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After spending the rest of the day with Axel, Sky was finally able to go back to her room. Her legs were shaky as she walked to her room, her hair was a mess and her ass red-raw. She held her shoes in her hand and she ignored the scoffs and comments from the other maids still walking around cleaning.

Sky opened her bedroom door and let out a sigh of relief knowing that she could finally relax, even though her ass cheeks stung, she couldn’t wait to relax in a hot back. Sky locked the door and walked into the bathroom to run a bath. She threw some bubble bath into it and was thankful she was able to grab some well-needed toiletries.

After stripping down to her underwear she grabbed her phone to see a few messages from Jason and her brother. They weren’t anything to take notice of but she replied to them telling them she was doing ok. She told Jason that she was going back to the flat at some point to grab more of her belongings and see Darcy.

Sky grabbed her towels and rushed into the bathroom not wanting to wait any longer. She quickly stripped and let out a sigh of relief as the hot water almost burnt her skin as she climbed into the tub. Sky winced slightly as she sat down but that was because Axel had smacked her ass too hard. She hated that she enjoyed it and knew that she was starting to spiral out of control with her feelings towards him.

It was wrong but she couldn’t help but feel it was so right.

β€œFuck,” She whispered and rested her head on the back of the bath, sinking slightly deeper. She didn’t need to get distracted. Axel and his gang were still suspects in Dexter's murder.

The rain was heavy as Sky climbed out of the car and Jake told her he would wait in the car for her. She sent him a nod and rushed into her building saying hi to the passing hookers and drug addicts.

The flat was still how it was left and she did her best to grab everything she needed as quickly as she could. She didn’t want to remember what happened to her the last time she was there. After throwing her things in a couple of bags she went back down to the car, tossing the bags into the boot.

β€œI want to see Darcy,” Sky said and Jake shrugged, β€œOr is Axel going to lose even more screws?”

Jake laughed, β€œSky, go see your friend. I’m in no rush and I can make something up if he kicks up a fuss,”

β€œThank you,” She said before jogging back into the building. Sky climbed the stairs to Darcy’s flat and knocked on the door, just for the door to swing open.

Sky looked around and pulled the gun from her bag, holding it out in front of her as he stepped inside. Sky's mouth parted slightly as she saw how much of a mess her friend's place was in and she carefully stepped over the broken glass all over the floor.

β€œDarcy?” Sky called out and pushed open the bedroom door slowly, β€œHoly shit. Darcy!”

Sky shoved her gun back into her bag and dropped to Darcy’s side, pressing her fingers against her neck almost praying that her broken body had a pulse. She let out a small hysteric laugh when she found a pulse and Sky moved her ear to her mouth to check if she was breathing.

β€œShit,” She said and covered her with a blanket, β€œI’ve got you. Don’t worry. I’m going to get help. Ok?”

Sky jumped to her feet and rushed back downstairs and almost ran into the car as she couldn’t slow down. Jake jumped out of the car with his gun in his hand.

β€œWhat’s wrong?”

β€œCall an ambulance,” She said, β€œDarcy has been attacked and she’s bleeding badly!”

β€œGet back to her,” Jake said, β€œSky, now. Stay with her,”

Sky pushed past a group of hookers as she headed back into the building and she reached Darcy in no time. Tears stung her eyes seeing her friend so battered. Her naked body was covered in bruises and her pretty face was purple and swollen from the beating she had got.

β€œSky?” Jake called.


Jake stepped into the bedroom, β€œShit. I need to call Blake. He will need to see this,”

β€œWhat about an ambulance?!”

β€œSky,” Jake said kneeling beside her, β€œNo ambulance will ever come to this place. When the others get here we will carry her to the car and get her to a hospital,”

Sky gritted her teeth and nodded, β€œI want to know who did this,”

β€œI’m sure you do but right now, making sure that Darcy is ok is more important,” Jake said, β€œShow me where she is bleeding from and I’ll see what I can do,”

Tears dropped from her chin and she moved the blanket and Jake cursed.

β€œWhoever did this was a sick bastard,” Jake said, β€œI can’t stop that sort of bleed. It looks internal and I really don’t want to put my hand between her legs to do it,”

Sky swiped the tears on her face and took the case off the pillow. She sniffed and said sorry to Darcy as she pressed the fabric between her legs. Darcy let out a quiet moan of pain.

β€œDarcy, it’s Sky. I’m here ok?” Sky said, β€œYou’ll be ok. Everything will be ok,”

Sky squeezed her eyes shut begging for her to be ok and she hears the boys voices. She opened her eyes to see Axel and Blake rushing into the room.

β€œFind who did this, Riley,” Blake said, β€œNow,”

Riley nodded and left the room. Zeke moved over to Sky but Jake slapped his hands away from her.

β€œIt’s ok,” Sky whispered.

β€œWhat?” Jake said, β€œHe doesn’t-”

β€œIt wasn’t him,” Axel said, β€œBut now isn’t the time to discuss that. Darcy needs a hospital,”

Jake let out a frustrated sigh, β€œZeke, help me with Darcy. I’ll carry her to the car but make sure that the blanket covers her. Sky, you’ll need to move your hand,”

β€œBut she’s bleeding,” Sky said, β€œIf I move my hand then she will lose more blood and-”

β€œWe will look after her,” Zeke said, taking her hand away gently, β€œShe won’t be hurt anymore. Ok?”

β€œSky. Come here,” Axel said, β€œYou’re in the way,”

Sky nodded and swallowed hard at the blood on her hands. The memory of Dexter's blood all over her flooded back and she began to shake. She stepped over to Axel who hugged her as she tried not to cry.

β€œBlake. I want you on the streets with Riley,” He said, β€œIf anyone knows who did this you get them back to the warehouse,”

β€œIf I don’t kill them first,” Blake said leaving the room followed by Jake.

β€œZeke,” Axel said, β€œYou are coming home with Sky and me. We need to talk,”

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