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Axel's eyes watched Sky's every move as she walked around cleaning the room he sat in and he felt his dick twitch watching her bend over to pick up a jumper that sat in the corner. He knew his friends were going to bust a nut once they saw her in that outfit but he was slightly disappointed when she refused to wear heels.

He ran his finger over his bottom lip and got to his feet, β€œI have a meeting with the others,”

β€œOk,” She said tossing dirty clothes into the washing basket.

β€œYou are coming with me,”

Sky turned to look at him, β€œThat...that probably isn’t a good idea,”

β€œNo one will touch you. Just me,” He smirked, β€œI want to show the others what I get to fuck,”

Axel saw Sky fight back her words and she just nodded at him, surprising him slightly. He walked over to her and lifted her face up with his finger. She avoided his eyes and he grinned widely.

β€œOr do you want to keep this body for my eyes only?”

β€œNeither,” Sky said with red cheeks and Axel chuckled.

β€œThat’s more like it,” He said, β€œBut I’ll need you to serve us drinks. We have someone coming to discuss a few things and you will have to help the other girls,”

β€œFuck that,” She said, β€œGet them to do it,”

β€œAnd you’ll do what exactly?” Axel asked lifting his eyebrow.

β€œI will be a good girl and tidy this room,”

Axel laughed and shook his head, β€œYou are funny. But I need to keep a close eye on you. I don’t want anyone touching what belongs to me. I can always carry you there,”

β€œI’d rather stick pins in my eyes,” Sky said, β€œI can walk. I have legs,”

β€œRemember Sky,” Axel said moving his hand around her throat β€œIf you show me up with that smart mouth of yours, I’ll have to fuck it later. You keep it shut unless I allow you to speak. Are we clear?”


β€œGood,” Axel said kissing her quickly, β€œGet moving or we will be late,”

Sky stood next to Axel's chair as he spoke with the others. There were a few other men in the room and she could feel their lust from where they sat. But she’d rather have them look at her than Riley because every look he gave her made her feel sick. She swallowed the lump in her throat and forced herself to stare at the wall.

She flinched slightly when she felt Axel's hand run up the back of her thigh and slowly went back down. Sky had to suppress the shiver that attacked her body and she let out a slow breath to try and ignore the tingles it gave her.

Although she was dressed up as a maid and pretending to be a hooker, she was listening in carefully to what was being said. Making a mental note on drug drop-offs, gun exchanges and money exchanges. Luckily for her, she had a good memory when it came to things like that so as soon as she was away from everyone, she was going to send a message to Jason to tell him everything.

She wasn’t sure if she would be allowed away from the house but she’d do everything to bring the group down. But so far, Dexter's murder hadn’t been brought up and she was starting to doubt if they had anything to do with it. However, she trusted her captain’s words and would push aside her developing feelings for Axel Dalton.

Sky was a cop through and through. She wasn’t a hooker nor was she a gangster. Ever since she was a child she had wanted to be a cop and bring down the bad guys.

Since her parents were murdered, Sky made sure that she would find the killers before she died. Tyler was doing everything he could to help her because they were taken away from their family too soon and for no reason.

β€œI have some information about the cop who has the documents you want,” A man said and Sky turned her attention back to the conversation.

β€œGo on,” Axel said slipping his hand higher up her leg and settled on her ass, squeezing gently, β€œI think you’ll have to thank this girl for getting it out of him,”

All eyes turned to look at Sky, so she quickly ducked her head.

β€œAnd who is she?”

Axel chuckled, β€œMy slave. What does it look like?”

β€œIt’s not often you get caught up on girls, Mr Dalton,”

β€œAnd it’s been a while since I have killed someone for no reason,” Axel said, β€œGive me the details before I have to get someone to clean your blood from the wall behind you,”

β€œOf-of course, Mr Dalton,” The man said, β€œWe have word that he is working in a station near the central. We still don’t know his identity but we are working hard to bring him down,”

β€œThen you better work fast because I need those documents,” Axel said, β€œYou can leave now,”

The men got to their feet and walked out of the room, leaving Axel and his inner circle.

β€œI want them watched,” Axel said, β€œI don’t trust them and if they try to doublecross me, I want them taken to the usual place but make sure they stay alive,”

β€œWhat should we do about the cop?” Blake asked, β€œIf it isn’t one on your payroll, the documents are going to be hard to get,”

Sky gulped as Axel's hand slipped between her legs and her cheeks burnt. Her lips parted as his fingers dipped into her panties and ran up and down her sensitive spot.

β€œI’m sure I can figure out a way,” Axel said.

β€œWe could always send her in,” Riley said smirking at Sky, β€œI’m sure she’d be irresistible to cops. She might be able to lie well,”

Sky gritted her teeth and turned her head to hide her scowl, but it wasn’t unnoticed. She clenched her thighs together and Axel removed his hand from between her legs.

β€œI don’t know,” Zeke said, β€œI’m sure she’s amazing at lying to people but cops are harder to convince,”

β€œYou don’t get a say in what Sky does,” Axel said, β€œYou stick to your job. I chose what Sky does,”

β€œSure,” Zeke said getting to his feet and he looked at Sky, β€œAnything you say, Axel. I’ll be in my room if you fuckers need me,”

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