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Axel sat behind his desk staring at Zeke. Sky was sitting on the sofa with her knees under her chin, staring blankly at the table in front of her. It had taken him a while, but he managed to get her to have a shower to get rid of Darcy’s blood. Blake had called to say that she was in a bad way and was in surgery.

β€œSo,” Axel said, β€œI know that Darcy is in hospital, but we need to talk about what is going on between you two,”

β€œThere is nothing going on between us,”

Axel scoffed, β€œLike I will believe that. Erin said she heard you two fucking and-”

β€œI haven’t fucked her!” Zeke yelled, β€œJesus fucking christ. I also didn’t rape her! She’s already told you who did that to her so why don’t you have that bastard in here?”

β€œWhat plans do you have?”


β€œSky told me that you two are planning something and I want to know what it is,” Axel said folding his arms, β€œAnd if you don’t tell me, I will have to beat it out of you,”

β€œWhy would you care?” Sky said quietly, β€œI’m just an object to you. You were the one who threatened to use Zeke against me if I didn’t so as I was told,”

β€œThat was...different,” Axel said, β€œIf you want me to look after the both of you, then you should help me help you,”

Zeke scoffed, β€œYou were the one to jump to conclusions without confronting me first. You beat the shit out of me even when I was telling the truth,”

β€œBecause everything pointed at you,” Axel snapped, β€œYou would have reacted the same way knowing what happened to your girl,”

β€œYour girl?” Zeke said, β€œSince when was she your girl?”

β€œLike that fucking matters right now,”

β€œWhatever,” Zeke shook his head, β€œI don’t know what the fuck is everyone’s problem, but everyone still thinks I raped her. I’ve told you, Axel, I have never broken a rule that you or Blake has given me. Do you honestly think I’d sink that low?”

β€œWho knows with you,”

β€œMan, you are stupid,” Zeke said getting to his feet, β€œFor me, it’s all about consent. Yeah, so I like it a little bit rough and like it if the girl fights me but she has to want it or what’s the point? That’s fucking disgusting and I could never do that to a girl who doesn’t want it,”

Axel sighed in frustration, β€œWhy does Riley hate you?”

β€œYou think I know?” Zeke snapped, β€œI thought we were friends but clearly I’ve done something to piss him off. If you find that out, then you can tell me but I don’t know why he is out to hurt me,”

β€œSky. Do you know?”

Sky shook her head, β€œNo. He just wants to see Zeke hurt or killed but doesn’t want to get his hands dirty,”

β€œSo, why are you planning on helping Zeke?”

Sky looked up at Axel, tears in her eyes, β€œRiley raped me. He beat me and threatened to kill me. I had to keep it a secret and Zeke got blamed for it. I said I would help him because I feel guilty that I wasn’t strong enough to fight back or tell you who it was,”

β€œI already told you that you didn’t need to feel guilty,” Zeke said.

β€œAnd I already told you that I can’t help but feel guilty,”

β€œSo,” Axel said, β€œAfter this, you two are friends now? What bullshit. I won’t allow it,”

β€œExcuse me?” Sky said, looking over at Axel, β€œWho gave you the right to tell me what I can and can’t do? Who allowed you to chose my friends for me?”

Axel got to his feet and walked around his desk, stopping in front of Sky, β€œYou belong to me, Sky. Everything you do will be what I tell you to do. You will have to get permission to do things or-”

Sky got to her feet and shoved him, cutting his words short, β€œBack the fuck up, Axel. I don’t need permission to do anything. I can take a shit when I want. I can leave this fucking house when I want to and if you try to stop me, then I guess I’ll have to show you how well I can fight,”

β€œDon’t fucking walk away from me!” Axel said as she headed to the door.

β€œOr what?” Sky snapped, β€œYou’ll get Zeke to fuck me or have you forgotten that he needs consent? Don't worry, I've already told him he can fuck me so fuck off”

β€œYou can’t just walk away while we are talking,”

Sky scoffed and left the room, slamming the door behind her. Axel clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

β€œWow,” Zeke said, β€œYou really don’t know how good she is,”

β€œShut up, Zeke,”

β€œAxel, why can’t you just be honest with how you feel about her?”

β€œI’m warning you, Zeke,” Axel said, β€œIf you don’t shut up, I will fucking hurt you,”

β€œAnd I am warning you that if you keep up with that shitty attitude, she’s going to fuck off and be with someone else,” Zeke said, β€œYou really are clueless,”

Axel glared at Zeke, who lifted his hands in surrender, β€œI like the control,”

β€œClearly you can’t control her,” Zeke smirked, β€œAlthough, it is fun to see her fighting you,”

β€œDo you ever shut up?”

Zeke laughed, β€œNope! You know she likes you back, right?”


β€œMy God, you really are stupid,” Zeke said, β€œYou like her. She likes you. But since you can’t get away from that possessiveness and control, she’s just going to keep fighting you,”

β€œGet the fuck out,” Axel snapped, β€œMaybe you can figure out why Riley wants you dead. I’m done with this fucking talk,”

β€œWhatever,” Zeke shrugged, β€œAnd I’ll figure it out if you keep everyone else off my back. You tell the others that it wasn’t me but they have to keep acting like it was. That way, I can try and find out why Riley wants me dead,”

β€œFine,” Axel said, β€œI’ll tell them now. Stay away from Sky,”

β€œOr what?” Zeke smirked, β€œYou’ll get upset or throw a paddy?”

β€œNo, I will fucking shoot you,” Axel said, β€œSky belongs to me and if anyone goes near her like I know you want to, they will die. Friend or not,”

"Right, let's get something straight, Axel," Zeke said, "You gave me permission or a chance to fuck her a while ago before you started acting like a crazed man. Sky has also just said she doesn't care if I fuck her. So what's the problem? It's just a fuck. I have no feelings but lust towards her,"

Axel tutted, "Fine. You get to fuck her on one condition,"

"I won't hurt her,"

"No, cause I'll kill you,"

"Then what is it?"

"I get to watch,"

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