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The next morning, Sky's body was still sore but at least Riley hadn’t left any marks on her because she would have a lot of explaining to do. Axel was still expecting her to play dress up and she wasn’t sure if she was up for it. She didn’t feel great and after letting Riley have his way with her, she still felt sick.

But, the lay-in was short-lived when there was a knock on the door. she groaned and swung her legs out of bed and opened the door to see three women standing there wearing maid outfits. They looked her up and down and scoffed.

β€œIs there a problem?” Sky said almost snapping.

β€œNo problem,” One smirked, β€œJust trying to see why our master is so interested in you?”

β€œAnd who is that exactly?” Sky asked lifting her eyebrow.

The other girls giggled, β€œAxel Dalton. Who else?”

Sky let out a sigh, β€œI guess you’re the lovely ones to help me get ready,”

β€œIt will take a lot to make you look decent,” The main girl said, β€œBut we will have to work with you,”

β€œI’m sure that as a hooker you know how to put makeup on?”

β€œAnd I suppose as a maid you know when to shut the fuck up?” Sky snapped, β€œBecause if you don’t, I will make you shut up,”

β€œMaster won’t like you talking like that,”

β€œThen master can tell me that to my face,” Sky said, β€œAre you going to stand there or what?”

The girls scowled at her and shoved a bag at her, β€œYour clothes are in there. You have an hour to get ready or master will be angry. Although, I would like to see what punishment he has for you,”

β€œMaybe he will hurt you,”

β€œI’d like to see her in pain,”

Sky smirked and leaned forward, β€œAnd if you carry on talking, I will hurt you. Now, run along and do whatever you normally do,”

β€œWon’t happen,” The main girl said, β€œWe were instructed to help you get ready. I don’t agree at all but I won’t go against what he has to say,”

β€œThat is where we differ,” Sky muttered and the girls walked into her room.

β€œWhy does a maid have a room like this?” One girl scoffed, β€œOr is it because he wants to treat his best hooker?”

β€œIf you don’t shut up, I will throw you out of the window,” Sky said, β€œI’ve not had a great week and I am very close to hurting someone,”

β€œJust get dressed and we will take you to see master,”

Sky pulled the clothes from the bag and groaned, β€œAre you fucking kidding me? Why do I have to wear this?”

β€œMaster wants you in it,” The girl shrugged, β€œDon’t wear it and go to him in just that top. I’d like to see his reaction,”

β€œHe’d get a boner,” Sky said and the girls gasped loudly, β€œWhy is it so different from yours?”

β€œWho knows,”

β€œThis will barely cover my ass,”

β€œI’m sure you have worn worse on the streets,”

β€œYou...you have a point,” Sky said, β€œWell, turn around or something so I can get changed,”

Sky walked through the hallways trying to make the dress longer but it wasn’t working. The girls had managed to drag her out of the room but she wanted to run back there and never leave again.

β€œAs you can see,” Someone said, β€œThis is where the main masters sleep. You aren’t permitted to enter their room without their permission. You knock and wait for them to call you in. If you just burst in without permission, you will get in trouble,”

β€œAnd even if I don’t like you, you don’t want to do that with master Zeke,”

β€œBut, you will be seeing to master Axel,”

β€œYah me,” Sky muttered and stopped when the girls did.

β€œThis is his room,” She said, β€œOh, I suppose we should tell you our names even though I don’t want you to know,”

β€œI’m Erin, this is Sharon and that is Natalia,” Erin said folding her arms, β€œBut let me warn you. If you don’t follow what he has to say or what we have to say, we will make your life very hard,”

β€œI’m excited already,” Sky said putting her hand on the door, β€œWell, thanks for giving me a warning but I should get to work and so should you,”

They gasped as she opened the door.

β€œYou can’t do that!” Natalia said, β€œYou’ll get in trouble!”

β€œBut, isn’t that what you wanted?” Sky smiled and stepped into the dimly lit room, β€œSee you later girls,”

Sky closed the door on their faces and let out a sigh. She’d rather be locked in the room with Axel than have to deal with them or bump into Riley. Sky swallowed the lump in her throat and turned around to see the massive room. The bed was huge but she didn’t expect anything different from Axel.

She stepped over a small pile of clothes and made her way over to the side of the bed to see Axel still sleeping. The cover was dangerously low on his back, showing the two dimples in his lower back and she couldn’t help but gulp as she stared at the half-naked man laying on his front asleep.

Sky leaned over and took one of his pillows, and smacked him with it, β€œWake up,”

Axel grunted slightly and reached out to grab her wrist, but she stepped back watching him as he swung his arm around blindly. She rolled her eyes and hit him with the pillow again.

β€œYou said I was your personal maid, so what am I supposed to do?” She said hitting him once again.

β€œFor fuck sake!” He said pushing himself up onto his knees, β€œWhat the fuck is your problem?”

β€œSomeone is in a bad mood this morning,” Sky said and walked to open the curtains, letting light in. She turned around to see Axel looking her up and down slowly.

β€œWell,” He said, β€œThat looks better than I thought it would. Come here,”


β€œSky, you don’t want me to come to you,” He said darkly, β€œAnd since you woke me up like that, I think I should show you what happens when you just walk into my room without permission,”


"Come. Here. Now," Axel growled slightly and Sky felt her heart race, "You don't want me to come to get you,"

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