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It had been a few days since Darcy’s attack, and Axel was working hard to find out who did that to her. Sky had been on his back telling him he needed to work harder but he was becoming irritated by her. She didn’t even flinch when he shouted at her and he couldn’t help but get angrier. No one had stood up to him before as she did and he knew that breaking down her wall was going to be hard.

β€œAxel, no one is talking,” Zeke said and Axel looked up from his phone, β€œThe girls keep saying they don’t know who it was,”

β€œThey saw his face,”

β€œEven if they did, they aren’t telling us,”

Axel ran his hand through his hair, β€œIf we don’t find the bastard who did that to her, he will do it to more of Blake's girls. Or he will be caught by the police and get away with it. If that happens, I’ll have to pay someone to release him so he can be targetted,”

β€œDid you think if it was a rival gang member?” Jake said, β€œWe have a few and they know which girls belong to our gang,”

β€œI have thought about it but if it was, the girls wouldn’t be lying,” Blake said, β€œIt wasn’t the pimp because he wasn’t there when this happened. He was walking another street,”

β€œI can’t think of anyone else who could do this to her,” Jake said, β€œDarcy is a sweet girl and didn’t deserve this,”

β€œNone of my girls deserves this,” Blake snapped, β€œWhoever did this is going to fucking die,”

Zeke nodded, β€œAxel, how is Sky?”

β€œSky is fine,” Axel said, β€œA pain in my ass and keeps going on about working harder to find out who did this to her. She even went as far as telling me to get the police involved. The ones I have on my payroll,”

β€œThat isn’t a bad idea,” Zeke said, β€œThey have access to more than what we do. They can-”

β€œI’m not involving the police in this,” He said and there was a knock on the door, β€œEnter!”

The door opened and Erin came in with the other two, holding a tray of food and drinks. The girls all smiled flirtatiously at the men and Erin walked over to Axel, to hand him his drink.

β€œMaster,” She said, β€œI wish to speak with you alone,”

β€œLater,” Axel said, β€œJake, did Sky say when she will get back?”

Jake shook his head, β€œNo, but I said I would pick her up from the hospital,”

β€œGood,” Axel said, β€œI don’t want anything to happen to her. Especially now Darcy was attacked and it wasn’t Riley who did it,”

β€œYou like her,” Blake smirked.


β€œYou can’t bullshit me. I’ve known you since we were kids,” Blake said, β€œDeny it all you want but you have it bad for her,”

β€œThat’s what I said,” Zeke laughed, β€œAnd Sky has it bad for him but they are both stubborn as fuck and no one is going to admit it. At least I get to fuck her before they admit it,”

β€œActually,” Jake said and we looked at him, β€œSky sort of mentioned she liked you the other day,”

β€œWhat?” Axel said, β€œWhen?”

β€œWhen I was driving her to pick up her stuff,” Jake said, β€œI might have mentioned that you liked her as well and she had to look out the window to stop me from seeing her smile,”

β€œJake!” Axel exclaimed, β€œWhy would you do that?”

β€œBecause I’m fed up with you acting like a dick head,” Jake said, β€œMan up. Stop acting like she is a possession because she isn’t. I warned you that if you hurt her she is going to leave and never come back. Plus, she is a great girl and I will hurt you if you hurt her,”

Axel tutted, β€œWhatever. But I don’t like her,”

"Master," Erin said once again.

"What?" Axel snapped.

"I need to speak with you in private,"

Jake pulled into the garage and Sky climbed out of the car and followed him inside. She hadn’t said much in the car and Jake didn’t push her to talk.

She had sat with Darcy all day and Jason was there with his in plain clothes. They spoke for hours trying to go through the case together but Darcy was still groggy from the pills and couldn’t tell them what the man looked like.

Other than he was bigger and stronger than her, he had alcohol on his breath and he was very angry. From what Darcy did manage to tell them, it was a targetted attack because he was turning the other girls away.

But it was more than what Axel had found, so she wanted to tell him.

Sky told Jake she would be down for dinner but needed to talk to Axel first. She quickly ran up the stairs and headed for Axel's room. She knocked once and then let herself in just to freeze at what she saw.

Erin was on her hands and knees on the bed, with Axel's hand wrapped around her throat as he fucked her. Sky's heart dropped into her stomach and Erin had a smirk on her face when she saw Sky.

β€œY-yes!” She cried out, β€œFuck me, h-harder master! Show m-me how a-a slut gets t-treated!”

β€œTake it you slut!” Axel grunted and Sky tried to step out of the room but crashed into the small table by his door, making him lookup. His eyes went wide and he opened his mouth to say something but Sky turned around and ran.

β€œSky!” Axel shouted and she looked over her shoulder to see him doing up his jeans. She turned and crashed into someone, knocking him to the floor.

β€œOw,” Zeke muttered, β€œWhat the fuck? Sky? What's wrong?”

Sky scrambled to her feet before Axel could get to her and she ran into her bedroom, slamming her bedroom door shut on Axel's face. She threw the locks and covered her ears as he yelled at her to open the door.

She dragged her feet into the bathroom and locked herself in, dropping to the floor, trying to catch her breath. Sky took a deep breath and swiped at her tears angrily trickling down her face.

β€œFuck,” She whispered, β€œWhy am I crying over that jackass?”

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