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A bright light blinded Axel even though his eyes were closed and he let out a quiet groan before opening an eye to see who was in his room. He let out a sigh when he saw Erin standing there with a smile on her face.

β€œWhere is Sky?”

β€œShe is busy with waking others this morning,” Erin said, β€œMaster, shall I help you-”

β€œNo,” Axel said sitting up, β€œI don’t need or want help from you,”

Erin giggled, β€œMaster is still unhappy about her catching us?”

β€œThat shouldn’t have happened,” Axel said swinging his legs out of bed, β€œYou can leave now,”

β€œI still haven’t completed my daily tasks, master,” Erin said walking over to him. She ran her hands up his chest and back down again, β€œShall I remind you how much fun we used to have before she came along?”

Axel looked up at Erin and pushed her away before standing up, β€œGet out of my room, Erin and get Sky in here,”

Sky hit the person in bed with a pillow earning a loud moan. She did it again and Zeke threw back the cover, glaring at her. He blinked a few times before losing the scowl.

β€œSky?” He said rubbing his eyes, β€œWhat happened to Natalia?”

β€œWaking up Riley,”

β€œHuh,” He said stretching, β€œGood idea, but why are you in here?”

Sky shrugged and walked over to the pile of clothes on the floor, β€œGuess I’m all yours for now on,”

β€œWhat happened to being Axel's?”

Sky looked over her shoulder and smiled bitterly, β€œI never belonged to anyone,”

Sky climbed out of bed and glanced down as Sky quickly turned away. Zeke started to laugh and he walked over to her, β€œDoes my naked body turn you on?”

β€œNo,” Sky said, β€œI’d rather not see your dick this early in the morning,”

β€œIt could do with some cheering up,” Zeke said grabbing hold of Sky. She yelped as Zeke pinned her to the floor and lowered his mouth to her ear, β€œSo, since Axel doesn’t have any use for you, can I use you? We have to find a date to finish our little deal,”

β€œNo. Not now,”

Zeke chuckled into her ear, β€œIt was worth a try,”

Sky shot him a look as he got to his feet and went in search of clean clothes. Sky pushed herself up to her knees and brushed her hair from her face. Her face burnt as she watched the muscles move on Zeke's back and he looked at her with a smirk.

"Sky, you might want to look away from me," He said, "The things I could do to you while on your knees is giving me a hardon,"

There was a knock on the door and Zeke tutted.

Sky threw the dirty clothes into the empty basket sitting next to the pile of clothes and she glanced up to see Zeke open the door in his boxers.

β€œIsn’t it too early for you to be visiting me?” Zeke said as Axel pushed his way into the room, β€œAs you can see, Sky is cleaning my room, so you can leave,”

β€œGet on your feet,” Axel said to Sky, β€œNow. You are-”

β€œTidying the room, master,” Sky said, β€œAs you can see master Zeke's room is a mess and I am the maid to clean it,”

β€œStop bullshitting me, Sky,” Axel said pulling her to her feet, β€œZeke, get out of my way,”

β€œUm, I don’t think she wants to go,” Zeke said as Sky looked over at him, β€œAxel you-”

β€œIt’s alright,” Sky said letting Axel pull her from the room. She was slightly surprised at how gentle he was manhandling her and she saw Erin scowling at her as they walked by her.

Axel slammed the door on her scowling face and tossed Sky onto the bed. Sky stayed on her back as Axel straddled her, her eyes never leaving his. She didn’t want to show him any reaction and clearly, it was pissing him off.

β€œWhat’s with the blank look you are giving me?” Axel said, β€œShow some emotion,”

β€œWhy, master?”

β€œStop calling me that!” Axel exclaimed, β€œShow me anger. Shout at me. Hit me. Anything!”

β€œWhy should I do that?” Sky asked, β€œI am only here to serve, am I not?”

β€œFuck sake!” He snapped and climbed off her, β€œWhat is wrong with you? Why are you just letting me pin you to the bed?”

β€œWhy would I be angry at you?” Sky asked, sitting up, β€œI’m just a hooker who does what she is told,”

Axel ran his hands through his hair in frustration, β€œYou aren’t a hooker anymore, Sky. You were told that...I’m sorry,”

Sky scoffed and got to her feet, β€œAnd why are you sorry, Axel? You didn’t do anything wrong,”

β€œYou know why I’m sorry,” Axel said, glaring at her, β€œI’m sorry for fucking Erin,”

β€œNo, you are sorry that I caught you,” Sky said, β€œBut why should it matter?”

β€œBecause it does,”

Sky shook her head, β€œThis is ridiculous. What is wrong with you? Fuck whoever you want, Axel. You don’t belong to me,”

β€œBut I...I feel bad,”

β€œI suppose this is something you aren’t used to feeling,” Sky muttered and turned around, β€œI’m done with this conversation. I need to get back to work,”

β€œWait. Just wait a fucking minute,” Axel said, β€œI’m trying to talk to you and you are trying to walk away before I can explain myself,”

β€œI don’t need you to explain why you fucked Erin or why you act like a complete dick head,” Sky said, β€œThat’s not my problem. If you wanna fuck her again, go for it,”

β€œI don’t want to,” Axel said, β€œI... I don’t know why I did it. I guess I needed some release and because you are on your period I didn’t want to bother you for-”

β€œAxel!” Sky said loudly, β€œGrow the fuck up! Fuck who you want. I’ll fuck who I want if I want sex. You don’t belong to me and I don’t belong to you. You are just...I don’t even know what you are,”

Axel gritted his teeth, β€œAnd what if I don’t want you to have sex with anyone else?”

β€œDeal with it,”

Axel pushed her back onto the bed and glared down at her, β€œYou won’t have sex with anyone. You do belong to me,”

β€œI don’t belong to anyone but myself,” Sky said quietly, β€œAnd you don’t belong to me,”

β€œI want you to belong to me!” He exclaimed, β€œI don’t want to share you with anyone and I want you...shit, Sky. You fucking frustrate me. Why can’t I belong to you?”

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