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The next morning, Sky was woken up by the other maids and forced to get ready. It didn’t take her long to apply her makeup but she took extra care with it for once and she dragged her feet behind the others, going to wake up the inner circle.

β€œWhere are you going?” Erin said.

β€œI’m Axel's personal maid,” Sky said, β€œI’m waking him up,”

β€œMaster never said anything about that,” Sharon scoffed, β€œYou have to wake them all up,”

β€œNot my problem,” Sky shrugged and opened Axel's door, β€œYou can talk to him about that but I’m just doing as I’m told,”

The girls scowled at her as she disappeared behind the door and she walked over to Axel sprawled across the bed, the covers kicked off him.

Axel may have been her enemy but she couldn't help but admire the golden-toned body, the long v-line he had and his messy dirty-blond hair. Her eyes trailed down his body and almost kicked herself in disappointment when the cover covered his dick.

"Stupid," She hissed quietly and yanked the curtains open.

Axel moaned slightly and threw his arm over his eyes, blocking out the brightness. Sky went to grab a pillow but Axel grabbed her wrist and yanked her onto the bed.

β€œGood morning,” He said quietly, β€œAre you going to wake me up like usual?”

β€œNo,” Sky said trying to get away but Axel dragged her over his lap, β€œWhat are you doing? Stop that,”


β€œIt would be wise to not talk to me like that right now, beautiful,” Axel said caressing her ass cheeks, β€œYou were out of your room last night. Why?”

β€œI was hungry!”

β€œDon’t lie to me,” Axel said smacking her ass again, β€œThe more you lie, the more those ass cheeks are going to hurt,”

β€œI went to the kitchen to get food!”

β€œAnother lie,” Axel said and Sky yelped, β€œTell me the truth or we are going to have problems,”

β€œI am!”

β€œOk,” Axel said pushing her off his lap so he could straddle her. He pinned her wrists to the bed and glared at her, β€œErin! Get that ass in here!”

The door opened and Erin swayed her hips in, wearing a big smirk. She glared down at Sky and looked back up at Axel.

β€œYou called me, master?” She said in a sultry voice.

β€œTell me what you saw last night,”

Erin smirked and looked at Axel, β€œI saw her going into master Zeke's room and she didn’t come out for a very long time, master,”

β€œDid you want to explain that to me?” Axel asked, his grip tightening on her wrists, β€œWell? Don’t look at me like I’m an idiot. What the fuck went on?”

β€œMaster, if I may,” Erin said, β€œBut when I went to check on her, to see if she was ok because I understand that master Zeke can be a little rough. But I heard...noises coming from the room,”

Axel eyes darkened as he glared at Sky, β€œOh really?”

β€œI’m so sorry to tell you, master. But they were...sex noises,”

β€œWhat?” Sky exclaimed, β€œThat’s total bullshit!”

"I could hear her beg for Master Zeke to fuck her pussy harder and-"

β€œEnough. Erin, you can leave now,” Axel said through gritted teeth.

β€œOf course, master,” Erin said smirking at Sky, β€œI will be near if you need me,”

β€œYou bitch!” Sky hissed trying to get away from Axel, β€œYou fucking liar!”

Erin giggled and closed the door on her. Sky turned back to look at Axel with wide eyes and tried to speak but he shut her up.

β€œYou don’t get to speak right now,” He said almost growling at her, β€œUnless it’s the truth,”

β€œWe didn’t-”

Axel moved one hand to wrap around her throat and he added a little bit of pressure making Sky gasp, β€œZeke raped you, Sky. But you went back to him. I’m very fucking angry right now but I’m doing my best to control it. Tell me the fucking truth,”

Sky's bottom lip trembled and she saw his eyes soften slightly but he kept the grip on her throat, β€œI...It wasn’t-”

β€œSpit it out!” Axel yelled in her face, β€œI don’t have fucking time for this! I can easily go to Zeke's room and fucking kill him!”

β€œIt wasn’t Zeke who raped me!” Sky said, a few tears falling from her eyes, β€œIt-it wasn’t him b-but I had no choice but t-to go along with i-it or it would h-happen again,”

β€œWhat?” Axel said quietly.

β€œI d-didn’t tell anyone,” She cried, β€œBut it-it still h-happened again!”

β€œWhat do you mean it wasn’t Zeke?” Axel said, β€œYou don’t need to be scared of him. I’ll fucking kill him for you, Sky. I’d...I’d kill anyone for you,”

Sky's eyes stung as she cried silently and Axel took his hand from her throat, staring down at her.

β€œSky,” Axel said, rubbing his thumb over her cheek, β€œTell me what happened,”

Sky sniffed and wiped away some of her tears, β€œI can understand why you thought it was Zeke, but it wasn’t. He is trying to get rid of Zeke but I don’t know why but I...I can’t let him do that to me again,”

Axel rubbed his face and sighed, β€œCan you at least-”

β€œI thought I had managed to keep away from him but the night he took me to my room, he did it again,” Sky said covering her eyes, β€œHe stuck his fingers in my mouth to stop me from screaming and I couldn’t do anything to protect myself!”

β€œStop crying,” Axel said shifting so he could hug her, β€œIt’s alright. It won’t happen again. I won’t let it,”

β€œH-how can I trust y-you?” She cried, β€œYou-”

β€œWho was it?” Axel said, β€œTell me who it was,”

β€œI can’t,”

β€œWhy not?”

β€œBecause it will ruin everything,”

Axel gritted his teeth, β€œDid you fuck Zeke?”

β€œWhat? No!”

β€œGood because I won’t let him,” Axel said, β€œYou are mine. You belong to me and that is one person I won’t allow you to fuck,”

"I only got to talk to him because I promised him a night with me,"

"You did fucking what?" Axel roared.

There was a knock on the door and Axel sat up, to call them in. Sky felt her body tense at the voice she heard and Axel looked down at her, a fire behind his eyes.

β€œAxel,” Riley said, β€œAre you coming down for breakfast or are you just going to eat her for breakfast?”

Axel didn’t look back up at him, β€œI will be down in a minute. Sky and I have a few things to discuss,”

Riley sighed, "Alright. Fuck her quickly. Jake won't let us eat until you are there or just get her to suck your dick while we eat."

"Get the fuck out Riley!" Axel snapped and Riley rolled his eyes, closing the door, "Sky. You better start fucking talking before I lose my temper."

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