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The door closed and Axel got up from the bed, running his hands through his hair. Sky pushed herself into her elbows and gulped at the dark look he had spread across his face that she didn’t dare say anything.

Axel turned to face her and she flinched slightly making him sigh, β€œWhy did you flinch?”

β€œI don’t know,” She said quietly.

β€œWhy didn’t you tell me the truth when I asked?”

β€œBecause I happen to like my life,” Sky muttered and sat up properly, β€œHe said he would do worse and then kill me,”

β€œIf you had just told me the truth from the start, I would have killed him,”

β€œYou’d kill your friend?” Sky asked, β€œWhy would-”

β€œBecause I told you I’d kill anyone for you,” He said leaning over her, β€œIt started with Bishop and it won’t end at Bishop,”

Sky frowned, β€œBut I’m just-”

β€œI fucking know that!” Axel snapped, getting to his feet, β€œYou think I’m not aware that you are...were a hooker. For fuck sake Sky, you’ve made me confused and I fucking hate it. No one has made me feel like this and it’s making me lose my god damn mind,”

Sky's heart skipped and she ignored the feeling and scratched her palms. If only he knew who the real Sky was.

β€œFuck,” He muttered, β€œAre you going to tell me what you and Zeke were talking about?”


β€œWhy the fuck not?” Axel said, grabbing hold of her face, squeezing gently, β€œI own you,”

β€œNo one owns me,” She said, matching his glare, β€œIf I tell you what we spoke about, then Riley will get away with trying to kill Zeke,”

Axel frowned, β€œWhy would he want to kill him? We’ve known each other years,”

β€œYet you’d still kill him...for me,”

β€œPoint taken,” Axel sighed, β€œI will find out what you spoke about,”

β€œMaybe but I won’t be telling you and neither will Zeke,”

β€œSo, now you are buddy’s with him?”

Sky rolled her eyes and pushed his hand away from her face, β€œIf you have nothing else to discuss with me, I should get back to work,”

β€œWas Erin lying?”

β€œAre you that fucking stupid?” Sky said and quickly pressed her lips together as his face darkened, β€œSorry, I just-”

Axel grabbed hold of her wrist and yanked her into his body. He smirked as he ran his thumb over her bottom lip and she saw him swallow.

β€œGuess I could do with relaxing before breakfast,” He said just above a whisper, β€œAnd I’ve been dying to have those pretty lips wrapped around my dick again,”

Sky felt her face burn and she couldn’t help but look away from him. Axel chuckled and kissed the base of her neck making her shiver.

β€œOn. Your. Knees,” He growled into her ear, β€œDon’t fight me on this beautiful,”

Axel watched Riley joke around with his friends and he had to clench his fists to stop him from going over to him and shooting him in the face.

β€œAxel,” Sky said and he averted his gaze to her.


β€œI need to go back to the flat,” She said, β€œI also want to have some free time and see Darcy,”


β€œWhy not!” Sky said and the others turned to face them, β€œThat’s unfair. I’ve been stuck in this place for a week and I still don’t-”

β€œIf you carry on arguing with me, I will fuck you in front of my friends and it wouldn't have been the first time I've done that to a girl,” Axel said and Sky pressed her lips together.

β€œAxel,” Jake said, β€œSky has a point. She needs clothes and she needs to see her friend,”

β€œI didn’t ask for your input,”

β€œPrick,” Sky said under her breath and Axel smirked.

β€œI heard that,” He said.

"You were meant to," Sky smiled sweetly at him and he yanked her onto his lap, making her straddle him, "Ow!"

Axel smacked her thigh and ran his hand up to her throat, "You know what happens to that mouth of yours when you say shit like that,”

β€œYou fuck it until I struggle to breathe,” Sky whispered so only Axel could hear.

β€œYeah, and if you carry on fighting with me, I’ll-”

β€œI’m not going to stop fighting you,” Sky said, and the doorbell went.

β€œGet the door,” Axel said smacking her on her ass hard enough to make her yelp, β€œDon’t stare at me like that. Answer the fucking door,”

Sky scowled at him as she walked out the room rubbing her ass.

β€œSlave?” Blake said, β€œAxel, you’re acting like she’s your fucking girlfriend,”

β€œShe isn’t!” Axel said, β€œWhatever. Have you found who that cop is?”

β€œOk. We are changing the subject,” Blake tutted, β€œNo. The cops you pay don’t know who it is either. I have my girls listening in. A few fuck cops so I’m sure we will get something soon,”

The door opened and Sky came in but he was quickly on his feet with a gun pointed at the person behind her.

β€œI didn’t think you had the balls,” Axel smirked.

β€œShowing up at our house means you don’t mind dying,” Jake said.

The man laughed, β€œI didn’t think you kept your hookers at your place,”

β€œI wouldn’t touch her if I were you,” Blake said.

β€œSo she is one of your girls still?”

β€œNo,” Axel said, β€œShe is mine,”

β€œThe big Mr Axel Dalton has a girl? How interesting,” He grinned and Sky gasped as he pressed the gun harder against the side of her head. Then proceeded to grope her breasts making Sky grit her teeth.

β€œHands. Off,” Axel said through gritted teeth.

β€œIf you want to talk, then talk,” Zeke said, β€œBut do you know how annoying it is to get the blood off this carpet?”

β€œI want those documents back,”

β€œFunny. So do we,” Riley said, β€œDrop the girl. We had a deal,”

β€œNo, you had a gun pointed at my nuts,” The man snapped, β€œIf you don’t give me back what is mine, I will shoot-ugh!”

Axel stood in awe as Sky threw her head back, cracking it against the man's nose. She grabbed his wrist and he screamed as she bent it the wrong way making him drop the gun. Sky tucked her arm under his armpit and threw him over her shoulder making him grunt in pain. Before the man could do anything she dropped her knee into his chest and pressed his own gun into his mouth.

β€œHoly shit,” Blake said quietly.

β€œIf you ever put your hands on me again,” Sky said taking the safety from the gun, β€œI will paint the walls with your fucking brain,”

β€œThat...that was fucking hot,” Blake said looking over at Axel with a smirk, β€œYou wanna share?”

β€œWhat?” Axel said, β€œWait, no I don’t want to fucking share! Zeke. Get the fucker down to the basement. Sky...my bedroom. Now,”

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