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The machines beeped loudly in the quiet room and Sky kept her eye on Darcy who was sleeping. It broke her heart to see her so battered in front of her and she held her fists tightly.

Darcy’s eye was swollen shut, with big purple bruises decorating her pale skin. Her arms were bruised with finger marks and one arm was in a cast where her attacker had broken 2 bones. Darcy had been sexually assaulted and was lucky that Sky had found her or the chances of survival would have been low.

Sky didn’t want to think about the pain her friend had gone through and she swallowed back the tears, not wanting to feel weak.

But she felt useless. There was no talking to the other girls because they refused to speak about it and Blake wasn’t letting anything slip. Sky chewed on her nail as she tried to figure out who could have done this to her.

Unfortunately, only one name came to her head and she wasn’t sure if she was ready to be in a room alone with Riley just yet. Even though Axel knew who it was, the trauma she went through still felt fresh in her mind.

Sky got to her feet and took Darcy’s hand gently and spoke quietly, β€œI will find who did this to you. I promise that I will bring this bastard down and I don’t give a shot if I break the law,”

Sky wished that Darcy would open her eye and say something, but she was filled to the brim with painkillers and antibiotics. Sky quickly wiped away her tears and let out a shaky sigh.

β€œDon’t give up,” She whispered and kissed her forehead before leaving her to sleep.

Sky made her way to the nurse's station and spotted a nurse she knew.

β€œHarley,” Sky said and the nurse looked up.

β€œSkyla?” She said, β€œWhat-”

β€œI need to speak with you in private,” Sky said and gestured subtly to Axel and Jake who were waiting for her, β€œNow,”

Harley quickly nodded and Sky followed her without being spotted by the boys. Sky was lead to an empty room and Harley locked the door and closed the curtains.

β€œI want the full report on Darcy,” Sky said quietly.

β€œThis isn’t your case,”

β€œIt relates to my case,” Sky said, β€œI’m undercover so be careful who you talk to. You tell the others that they don’t know me,”

Harley sighed, β€œSkyla, I can’t do that. You know I can’t,”

β€œWho’s case is it?”

β€œI don’t know the guy,”

β€œHarley,” Sky said grabbing her hands, β€œPlease. This is important and I promise that no one will find out. Make copies for me and I will keep it quiet,”

β€œI don’t know,” Harley said, β€œI could get into a lot of trouble,”

β€œNo one will find out but I need to know the bastard who did that to her,” Sky said, β€œDo you see those men that came with me? They are The Red Devil’s, the biggest gang around. I’m undercover and they are my targets. If they find out who did this to Darcy, that man won’t get the justice he deserves. They will kill him and he won’t be found,”

Harley sighed, β€œShit. I’ll tell the girls that we don’t know you and you aren’t a cop right now. I’ll get the documents for you. The results came in this morning,”

Sky hugged her, β€œI owe you,”

β€œYou have owed me a lot,” Harley said, β€œBut you don’t owe me for this. I can see this affected you more than normal,”

β€œTell me about it,” Sky muttered and there was a knock on the door making her heart sink. She quickly jumped onto the bed and Harley opened to door to reveal Axel and Jake.

β€œCan I help you?” Harley asked.

β€œWhat are you doing in here?”

β€œA check-up,” Sky said quickly.

Axel looked at her, β€œFor what?”

β€œThe usual one,” Sky said jumping from the bed, β€œI am on the pill, so when I get more I have to have my blood pressure done,”

β€œHuh,” Axel said, β€œSo, does that mean you’re going to be on your period?”

Sky blushed, β€œThat’s what happens,”

β€œWe need to go. Now,” Axel said looking at Harley, β€œShe’s leaving now,”

β€œI just have to run through a few more things and I will let her leave,” Harley said.

Axel tutted, β€œI’ll be in the car. Don’t take too fucking long,”

When Axel left Harley let out a small breath and looked over at Sky.

β€œHe’s really scary,” She said, β€œHot but scary,”

β€œDon’t I know it,” Sky said, β€œI’ll wait here for the documents. Ok?”

Harley nodded and left. Sky laid back on the bed and bit into her lip. If she was caught with the documents she would be in trouble, not only with Axel but with the police she worked with.

β€œWhat are you doing here?”

Sky jumped up at the voice and tutted when she saw Hugo, β€œIf you’ve forgotten, I’m undercover. Darcy is my friend,”

β€œOh, the hooker that got attacked?” He said, β€œYeah, well you can leave now. This is my case,”

β€œYours?” Sky muttered, β€œYou don’t give a shit about hookers,”

Hugo sighed, β€œThat’s not true. I just don’t agree with their work ethic and the reasons behind their job choice. But, I’m the best when it comes to rape cases and just cause she’s a hooker, doesn’t mean men can get away with doing that to her,”

β€œThat must be the least misogynistic thing you have ever said,”

β€œYeah, yeah,” Hugo said, and looked her up and down, β€œI'd prefer to be talking to you in the outfit you were wearing last time,”

β€œAnd we are back again,” Sky said, β€œYou can never be normal can you?”

Hugo shrugged, β€œNo,”

Sky shook her head and went to leave but he grabbed her wrist, β€œWhat now?”

β€œHow are you keeping?”

β€œExcuse me?”

β€œI’m asking how you have been doing. It can’t be easy pretending to be a hooker or living with those bastards,”

Sky let out a shaky breath, β€œIt’s hard but if it means I bring down the killers of Dexter, then I will do anything. Make sure you find the bastard who did that to Darcy before they do,”

Sky pulled her arm away from him and made her way back to the nurse's station. Harley handed her the folder without looking up from her computer and Sky put it into her bag and left without another word.

She didn’t care if Hugo was in the case because he wasn’t going to find the person who did this. Whoever did that to Darcy was going to wish the cops found him first. Not even the mafia she was living with was going to do anything.

Sky was going to find him and she was going to deal with it herself.

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