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Sky's heart skipped a beat but she forced herself to keep eye contact with him.

β€œWhy would I want you to belong to me?” Sky said quietly.

β€œBecause-because you like me!” Axel said.

β€œAnd how exactly did you figure that out?” Sky asked, her heart almost stopping on her.

β€œYou reacted like someone would when they cause their partner cheating on them. But we aren’t together,” Axel said, β€œI...I feel guilty and I don’t like it. I fucking hate feeling like this,”

Sky gulped and turned her head, β€œNo,”

β€œNo what?”

β€œNo I won’t fall for your bullshit,” Sky said, β€œI don’t belong to you and you don’t belong to me. Have fun fucking all the girls you want, but from now on, I’m not one of them,”

β€œI won’t let you walk away from this,”

β€œFrom what?” Sky yelled, surprising Axel, β€œI’m just a god damn hooker you seem to be obsessed with!”

β€œI don’t know why I’m obsessed,” Axel said as Sky pushed him away, β€œI’m ordering you to stay put,”

β€œI’m not a fucking dog, Axel,” Sky said walking to the door, β€œWhen you figure out what is going on in that psychotic head of yours, then we will talk. Until then, I’ll clean the rooms, I’ll cook and clean, but that is it,”


β€œAnd if Erin comes near me, I’ll put that slut on her ass,” Sky said opening the door, β€œAnd another thing! Since you seem to be doing jack shit about finding who did that to Darcy, I’ll figure it out by myself,”

Axel flinched when she slammed the door in his face and he dropped onto his bed, staring at the window.

β€œWhat the fuck just happened?” He asked himself and ran his hands through his hair, β€œThat bitch called me psychotic,”

Axel got to his feet and quickly left the room in search of Sky. He saw her stomping down the stairs and he followed her into the kitchen.

β€œI’m not done talking to you,” He said making her jump. Sky turned around, β€œI’m trying to figure out what is going on in my head and you are not helping,”

β€œThat isn’t my problem,” Sky said turning her back on him, β€œThat’s your shit to deal with. It isn’t my fault you are psychotic,”

β€œI’m not psychotic,”

β€œAnd I have a 12-inch dick,” She said looking at him over her shoulder, β€œYou deal with your controlling, possessive behaviour and we can chat. But right now, I need to cook you assholes breakfast because Sharon said she doesn’t want to cook and I have to,”

Axel watched her as she got the food out of the fridge and grabbed a knife from the stand.

β€œI’m not psychotic!” Axel said as the others walked into the kitchen, β€œAnd I’m your boss so you have to do as I say,”

Sky cut her eyes to him, β€œFuck you, Axel. I don’t have to do anything you say because it wasn’t my choice to come here,”

β€œIs everything ok?” Jake asked, testing the water.

β€œNo. Sky says I’m psychotic,”

β€œOh my god,” Sky said, β€œYou are acting like a child right now. If you’re tense, go fuck Erin. I’m sure she’d be more than willing to spread those hoe legs,”

β€œIs that what this is about?” Axel asked, β€œBecause I was fucking Erin and not you? Did you want me to fuck you and treat you like a slut? Is that what it is?”

β€œI would stop talking right now,” Blake muttered.

β€œDo what you want,” Sky said, β€œAs I have said before. I don’t belong to you, master and you don’t belong to me. Sleep with whoever you want,”

β€œShit,” Axel said, β€œIs this because you are on the rag?”

β€œHoly shit dude,” Zeke said.

Sky looked up from the food she was cutting and Jake stepped away from Axel. Zeke and Blake quickly followed suit. Sky gripped the knife in her hand tightly and before she realised what she was doing, she was throwing it at him.

Axel yelled out in shock and ducked the knife as it nearly sliced at his ear. Sky grabbed the wooden chopping board and threw that as well, it hitting the wall behind him hard enough to leave a dent.

β€œWhat is wrong with you?” Axel exclaimed.

β€œYou!” She said, β€œYou are my problem!”

β€œWhat the fuck have I done?”

Sky let out a slight scream and Blake had to grab hold of her before she could throw anything else.

β€œWomen on their periods are dangerous,” Axel said, β€œIf you were someone else, I would have shot you,”

β€œWhy?” Sky asked, β€œWhy does it have to be someone else? Why can’t you shoot me?”

Axel blinked a few times, β€œI...you think I know?”

β€œSky, go to your room,” Blake said.

β€œFuck you,” She said trying to get away from his grip, β€œI’m not a dog!”

β€œThen fucking behave!” He snapped, putting his hand around her throat pushing her against the fridge, β€œThis is our house and even though Axel is infatuated by you, you still belong to me. You are my girl and I can easily send you back to the streets,”

Sky grit her teeth and nodded, β€œI’ll calm down,”

Blake let out a sigh and lowered his mouth to her ear, β€œAxel is confused. Don’t make it worse,”

β€œThat isn’t my-”

β€œIt is because you are the one who has confused him,” He said tightening the grip on her throat and she felt her body shake slightly, β€œAxel has fallen hard for you and it’s confused him. He isn’t used to the way he is feeling, so watch your words,”


β€œIf you speak anymore, things will just get worse and I’ll let my anger take control,” He hissed quietly, β€œDo you understand?”

Sky nodded quickly and he let go of her throat.

β€œGood,” He said with a smiled, β€œNow, pick up the things you threw and carry on making us breakfast,”

Sky went to step around him but Blake grabbed her arm, making her look up at him.

β€œAnd we aren’t idiots,” He said quietly, β€œEveryone can see that you like him too and clearly, that is something you have to deal with,”

Sky's heart skipped a beat and pulled her arm away, β€œI’ll make breakfast now,”

β€œI can’t believe she threw a knife at me,” Axel said as she walked to pick it up.

β€œCount yourself lucky it didn’t hit you,” Zeke muttered and Riley walked into the room and he shot him a look, β€œYou’re up late,”

β€œYeah,” Riley yawned and watched Sky kneeling on the floor to pick up the knife, β€œI had a nice wakeup call. So, what did I miss?”

β€œNothing,” Jake said, β€œSky was just about to make breakfast for us,”

Riley smirked and Sky swallowed the lump in her throat as he carried on watching her walk back to the kitchen counter.

β€œExcellent. Another thing from her to look forward to,”

Sky glanced at the boys who were glaring at Riley, and it looked like Axel was struggling to keep his anger inside. Zeke had his fists clenched and Blake kept the emotionless expression on his face.

β€œYeah, well we should leave her to it,” Jake said, β€œWe can all wait in the other room. Sky, shout if you need help,”

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