streets,” Riley said, β€œFuck it. Let’s go kill some people and hit the clubs. I need to get drunk and find a nice girl to fuck. It’s been a few days since the last girl and I need more,”

β€œI agree,” Zeke said, β€œThe last girl I had didn’t put up much of a fight but I am willing to try her again. I need her to fight back,”

Axel clenched his fists and before he could punch Zeke, Jake grabbed his wrists. Axel yanked his arms away from Jake and walked towards Zeke who was laughing with Riley. He grabbed his collar and slammed him against the wall.

β€œWhat the fuck?” Zeke hissed out, β€œWhy are you getting angry?”

β€œDidn’t put up a fight?” Axel said, almost growling, β€œIf you fucking touch her again I will skin you alive, are we fucking clear?”

β€œAxel, you-”

β€œAre we fucking clear?” Axel shouted and Zeke nodded, β€œYou make me fucking sick, Zeke,”

Axel pushed himself away from Zeke and left the room, needing to punch something. Jake and Blake were quick to follow and caught him before he got into the car.

β€œWhat the hell was that about?” Jake said, β€œYou said you weren’t going to react,”

β€œHe was fucking boasting about it and it pissed me off!” Axel said pushing Jake, β€œHow would you feel if you heard him gloating about fucking your girl without her permission?”

β€œYour girl?” Blake smirked, β€œIs that how it is?”

β€œShut up,” Axel said running his hands through his hair, β€œHe’s lucky I didn’t shoot him in the fucking face,”

β€œHey!” Zeke said running out of the house, β€œWhy do you care if I fuck a girl anyway? She was practically begging for it. She was asking for it!”

β€œThis can’t end well,” Jake said under his breath as Axel pulled his gun out.

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