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Sky shook her head and stepped further away, β€œNo,”

β€œJust come here already,” Axel snapped.

Sky gulped and shook her head, β€œI don’t want to get hurt,”

Axel's face softened and he let out a sigh, running his hands through his dark hair.

β€œI won’t hurt you,” He said, β€œCome here,”

β€œI-I don’t want to,”

β€œIt will end up worse if you make me come to you. I won't hurt you but you don't want me to move,” Axel said, β€œNow, get your ass over here,”

β€œI don’t want to,”

β€œI won’t fucking ask again, Sky,”

Sky bit into her lip and walked over to the bed. She let out a small yelp when Axel pulled her onto the bed and knelt between her legs. Sky quickly covered herself back up with the dress and Axel laughed.

β€œIt’s hard to believe you are a hooker...well, you were one,” He smirked, β€œI mean, pretending to be innocent was what made men attracted to you, but you don’t need to pretend anymore. I’d rather see the real side of you,”

β€œI don’t want to show you that,” Sky said quietly, her face burning as he stared down at her.

β€œOh, baby,” Axel said running his fingers up her thighs making her jump, β€œI’ll break that wall down and when I do, I get to witness your wild side. I’m already excited thinking about it,”

Sky squeezed her eyes shut as his hands travelled further up her legs and she felt herself stop breathing when his fingers brushed up against her underwear, but he moved his hands back down her legs.

β€œI’m struggling,” Axel said quietly and Sky opened her eyes, β€œI want to fuck you so hard right now but I can’t. You aren’t ready and...this is fucking stupid. Why do I care so much?”

β€œI don’t know,” Sky whispered, β€œYou tell me,”

Axel looked down at her and she saw him swallow. Her heart was racing in her chest as she stared up at Axel and even though she knew that having feelings for him was bad, just the way he was looking at her made her want him.

"I don't fucking know," Axel tutted, "Girls are just...they are just an object to me and I can play with them however much I want, but with you...you are so fucking frustrating!"

"I can't help you with that," Sky said, licking her lips slightly, "You confuse me,"

β€œFuck it,” Axel said almost growling and he had himself pressed against her in seconds, claiming her lips roughly. Sky let out a small gasp as he kissed her out of the blue but her body responded the way she didn’t want it to.

She groaned as his tongue found its way into her mouth and she kissed back, not caring if it was wrong. Axel dragged his hand down her body and made her hook her leg around him making her gasp as he rubbed his erection against her. Axel bit into her bottom lip and moved his mouth across her jaw until he caught her earlobe in his teeth.

β€œO-oh,” Sky breathed out and Axel bit down harder making her wince.

Sky's body felt like it was on fire as he kissed her again, moving to the side of her. His hand ran down to her breast squeezing it before moving it further down, lifting her dress up. As he was distracting Sky with the kiss, he dragged her panties away and Sky pulled away from the kiss when his fingers pressed against her sensitive spot.

β€œOh, fuck,” He said, leaning further into her, β€œYou’re so wet,”

Sky arched her back as he slipped his fingers inside and moved them. Axel grabbed her face tightly in his free hand and kissed her hard as he moved his fingers quicker, rubbing his thumb against her. Small mewls of pleasure were lost in the kiss and Sky's breath caught in her throat as her orgasm hit her unexpectedly.

Axel helped her ride it out for a short amount of time before turning her around on her knees. Sky breathed heavily into the pillow and felt a small sweat break out on her skin and she grunted as Axel shoved himself inside her, making him groan.

β€œOh fuck,” He said gripping her hips tightly, β€œI’ve missed this,”

Axel didn’t move and Sky felt herself grinding down onto him, just to feel the friction and she knew it would get him going. Axel reached around her and cupped her breast tightly and finally moved his hips.

β€œAh!” She grunted as he slammed his hips forward, making her insides burn and her toes curl.

β€œShit,” He growled, β€œLet me feel you squeeze me, beautiful. Make me cum hard,”

Sky groaned loudly as Axel sped up his thrusts, making it harder each time and she gripped the bedsheets tightly, feeling another orgasm burn build up inside her. Axel's small grunts and talks of how good she felt around him made her orgasm reach her quicker than last time.

β€œAxel!” She cried out and Axel dragged her body up towards his, still thrusting hard, his hand wrapped around her neck holding her against him.

β€œYou feel so good on my dick,” He grunted in her ear, β€œFuck, fuck, fuck,”


β€œGood girl,” He said twisting her face so he could kiss her, β€œI’ll make you forget that bastard. Let me fuck you and make you forget,”

Sky felt her world spin as he kissed her again and he groaned into her mouth pushing himself as far inside as he could. Sky winced as it hurt slightly but he didn’t stop as he emptied himself inside her.

Axel thrust a few more times before letting her go. They both fell forward and panted as they slowly came down from their high.

β€œAh,” Sky winced as Axel pulled out and fell on the bed beside her, pulling her into a hug.

β€œFuck,” He mumbled into the back of her neck, β€œI think you should wake me up like that every morning,”

Sky swallowed hard, "I'd lose the ability to walk,"

Axel chuckled, "I don't fucking mind one bit,"

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