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Sky turned the shower on, turning the hot water on high as she could take it and stepped back into the bedroom to hear shouting from outside. She frowned and walked towards the window to see Axel being held back from Zeke by Jake and Blake. Riley was holding back an angry Zeke and Sky scoffed.

β€œLet them kill each other,” She muttered, β€œHe doesn’t deserve to live,”

She shut the curtains and stripped as she walked back into the bathroom. She let out a small hiss as the hot water stabbed at her skin but she soon got used to it and stood under the showerhead, letting the water soak into her sore body. Sky closed her eyes and ran her fingers up and down her arm, wincing when she got to her wrists.

Memories flooded back of her being restrained against her will and how the handcuffs got tighter with every movement she made. Her throat was still throbbing from the hand wrapped around her as he assaulted her. He made sure that she didn’t scream and Sky knew that if she told anyone about it, it would happen again and she would die.

Sky didn’t care if Axel killed him because it wasn’t her problem. Finding the person who killed Dexter was more important than her rapist getting killed.

When her skin started to wrinkle, she got out of the shower and wrapped herself up in the big fully towel hanging on the wall, and swept her hair up in another towel. She padded out into the bedroom and sat on the bed, staring at the wall. Sky knew she had to pull it together or she wouldn’t be able to close the case.

Sky wiped the few tears that had escaped and let out a shaky breath. She quickly got dressed and grabbed her phone to call Jason.

"Sky! I haven’t heard from you in a few days. Are you ok?” Jason asked as he answered.

β€œYeah, I’m ok as I can be,” She said, β€œLook, I have a few things to tell you but I can’t meet up with you for a few days,”

"Are you sure you are ok? What has happened?"

Sky let out a bitter laugh, β€œA lot has happened but I’d rather not get into that. I’m staying at The Red Devils mansion,”


β€œJason? Are you still there?”

"Yeah, I’m here," He said, ”I want you to tell me you are joking,”

β€œI’m not joking, Jason,” She said, moving to the window. She shifted the curtain to see Axel's car gone, β€œI can use this time to get enough evidence to bring them down,”

"This is dangerous,"

β€œI accepted this case knowing how dangerous it could get but I am going to bring them down and let Dexter rest in peace,” Sky said, β€œI won’t let them get away with it,”

Jason sighed, ”What do I tell your brother?"

β€œTell him to lay as low as he can and to keep out of trouble. No bar crawls. He goes to uni and he goes home again,” She said, β€œOnce this is over, then the chances are we will have to move,”

"I’ll protect him as much as I possibly can. But I can’t help you if you are in that mansion. I want to look out for you as well, Sky,"

β€œI’m ok. I promise,” Sky smiled, β€œBelieve it or not, but Axel is looking after me and so is his friend Jake. Don’t ask me why but Jake mentioned that it’s because Axel has a soft spot for me,”

"That isn’t a good thing! He is becoming obsessed and with you living under his roof he will take advantage of that,”

β€œI’m not worried about him,” Sky said, β€œI mean, I just thought you should know just in case someone asks where I am. When they are out, I will search this place,”

"Should I be worried about someone else then?"

β€œNo,” Sky said, trying no to hesitate.

"Please don’t lie to me. You have to trust me,"

Sky let out a shaky breath, β€œOnce everything is over, I will tell you what happened but right now, I need to focus on my job. I’ll let you know if I find anything. Make sure you check your messages and emails. Tell Reece I’m a step closer but tell him not to get involved. This is my case but if I need him then I will ask for help,”

"You better stay out of trouble, Sky. Remember, if you kill someone, no one will care. If they are a gangster of course,”

β€œHopefully I won’t have to, but if it’s them or me...then I will be the one to survive,”

"Call me straight away if you need anything or fear for your life. I will be there as soon as I can,"

β€œYou’ll be the first person I will call,” She said, β€œI have to go. I need to eat and make sure that Tyler is eating properly as well,”

"He hasn’t left my place since he bumped into you. After he goes to uni, he comes straight back here,"

Sky smirked, β€œOh really?”

"Don’t get the wrong idea, Sky,”

β€œAnd what idea is that?” Sky laughed slightly, β€œHey, if you and my brother want to hook up then go for it and-”

"I’m not hooking up with your brother!” Jason exclaimed, ”He’s good looking and everything but no. Skyla! Stop! That is your brother!"

β€œI’m not going to get annoyed. I think you two would look cute together,”

"I’m hanging up on you now!” Jason said and the line went dead, making Sky chuckle slightly. She dropped her phone onto the bed and walked over to the mini-fridge sitting in the corner of the room.

Sky bit into her lip as she stared at the junk food and sighed. She grabbed a bar of chocolate and fizzy drink and walked back to the bed. She couldn’t be kept in that room forever. Sky knew that everyone had left for that meeting so she had a chance to explore the house she’d be staying in for a while.

She quickly finished off the chocolate and drink and stuffed her feet into a pair of socks, before walking over to the door. Her hand shook as she reached for the door and she stepped away from it.

β€œForget it,” She muttered, β€œMaybe next time,”

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