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It had been a few days since Axel had moved Sky in with them, and he hadn’t seen her leave the room once. Jake had told him that she needed time and was probably scared to leave the room considering that her rapist lived under the same roof.

But Axel wasn’t having any of it.

β€œIf you don’t come out of this room, I will have to force you to leave the room!” He called through the door, β€œDon’t ignore me. You need to come out and you can’t live off the shit food you have in there,”

β€œI’ve managed to survive this long,” Sky said back, β€œI’ve been fed properly,”

β€œSky,” Axel said trying to stay calm, β€œYou aren’t a fucking dog. So, will you come out of this room and eat dinner with me?”


Axel threw his hands in the air and stopped himself from punching the wall, β€œI won’t be asking so nicely again. Can you please fucking come out of that god damn room and have a decent meal?”

β€œWell, since you asked so nicely,” Sky said and he heard the door unlock, β€œBut I can’t say I have anything appropriate to wear,”

Axel tutted and opened the door to see Sky standing in a white shirt that reached mid-thigh and a pair of fluffy socks. He cleared his throat, β€œThat’s all you have to wear?”

β€œConsidering the short amount of time I had to pack my things and come here, this is the best you’re going to get,”

Axel lifted his eyes to her face, β€œYou have no makeup on,”

β€œI don’t wear makeup when I’m not working,” Sky tutted, β€œIs that a problem?”

β€œNo,” He said quickly and he tutted, β€œJust put some trousers on or something,”

β€œIf I had them, I’d wear them!” Sky exclaimed, β€œAnd I’d rather not leave this room. I feel safe here,”

Axel smirked, β€œEven with me in the room?”

β€œLike I would let you do anything,” Sky muttered, and folded her arms, β€œAre you going to stare at me all day or are you going to leave me alone?”

β€œI’d love to do more than stare, beautiful,” Axel said walking towards her, β€œBut I don’t think you are ready for me just yet,”

Axel saw a blush creep up into her face and she stepped away from him, β€œI won’t let you touch me again,”

β€œAs I have said before, you will be begging for me,” He said as her knees hit the side of the bed. He took another step forward and made her sit down, β€œIt’s strange. I don’t normally get hooked on a girl, especially a hooker, but you are different,”

β€œI feel privileged”

β€œOne of these days I will punish that mouth of yours,” He said bending over to lean into her face, β€œI can’t wait to feel that smart mouth of yours wrapped around my dick again and as much as I want that to happen, I’m not sure you are ready. Not after what happened to you,”

Sky frowned slightly, β€œWhy do you care so much about what happened to me?”

Axel shrugged, β€œNo fucking idea. But it doesn’t matter because from now on, you belong to me. I’ve decided to convince Blake that you won’t be his girl anymore. Those regulars of yours will have to find someone else,”

β€œI-I don’t think that is a good idea,” Sky said quickly, β€œThey only want me and-”

β€œIf they have a problem, they can fucking talk to me,” Axel said, β€œYou are mine and no one else will be touching you,”

β€œI belong to no one,” Sky said standing up pressing her body against his, β€œAnd I will fight anyone who thinks otherwise,”

Axel chuckled, β€œOh, baby. You still have the courage to talk shit to me. If I stuck my hand between your legs, I know you’ll be wet for me,”

β€œYou talk out of your ass,” Sky said pushing him away, β€œYou can leave now. I’d rather not be around you and-ah!”

Axel smacked her ass again, spinning her around and nipped the base of her neck making her gasp, β€œBeautiful, it would be smart if you don’t fight me right now. I’m on edge and I want to pound my dick into you, making you scream my name...but I’m doing my best to hold back. You need time to heal but remember, the more you fight when you aren’t ready for me, the less control I will have,”

Sky gulped and bit into her lip as Axel kissed below her ear.

β€œNow, if you don’t leave this room with me now, I will have to drag you out one way or another,”

Sky turned in his arms, staring up at his smirking face. Axel tucked a loose bit of hair behind her ear and she flinched pissing him off.

β€œI’d never hit you,” He muttered, β€œAs much as I want to sometimes, I’d never hit you,”

Sky scoffed, β€œYou talk out of your ass,”

Axel lifted his eyebrow, β€œWhy would I want to smack that face of yours when I’d rather smack your ass?”

β€œYou can leave now,” Sky said meeting his eyes, β€œI don’t want to eat and I don’t want to eat with you or your friends,”

Axel let out a small breath, β€œThe wrong answer. I was hoping you’d work with me but I guess I should have thought differently,”

Axel stepped back slightly and bent over pressing his shoulder to her stomach. Sky let out a small scream as he lifted her onto his shoulder, carrying her out of the room.

β€œAxel!” She screamed, β€œPut me down!”

β€œSorry, beautiful,” He said, β€œBut I was done playing your fucking games and if you keep hitting me, I’ll drop you and since we are getting nearer to the stairs, it won’t be safe,”

β€œI swear to god!” She hissed, β€œPut me down! My ass in on show!”

Axel paused and cursed, β€œShit. Fine. But if you try to run back to your room, I will carry you again. Are we clear?”

β€œOh, fucking bite me,” Sky said as he dropped her onto the floor, β€œI’m not going downstairs like this,”

β€œYou have no choice,” Axel said grabbing her wrist, β€œYou have no other clothes to wear and you look cute-I mean, shut the fuck up and do as you are told,”

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