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Sky's heart began to speed up the closer they got to the kitchen. She could hear them laughing and joking around and her stomach rolled on her, making her stop. Axel glanced over his shoulder and glared at her.

β€œWhy did you stop?”

β€œI, uh, I can’t-I’m not hungry,”

Axel grabbed her wrist, β€œI’ve told you this before. No one is going to hurt you,”

β€œI-I can’t do it,”

β€œYou need to eat and I’m not getting people to bring you food anymore,” He said dragging her after him, β€œJust deal with living here and I’ll take you shopping to get clothes to wear around the house when you aren’t working,”

Sky felt all eyes turn to her when Axel dragged her in and she broke out in a cold sweat.

β€œI cooked a lot,” Jake said making her look at him, β€œToo much,”

β€œAre you going to sit down or just look like an idiot?” Blake said from beside him.

β€œSince when has that bitch done anything she is told?” Zeke scoffed and Sky slowly looked over to him. His face was covered in small bruises and Riley laughed.

β€œBe nice,” Riley said, β€œI think Sky fighting back is interesting. Don’t you Sky?”

Sky nodded and quickly looked away, moving to sit close to Jake away from the others. Axel tutted but sat down on the other side. Jake plated the food and even though Sky's stomach rumbled she felt too sick to eat.

β€œWhy didn’t you let her get dressed?” Jake asked, β€œShe isn’t working right now and she looks cold!”

β€œA hooker will always be working,” Zeke muttered, β€œWhy should she get special treatment because Axel is interested in her?”

β€œZeke,” Blake said, β€œShut the fuck up or get the fuck out,”

Zeke sent a look to Sky but she quickly looked away, poking at the food in front of her. The table was silent as they ate and Sky forced herself to eat. There was a thought in the back of her head thinking that the food was poisoned but it tasted nice that she couldn’t stop eating it.

β€œI’m going back to my room,” Sky said quietly, β€œThank you for the food,”

β€œYou aren’t going anywhere,” Axel said, β€œI’ve decided to give you a new job,”


Axel smirked, β€œYou’re going to be my personal maid,”


β€œYou don’t have a choice,” Blake said, β€œIt’s either that or go back to walking the cold streets waiting to be beaten up by a pimp or getting arrested,”

Sky bit into her lip and stared at her palms. This was what she wanted. She needed to be closer to the group to get the needed evidence against them but she also didn’t want to be locked up in the house where her rapist lived.

β€œWhy don’t you think about it?” Jake said, β€œIt’s not been long since-”

β€œShe doesn’t need to think about it,” Axel said, β€œIn the morning, I’ll send some girls to get you ready and bring you to me. If you don’t agree, then Blake can deal with you. This isn’t something you can-”

β€œOk,” Sky said, β€œI’ll do it,”

β€œWhat?” Riley said, β€œYou’ll seriously be his maid?”

Sky ignored him and looked up at Axel, β€œIf you promise me that I won’t get hurt again,”

β€œThis is bullshit,” Zeke said getting to his feet, β€œYou’ve become fucking soft, Axel and over some prostitute,”

β€œNot everyone is going to agree with what Axel does,” Blake said, β€œBut as friends, we follow what he says. So, no touching her or this time you will die,”

β€œBullshit,” Zeke snapped, β€œI didn’t fucking touch her in the first place!”

Sky jumped when Axel put his hand on her face, β€œIs that why she is so jumpy?”

β€œI never fucking touched her!” Zeke shouted, β€œSky, just tell them it wasn’t me that did that do you!”

β€œI-I need to go,” Sky said trying to get to her feet, but Axel kept her in place.

β€œThat just says it all,” Riley muttered.

β€œFuck the lot of you,” Zeke said before walking out of the kitchen.

β€œCan I go back to my room now?”

β€œSure,” Axel smirked, β€œGet yourself ready for tomorrow because we are going to have a very interesting day and I can’t wait to see you in a little maid outfit,”

β€œYou’re sick in the head,” Sky mumbled making Axel laugh.

β€œThat must be the only thing I agree with you on,” He smirked and he dragged her into his lap, β€œI hope you look after yourself tonight because, from tomorrow onwards, I’ll do what I can to get you out of that outfit,”

Sky pulled away from him with burning cheeks, β€œWe’ll see about that,”

β€œI’ll walk her to her room,” Riley said, β€œNo one wants Zeke near her when he is angry,”

β€œNo, I-”

β€œDon’t worry,” Riley said rolling his eyes, β€œI’ll make sure he doesn’t get you again,”

Sky looked over at Jake but he smiled at her.

β€œIt’s for the best,” He said, β€œJake is worse when he is angry,”

β€œNo, but-”

β€œCome on Sky,” Riley said pulling her out of the kitchen, β€œI’ll take you to your room before I go to my room. You’ll need all the rest for tomorrow,”

Sky felt tense as she was dragged upstairs and down the hall to her room. Riley looked around and pushed her inside, stepping in after her. He closed the door and grabbed her face, slamming her face against the wall making her whimper.

β€œYou are doing well, beautiful,” He said burying his face into her neck, β€œIf you keep this up, I’ll be more gentle next time,”

β€œThere w-won’t be a next time,” Sky choked out.

Riley chuckled, β€œBeautiful, you don’t know who you are messing with,”

Sky squeezed her eyes shut as he pressed his body against her back, β€œI’ll t-tell them it was you,”

β€œWill you?” He whispered in her ear and ran his fingers up and down her bare thigh, β€œThen be my guest but by the time they get to me, I will be long gone and you will be nothing but a naked mess on the bed. If you think that was me being rough last time, then you are in for a real treat,”

β€œWhy are you doing this?” Sky cried struggling against him.

Riley moved his hand to the waistband of her underwear and chuckled, β€œBecause I fucking hate Zeke and I want him to die. Axel doesn’t know what to do with him, but the more I mess with you, the more likely he is going to kill Zeke. So, be a good girl and don’t say shit or I will hurt you more,”

"I don't want to be-"

"Shh," Riley whispered, pushing her back onto her bed and moved her knees apart, "We don't want to attract any attention, do we know?"

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