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After cleaning the rooms Axel wanted her to clean, she slowly made her way back to the room feeling more drained than ever. Axel made her cook and clean the whole day and now she just wanted to sleep.

Not even the fear of being jumped by Riley stopped her from wanting her bed. Sky knew that she needed to message Jason about the meeting she was in but she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep her eyes open. She also had to check in with Darcy as it had been a few days since they had spoken or seen each other.

A loud crash from behind a door made her jump and she turned as it was yanked open. Zeke was scowling as usual and he looked up from the floor to see Sky staring at him with wide eyes.

β€œWhat the fuck are you staring at?” He snapped, β€œI guess you want me to-”

β€œNo,” She said, β€œI’m going back to my room,”

β€œThen you better hurry before I fuck you again,” He said, β€œLook at what your fucking lies have done to my face.”

β€œI-I’m sorry,” Sky said as he stepped towards her.

β€œDo you think this is a fucking game? I’d never break the fucking rules and I’d never fucking rape a girl!”

Sky's heart leapt into her throat, β€œHow would I know? I don’t know you,”

β€œThen let’s get to fucking know each other,” He said pressing her against the wall, β€œI’m Zeke Dixon and right now, I am this close to putting a fucking bullet in someone’s face. Nice to meet you,”

Sky looked up at him and saw movement out the corner of her eye. She quickly pushed him away and stepped away from him as Jake walked out of his room yawning.

β€œWhat is going on?” Jake asked.

β€œNothing,” Sky said quickly, β€œI was just heading to my room,”

β€œAnd why is Zeke here?”

β€œHe-he was coming out of his r-room and that’s it,”

β€œWhat?” Zeke said quietly.

β€œZeke. You know you can’t be alone with her. Sky, I’ll walk you back to your room,” Jake said, β€œCome on,”

Sky looked over her shoulder at Zeke who was staring at her in confusion. She swallowed the lump in her throat and quickly went to her room. Jake opened the door for her and leaned against the gram staring at her with folded arms.

β€œSky,” He said, β€œAre you hiding something from me?”

Sky shook her head, β€œN-no,”

β€œI’ll find out if you are,” He said, β€œLock the door and get some rest. Axel wants you back at it again tomorrow,”

Jake closed the bedroom door and she quickly locked it before stripping out of the maid outfit. She kicked it across the room and stared at the other ones hanging up in front of her wardrobe.

β€œGreat. Fucking great,” She muttered and pulled her phone out from under the mattress. Sky quickly typed the message to Jason letting him know what happened in that meeting, then deleted the message.

Darcy has sent her a message telling her to be careful and Sky smiled, replying to her.

Even though her bed was calling her, she wanted to wash. So, she jumped into the shower and scrubbed herself down until she was pink. Since she didn’t have many clothes, she had no choice but to wear the top Axel had given her and a pair of shorts she managed to grab.

Sky sat in front of the mirror and stared at how pale her face had become. The bags under her eyes were getting darker and it looked like she had given up. Her dark brown hair had lost its volume and was always stuck in a high ponytail. Sky sighed as she turned her hips side to side, noticing the weight she had lost.

There was still some fight left in her and she wasn’t going to give up without taking down the people who killed her friend and partner.

She sat staring at her face for a few minutes when an idea popped into her head. Sky knew how to kick start things. She quickly put some socks on and opened the bedroom door, sticking her head out making sure that no one was around.

Sky held her breath as she tiptoed down the hall and made her way to the other side of the mansion, but as she was approaching the rooms a door opened to one of the bathrooms and she turned around and rushed downstairs.

β€œOi,” Blake said, β€œWhat the fuck are you doing?”

Sky looked over her shoulder, β€œI’m h-hungry,”

β€œYou shouldn’t be alone,”

β€œI’m fine,” She said, β€œI’ll scream if anything happens,”

β€œWhatever,” He muttered and walked into his bedroom. Sky let out a sigh of relief and tiptoed back upstairs.

Her beat was racing and almost deafening her as it thrashed around in her chest, but it was something she needed to do.

As she got closer to the door, her hand shook. But she pushed forward and knocked quietly. It didn’t take long for the door to open and before he could say anything, she did.

β€œW-we need to t-talk,” She said not able to look at him.

He smirked, β€œI see. And what could you possibly want to talk to me about?”

β€œI...I can’t say here,” She said quietly, β€œBut it will benefit us both,”

β€œI don’t know,” He said, β€œWhat if you’re lying to me? And you’re a pretty good liar,”

β€œYou don’t have to trust me,” She said looking around, β€œBut if you want to live a little longer then you will have to trust me,”

β€œWas that a threat?” Zeke glared at her.

β€œNot from me,” She said, β€œWe might not like each other, but you need to hear me out. I have something that will interest you,”

β€œIf it isn’t pussy, I don’t care,” He said going to close the door.

β€œWait!” She said grabbing his arm, β€œI can help you. If you let me talk then things will get much better. I promise,”

β€œWhat are you offering?”

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat, β€œI can talk to Axel about letting you spend a night with me but it won’t happen if you don’t let me talk to you,”

Zeke thought about it for a few seconds and stepped aside, β€œThen you better come in before you’re caught. Oh, and if this talk doesn’t go well, then consider yourself fucked. Cause I’m already being accused of hurting you, so why shouldn’t I have some fun with you?”

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