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It had been a few weeks since Dexter was killed and his funeral had come and gone. It still hurt her to know that she couldn’t do anything to help her friend. Tyler had done his best to keep her out of her room but she didn’t want to get out of bed.

Even though Skyla didn’t want to go back to work, she had no choice. She had bills to pay and she had to track down the bastard who took her best friend from her. As she walked through the building, no one looked at her and no one said anything. Not even the sexist bastard Hugo threw nasty remarks at her.

β€œMorning, Skyla,” Jason said as she approached her desk, β€œWould you like anything to drink?”

Skyla shook her head, β€œI’m good. Thanks,”

β€œThe boss is calling a meeting and he wants you to be there,”

β€œI’ll be there,”

β€œSkyla,” Jason said, β€œAre you sure you are ok to come back?”

β€œI don’t have a choice,” She said, β€œI need to be on the streets to bring down the bastard who killed Dexter,”

β€œI know, but you haven’t had time to-”

β€œThank you for your concern,” She said, β€œBut this is the best place for me,”

β€œIf you need anything, just let me know,” Jason said, β€œWe should probably get to the conference room,”

Skyla sat at the back of the room next to Jason as their boss went through the cases that needed to be solved. Then she felt her heart stop when Dexter's name was mentioned.

β€œWe lost a good man. Dexter will always be remembered,” He said, β€œI know that it was hard on all of you but we need to focus and take down the people who did this,”

Skyla clenched her fists and glared at the table.

β€œWe have a might few leads on the bastards who did this,” He said and Skyla looked up, β€œIn front of you, there are photos of the main members of The Red Devils. As police, we can’t get anywhere near them because they will kill us with no mercy. They run the city and we will need to get inside the inner circle to bring them down,”

β€œWhat do you suggest, sir?” Hugo asked.

β€œAxel Dalton doesn’t trust just anyone,” He said folding his arms, β€œHe has his friends and gang members close to him at all times. His bodyguards are willing to die to keep him safe. The man has been arrested on so many times but the evidence has always gone missing,”

β€œThen what are you suggesting we do?” Jason said, β€œWe can’t just-”

β€œWe send someone in undercover,” He said, β€œI will get one of you to pretend to be in a gang. We will protect you from other police and-”

β€œThat won’t work,” Jason said, β€œAxel doesn’t just trust anyone. You said that yourself and we look like police. Everyone in this room walks and talks cop. Sorry sir, but that-”

β€œThen we send in Skyla,”

β€œWhat?” She said, β€œYou think I-”

β€œYou are the best shot we have,” He said walking over to her, β€œDon’t tell me you are scared officer,”

Skyla got to her feet, β€œI’d rather be on the right side of the law to bring him down,”

β€œYou will be,” He smirked, β€œI can’t have my men risk their lives, can I? Skyla, you are the only one fit for the role I have in my head,”

β€œSo you are willing to risk mine?” Skyla said, β€œReece, I don’t-”

β€œShut up, Skyla,” Reece said, β€œYou are the best officer for this job. Don’t make me find someone else,”

Skyla gritted her teeth and didn’t say anything.

β€œYou said yourself you wanted to be the one to take down the people who killed him. This is your chance,” Reece said, β€œAnd since you are the only female officer in this building, you are the only one to do it. Meet me in my office after lunch. I will go through your role,”

Skyla walked into Reece's office and he handed her a bag. She peeked in and glared at him.

β€œAre you serious?”

β€œFrom now on, you are no longer an officer of the law,” He said, β€œYour name is Sky Bennett, 25 years old and living closer to the main house of The Red Devils. Your apartment isn’t great, but it’s the best we could do on such short notice,”

β€œWhat the hell is this outfit?”

Reece smirked, β€œDid you think you’d get in pretending to be a bodyguard? No. You’re a prostitute, you’ll get to be close to the inner circle and listen in on what they say,”

β€œAnd do I have to act this role?”

β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œBeing a prostitute means having to sleep with people for money!”

β€œWe have everything sorted,” Reece said, β€œYour clients will be undercover police. Your safety is the priority but we need as much information as possible. You will do whatever you can to bring those bastards down. I need evidence to lock them away,”

Skyla sighed, β€œWhat about my brother?”

β€œYou can still see him but you need to explain that you are no longer a cop. You are undercover. I don’t want another death. Keep him out of your work and everything will be ok,”

β€œHow should I communicate with everyone?”

β€œJason will be a regular client of yours,” Reece said, β€œHe will see you once or twice a week. You tell him everything you find out. If there isn’t anything, then you have someone to talk to,”

β€œThe time scale?”

β€œAs long as it takes,”

Skyla sighed and rubbed the back of her neck, β€œIf I’m beaten by a pimp?”

β€œMake sure that Blake Grey finds out,” He said, β€œFrom our sources, he deals with prostitutes and looks after them,”

β€œSo I can’t kick their asses?”

Reece smirked, β€œSure and if you’re caught by the police, we’ll pretend to arrest you. If you are seen by one of the inner circle members, then even better. They will trust you more,”

β€œWhen do I start?”

β€œAs soon as you can,” Reece said, β€œHand over your badge, gun and everything that links you to the police. We will give you a gun that can’t be traced,”

β€œOk,” Skyla said looking at her outfit, β€œDo you have anyone that works with the police?”

β€œYes,” He said with a nod, β€œWhen you get to your apartment, she will be there to help you out. She is a prostitute but she works with us to bring down criminals. You can trust her,”

β€œI guess I should pack my things,”

β€œSkyla,” Reece said before she left, β€œGood luck,”

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